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Beyond The Titanic

Authors Jason Self

License GPL-3.0-or-later


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I realized that I never made a blog post on this topic to share the work done on pulling   Linux-libre
a classic game forward into the modern world, so here it is.

Originally published about 30 years ago, Apogee Software released the source code          GitWeb
for Beyond The Titanic and a few other titles under the GPL back in 2009 but they
could only be run in an emulator and couldn't be built from source on any modern           How To
I took advantage of the GPL's freedom to modify, and with about 17 hours of time
invested in the ancient game source code from the 1980s, Beyond The Titanic can be
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compiled and run on modern systems without an emulator. There's more that could be
done (and git merge requests are happily accepted) but this represents the minimum
amount of work needed to make it playable all the way through to the end. The              About Me
resource editor is also working.
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If you're in the mood for some retro gaming nostalgia head on over to the git
repository for some free software gaming goodness, but pay attention to the known          GPL enforced
limitations in the Build file (in particular, set your terminal to 80x24.)

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