TuxFamily is a French non-profit organization founded in 2004[1] that provides free hosting for projects adhering to the free software philosophy[2]. TuxFamily’s hosting facilities are controlled with VHFFS, a software developed by TuxFamily members that allows administrators to accept or refuse services requested by users via a web interface[3]. As of 2018 TuxFamily hosts more than 2700 projects[2].


TuxFamily makes these services available to free projects:

  • Web hosting (PHP5 or Python[4])

  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases

  • CVS, Subversion, Mercurial, and GIT repositories hosting

  • Manage domain names (DNS hosting)

  • Email accounts (reachable over POP, IMAP or webmails)

  • Mailing lists

  • Download area of 1GB

  • 200MB quota for all groups, not including the download area


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