The Peers Community

The Peers Community is a community of people that collaborate on supporting free culture and free software development. The community works for the advancement of all aspects of free culture as a whole[2] by facilitating collaboration and providing support to free projects.

Community projects


A WebExtension for saving web pages to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine


A collection of free software and free culture resources for making games


A project aimed at combining information from free knowledge graphs and organizing it into meaningful topics


Checklist for projects that have promised to liberate software in the future


A free-software discussion board


An IRC bot used within the community IRC channel

An instance of the GNUSocial federated social network


Android app for searching and listening to Internet radio stations


Web-based hosting service for Git version control. It runs Gogs


An experimental web-based platform for version control, supporting multiple version control systems and ActivityPub.


This is a list of projects that have expressed affiliation with the community and that participate to support the goals of the community


A GNU/Linux distribution made from scratch, packaging only free software

Free your stuff!

A Chromium extension for extracting a user’s own reviews published on various websites

A free and open platform for reviewing anything


A free BIOS/UEFI replacement based on coreboot


Company selling computer systems with libreboot BIOS and Trisquel GNU+Linux

Vikings GmbH

Hosting provider built on a free/libre hosting stack

Projects Jam

The Jam is a weekly meeting that takes place on the community IRC channel on Fridays at 19:00Z-21:00Z. Participants can ask for help on any issue related to free culture and free software projects, and the community works to fix them. The first session took place on March, 2nd 2018[1], initiated by vaeringjar.


Presentation by Jorge Maldonado Ventura at the GHM 2017


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