ForgeFed is a protocol and a vocabulary, currently under development, defining a server-to-server API for federation of project hosting and version control repository hosting and collaboration platforms. Such platforms include, but not limited to:

  • Software forges such as Gitea, Pagure, Vervis,
  • Issue trackers,
  • Project management platforms,
  • Creative writing and publishing platforms

ForgeFed is based on ActivityPub, extending its core vocabulary and defining a mapping between forge related entities and their representation as ActivityPub objects, actors and activities.

ForgeFed was initially called GitPub but it was later renamed to reflect the broader scope of the project (which should embrace more than a single VCS), as well as to avoid any violation of the Git trademark1. Development of ForgeFed started on a mailing list.3 It now has a website and a forum and other contact channels, listed below. ForgeFed is a Peers Community project.