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                             N      E       W   S   L   E   T   T   E R   Issue No. 12                           April 2009
                                                                                                                     A lex R ob er t s. “M elis sa
                                                                                                                     Reeder.” CC-BY 3.0

                                                              Dear Creative Commoner,
CC Newsletter - Issue No. 12

                                                              In this newsletter, you will find the latest news updates on Creative
                                                              Commons internationally and in science, education, and arts & culture.
                                                              As you will see, there is a lot going on for CC - and all thanks to you, our
                                                              community of advocates, users, creators, volunteers, and supporters. The
                                                              stories below are your stories, the stories of everyone working around the
                                                              world to build a more participatory culture. We couldn’t possibly include as
                                                              many highlights and success stories as we’d like to, so if you’d like to stay
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                                                              Melissa Reeder
                                                              Development Manager
                                                              Creative Commons

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Breaking News
Esther Wojcicki, new CC board chair           Launch of CC Zero — no rights
We’re very pleased to announce that           reserved
effective April 1, noted educator,  
education innovator and journalist Esther
Wojcicki is the new chair of the Creative     We are pleased to formally introduce
Commons board of directors. From the          CC0 (read “CC Zero”), a universal waiver
press release:                                that may be used by anyone wishing to
                                              permanently surrender the copyright and
“I am thrilled to take on this new role,”     database rights they may have in a work,
said Wojcicki. “I strongly believe that the   thereby placing it as nearly as possible into
Creative Commons approach to sharing,         the public domain; essentially, it is a “no
reuse, and innovation has the power to        rights reserved” option. CC0 is universal
totally reshape the worlds of education,      in form and may be used throughout the
science, technology, and culture at large.    world for any kind of content, without
My main goal as chair is to make average      adaptation to account for laws in different
Internet users worldwide aware of Creative    jurisdictions. Like all other CC licenses,
Commons and to continue building the          CC0 has the benefit of being expressed
organization’s governance and financial       in three ways – legal code, a human
resources. I am also very eager to help       readable deed, and machine-readable

                                                                                              CC Newsletter - Issue No. 12
CC’s education push at high school and        code that allows works distributed under
college journalism programs worldwide.”       CC0 to be easily found.

Outgoing chair James Boyle, a founder of      20x200 Benefit Edition: Buy Art,
the modern movement for the intellectual      Support CC
commons and CC itself, will remain  
deeply engaged in the movement. There
remains no better in depth explanation        On Tuesday, April 7th, 20×200, a project
of the intellectual commons than Boyle’s      started by Jen Bekman that produces
book, The Public Domain.                      affordable, exhibition quality art prints and
                                              sells them exclusively online, will release
Thank you and congratulations to both         a special benefit edition by designer Matt
Wojcicki and Boyle!                           Jones with proceeds to benefit Creative
                                              Commons. This is an incredible way to
                                              support CC, so be sure to sign up for the
CC recognized with Free Software              twice-weekly 20×200 newsletter to to be
Award for Projects of Social Benefit          among the first to collect Matt’s print for
At the Free Software Foundation’s annual      as little as $20. Popular editions often sell
conference, Libre Planet, FSF founder and     out via the mailing list before they’re even
president Richard Stallman presented CC       available on the 20×200 homepage,
with an annual award given to a project       so add yourself to the list for your best
that applies the ideas of the free software   shot at getting one of Matt’s prints and
movement in ways that intentionally and       supporting CC in this unique way.
significantly benefits society in other
aspects of life. This is a great honor for
CC, as free software blazed the path
forward for us.
                                                                 CC News - International
                               Creative Commons works            New excitement, new energy, and                          users of CC, such as Interactiva Web and
                               internationally to “port”         new face for CC Korea                                    Maestros del Web - two firm supporters
                               the core Creative Commons         As of January 23, Creative Commons                       for the creation of a Guatemalan shared
                               Licenses      to      different   Korea restarted as an independent                        culture.
                               copyright         legislations
                                                                 legal association under the title of                     <>
                               around        the       world,
                                                                 Creative Commons Korea Association
CC Newsletter - Issue No. 12

                               involving both linguistically
                               translating the licenses and      and welcomed 17 new volunteers with                      CC and free culture continue to gain
                               legally adapting them to          an orientation session to gain a better                  momentum in the Arab world
                               particular jurisdictions. This    understanding of CC values and ongoing                   As CC Jordan continues to publicly discuss
                               work is lead by International     domestic projects. As an organization run                the first Version 3.0 draft of CC licenses
                               Director Catharina Maracke        entirely by a community of volunteers,                   in Arabic, and with the release of Al
                               and volunteer teams in            their new energy is expected to bring a                  Jazeera’s Gaza footage under CC BY, the
                               each jurisdiction who are         a renewed vitality to CC Korea’s future                  Arab World is poised for greater adoption
                               committed to introducing
                                                                 projects.                                                of open ideals. In Saudi Arabia, King
                               CC to their country.
                                                                 <>                      Abdullah created the Initiative for Arabic
                                                                                                                          Digital Content, which earlier this year
                                                                 RiP: A remix manifesto                                   held a two-day workshop on “Open Arabic
                                                                 CC Canada is thrilled to announce                        Content” in Riyadh, with CC legal expert
                                                                 the premiere of RiP: A remix manifesto,                  Rami Olwan from Jordan in attendance to
                                                                 written and directed by Canadian Web                     discuss the licensing system. Ziad Maraqa,
4                                                                activist and filmmaker Brett Gaylor and                  co-Project Lead from CC Jordan, spoke
                                                                 produced by the National Film Board of                   in early February in Damascus at the
                                                                 Canada. RiP explores issues of copyright                 iCommunity FOSS Workshop, a notable
                                                                 in the information age, mashing up the                   gathering for the Syrian Free Software
                                                                 media landscape of the 20th century                      community. The Creative Commons
                                                                 and shattering the wall between users                    Al Jazeera Forum held on March 14 in
                                                                 and producers. A participatory media                     Doha, Qatar was also a great success at
                                                                 experiment from day one, Brett shares his                spreading awareness and dialogue about
                                                                 raw footage at for                  CC. The forum was broadcast live on the
                                                                 anyone to remix.                                         Al Jazeera version of C-SPAN, and CEO
                                                                 < h t t p : / / w w w. c r e a t i v e c o m m o n s .   Joi Ito moderated a panel about Creative
                                                                 c a/ bl og/ 2009/ 03/0 9 /r i p - a- r e m i x-          Commons. With initiatives like these,
                                                                 manifesto-toronto/>                                      and given the upcoming launch of the
                                                                                                                          Jordan CC licenses, other jurisdictions
                                                                 Guatemala’s first BarCamp a                              are ready to follow suit. There is still much
                                                                 success                                                  translation and outreach to be done, so
                                                                 Guatemala held its first-ever BarCamp                    if you would like to get involved, send
                                                                 on March 14. It was a huge success,                      an email to <info@creativecommongs.
                                                                 bringing together many of the most                       org> addressed to Donatella Della Ratta,
                                                                 active members of the iCommunity in                      our Arab World Media and Development
                                                                 Guatemala, in addition to members                        Manager.
                                                                 of the ccGuatemala team, who helped
                                                                 organize the event. Widespread support                   CC Case Studies Book: Remix, Reuse
                                                                 for Creative Commons in the country                      and Recycle
                                                                 is growing, and many of the event’s                      Many of you will already have seen
                                                                 sponsors and speakers are advocates and                  Building an Australasian Commons:
Creative Commons Case Studies Volume            Athens and organized by the National
I, the stunning publication launched            Documentation Centre (NDC) of Greece
late last year by Creative Commons              and the National Hellenic Research
Australia (CCau). The book, edited by           Foundation (NHRF). CC Board Member
Rachel Cobcroft, highlights 60 exemplary        Michael Carroll’s is in English; Dionysia
CC-licensed users in Australasia and            Kallinikou’s, Marinos Papadopoulos’ &
worldwide, discussing their motivations         Theodoros Karounos’ are available in
and licensing business models - all under       Greek:
an an Attribution (CC BY) license.              • h t t p : / / w w w. o p e n a c c e s s . g r /
The exciting news is that Building              •
an Australasian Commons is now                       pdfs/EIE_15.Dec.08_Dionysia.pdf
available from the CCau website                 •
(                      pdfs/EIE_15.Dec.08_Marinos.pdf
casestudiesvol1) in digestible booklets,
each focusing on a specific field: visual       The latest from Creative Commons
arts, audio, text, moving images,               Puerto Rico
government, education, and research.            CC Puerto Rico (CC PR), under the
This makes it simple for people to print off    supervision of Co-Project Lead Chloé
and distribute those parts of the publication   S. Georas, recently developed a CC PR
that interest them, or that are relevant to     section for the Pro Bono Program of the
their meeting, conference, workshop, etc.       University of Puerto Rico Law School,
CCau has also made the source files of the      wherein students prepared educational                                   5
entire publication available for download       materials (e.g. CD tutorials, brochures,
-- prime for remixing. So why not make          PowerPoint) and gave presentations at
your own booklets, fact sheets or hand          “Gráfica del Caribe” on March 13-14,
outs tailored to your region, industry or       2009, the most important graphic arts
event? If you do, let CCau know at info@        commercial fair in the Caribbean,

                                                                                                     CC Newsletter - Issue No. 12 and they’ll be           attracting over 3,000 participants. Chloé
added to the official CC case studies           S. Georas been actively spreading the
collection.                                     word about CC by giving over a dozen
                                                presentations to various institutions and
You can also contribute new case                writing the script of a one-hour episode
studies and improve existing ones on            about CC PR for Emmy Award-winning
the CC case studies wiki at http://wiki.        public television program on Spanish                 language arts and culture, “En la punta
                                                de la lengua,” released on October
New online resources available                  16, 2008. In addition, two articles on
from Creative Commons Greece                    Creative Commons, one by Project Lead
(CC-GR)                                         Hiram Meléndez and the other by Chloé
The Greek Research & Technology                 S. Georas, have appeared in two of Puerto
Network s.a. has published an eloquently        Rico’s legal publications.
illustrated four-page brochure for CC
licenses in Greece. The brochure was
created by legal and technical experts
Marinos Papadopoulos (Legal Lead, CC-
GR), Galatia Kapellakou, and Theodoros
Karounos. Soft copies of the brochure are
also available online (in Greek) on the CC
GR site:

Also available online: presentations
from “Open Access Infrastructures: The
Future of Scientific Communication,”
a conference held last December in
                                                              CC News in Science
                               Creative Commons works         GreenXchange — a project of                  the way into standard commercial patent
                               to advance CC in the field     Creative Commons, Nike and                   licensing for sustainability purposes. Our
                               of science by designing
                                                              Best Buy                                     model is open innovation, our methods
                               strategies and tools for
                               faster, more efficient web-
                                                              On February 10, 2009, Creative               are those of the digital commons, and we
                               enabled scientific research    Commons, in collaboration with Nike          are very excited to be working with our new
                                                              and Best Buy, announced a new project        partners to help them overcome “failed
CC Newsletter - Issue No. 12

                               in the hope of speeding
                               the translation of data        - GreenXchange - exploring how the           sharing” to help us all work towards a
                               into discovery. The wing       digital commons can help holders of          sustainable world. For more information
                               of     Creative   Commons      patents collaborate for sustainability.      on the project, we invite you to check out
                               dedicated to making the        GreenXchange will be hosted inside           the informational video over at Science
                               web work for science is        Science Commons.                             Commons <
                               called Science Commons
                               and is led by Vice President
                                                              GreenXchange draws on the experience
                               John Wilbanks.
                                                              of Creative Commons in creating “some
                                                              rights reserved” regimes for artists,
                                                              musicians, scientists, and educators,
                                                              but also on the hard-won successes of
                                                              patent “commons” projects like the Linux
                                                              Patent Commons, the BIOS project,            Sage: a new nonprofit dedicated to
                                                              FreePatentsOnline and the Eco-Patent         growing the commons
6                                                             Commons. We will examine how best            Merck & Co., Inc., a global research-
                                                              to reconstruct the academic research         driven pharmaceutical company, recently
                                                              exemption eliminated in the United States    announced the formation of Sage, a non-
                                                              in the Madey v. Duke case, how to extend     profit entity through which it will donate
                                                              that exemption to corporate research,        a large amount of data and software to
                                                              how private contract systems can be          the commons, the body of work available
                                                              used to construct a commons for use in       to the public for free and legal sharing,
                                                              sustainability. There is also a technical    use, repurposing, and remixing. Sage will
                                                              component - we are very interested in        be the home of an open access disease
                                                              how tools like ccMixter and the semantic     biology platform based on the work
                                                              web will allow for new methods of            previously done at Rosetta Inpharmatics
                                                              tracking use and re-use of patents and       and will be led by Stephen Friend and
                                                              integration of shared patents into climate   Eric Schadt, two leading thinkers in
                                                              and sustainability model.                    biotechnology. Sage will be hosted at a
                                                                                                           set of major US research universities,
                                                                                                           including UCSF, University of Washington,
                                                                                                           and Yale University. Science Commons is
                                                                                                           working with Sage on its sharing strategies
                                                                                                           and governance plans. John Wilbanks,
                                                                                                           Vice President of Science, has joined the
                                                              GreenXchange is very much an                 Sage Board of Directors at the founding
                                                              exploratory project. Our goal is to          of the organization.
                                                              stimulate innovation in the operational
                                                              space by increasing research use and
                                                              rights through the “some rights reserved”
                                                              model, and to extend the model itself all
CC Zero and scientific data:
opening up possibilities
Two early adopters of the CC0 waiver
related to scientific databases are Tranche
and the Personal Genome Project (“PGP”).
Tranche is a free and open source data
sharing tool for sharing large sets of
scientific data. PGP is an effort to sequence
and interpret genes at an individual level
(“personal genomics”) to help individuals
better understand their personal disease
risk profiles, biological characteristics,
and ancestry. Tranche will offer CC0 as
a default option for sharing scientific
data sets. PGP, in addition to releasing a
significant data set at the launch of CC0,
is planning to release all future genomic
data under CC0. This is great news for
scientific and medical research, and we

                                                CC Newsletter - Issue No. 12
feel confident that the future will bring
even more initiatives like these to adopt
                                                               CC News in Education
                               ccLearn, the education          Hewlett OER Grantees Meeting                  ccLearn Productions
                               wing of Creative Commons        We were thrilled that the ccLearn team was
                               led by Executive Director       able to attend the Hewlett OER Grantees       productions/
                               Ahrash Bissell, works with      Meeting in beautiful Monterey, California,
                               an international community
                                                               in early March. The William and Flora         Check out these three productions meant
                               of       open       education
                                                               Hewlett Foundation is not only our biggest    to give brief overviews and instructions
CC Newsletter - Issue No. 12

                               advocates and supporters
                               to improve open learning        supporter, but one of OER’s boldest           about open education topics:
                               on the internet. ccLearn, the   advocates. They fund an impressive            1. ccLearn        Explanations:     Open
                               education wing of Creative      number of OER projects and programs,              Educational Resources and Creative
                               Commons led by Executive        the leads of which were all present as we         Commons Licensing. If you are a
                               Director Ahrash Bissell,        came together to share ideas and to fill          teacher or creator of educational
                               works with an international     each other in on what we had been up to           resources, this primer gives you
                               community        of     open    for the past year.                                an introduction to the concepts of
                               education advocates and
                                                                                                                 open education, Creative Commons
                               supporters to improve open
                               learning on the internet.       ccLearn’s Executive Director, Ahrash              licensing, and other issues pertinent
                               Truly open learning happens     Bissell, presented on Licensing and OER,          to putting your educational materials
                               when learners (you, me and      espousing the idea that open licenses             on the Internet.
                               everyone else we know) can      are critical for defining open educational    2. ccLearn Recommendations: Increase
                               not only access educational     resources. You can read more about                Funding Impact. Recommendations
                               materials but improve upon      licensing for OER in his recent paper,            for organizations that fund the
                               them, adapting the resources
8                              to our individual needs and
                                                               “Permission granted: open licensing for           production of OER.
                                                               educational resources,” available in the      3. ccLearn Recommendations: Publishing
                               local contexts, without the
                                                               OER issue of Open Learning: The Journal           Your Open Educational Resources on
                               restrictions imposed by
                               standard copyright laws.        of Open and Distance Learning:                    the Internet. These are best practices
                               Through openly licensed         <                for properly specifying terms of use
                               educational materials, also     ~content=a909092757~db=all~order                  (TOU) and copyright licenses for any
                               known as open educational       =page>                                            site hosting OER.
                               resources (OER), we can
                               collaborate across state        Open Ed Community Site                        In addition, we are working on a very
                               lines and country borders,      We also had a chance to demo the new          basic ccLearn Step by Step Guide:
                               discovering     opportunities   Open Ed Community Site during the OER         Applying Creative Commons Licenses to
                               for partnerships we never
                                                               Showcase at the start of the conference.      Your Educational Resources.
                               knew existed.
                                                               The Open Ed site was built in the hope
                                                               that it will serve as the landing space for   These productions are available on
                                                               everyone interested in open education,        our website for you to view, print, and
                                                               from the experienced OER community at         disseminate. What’s more, we encourage
                                                               large to teachers, learners, and those who    you to improve, alter, or translate
                                                               simply want to find out more. The site will   them, as they are all licensed under the
                                                               feature events, news, projects, persons,      permissive Attribution license (CC BY).
                                                               and more. We encourage you to check           Please check the ccLearn site periodically
                                                               out the beta version, online now: <http://    for new resources and job opportunities,
                                                     >                   or subscribe to the ccLearn blog, mailing
                                                                                                             list, or twitter/ feeds!

 CC News in Arts and Culture
Attributor launches FairShare                for commercial licensing, but it now            One of Creative Commons’                   includes videos available via download          core goals is to expand
                                             in Ogg Theora, a free and open video            the body of open and free
                                                                                             cultural works available
On March 4, Attributor launched              compression format. Under CC-BY, users
                                                                                             to the public. This is
FairShare, a CC-aware self service           of the content are required only to give        accomplished         through
platform for tracking the spread of your     attribution to Uncensored Interview as the      outreach,       advisement,
works around the web, building on their      content source. The site is also creatively     and specific project based
index of 35 billion web pages. FairShare     using our CC+ protocol to help users            initiatives with individuals
encourages choosing a CC license to          purchase permissions outside the scope          and      communities     that
make clear the terms under which you         of the Attribution license, such as the         promote a similar emphasis
want your works to be spread, then gives     right to use the video unaccredited or for      on community, sharing, and
you feeds showing exactly where all or       endorsement of a commercial product.            innovation. This effort is
                                                                                             headed by Creative Director
parts of your works have been used, with
                                                                                             Eric Steuer.
or without attribution to you. This should   CC Portal now available from
be useful for both requesting proper use     CASH Music
of your work under the terms of the CC
license you’ve chosen, but perhaps more
interestingly, for quantifying the spread    CASH Music, the CC license using music
and impact your works are having in a        label/creative community, recently launched

                                                                                                                             CC Newsletter - Issue No. 12
way that has previously not been possible    a wonderful new Creative Commons Portal
using only keyword and link searches.        for understanding how CC licenses can
                                             be utilized by record labels and artists.
YouTube now testing CC Licenses              The portal is beautifully designed with
YouTube, the popular video sharing           an emphasis on simplicity: it gives an
website, is now testing an option that       introduction to CC, hypothetical uses, and
gives video owners the ability to allow      real world examples. Meant to grow and
downloads and share their work under         expand overtime, the portal is a great
Creative Commons licenses. The test          resource for record labels looking into how
is being launched with a handful of          they can adopt CC. As CASH expands upon
partners, including Stanford University,     its mission to “develop open source tools
Duke University, UC Berkeley, UC Los         for artists and promote best practices in the
Angeles, and UCTV. Stay tuned for more       music industry,” resources like the CC Portal
information on YouTube’s possible further    will become increasingly more valuable.
integration of CC licenses.
                                           Sita Sings the Blues, CC-licensed
Uncensored Interview releases animated film
1000+ Creative Commons Theora
videos                Talented animator, writer and producer
                                           Nina Paley has freely released her
Uncensored Interview, a video producer animated film, Sita Sings the Blues under
and licensor of musician interviews, is our copyleft license, Attribution-ShareAlike
releasing thousands of videos from its (CC BY-SA). Nina’s film retells the classic
interview footage archive under our most Indian myth Ramayana and it has already
permissive license, Attribution (CC BY). received critical acclaim, including the
Previously, Uncensored Interview’s library New York Times and Roger Ebert (who
consisted of premium content available gave it two thumbs up).

                                       We rely on our supporters to continue our work
                                       enabling stories like those listed above. Check it out:


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 CC Newsletter - Issue No. 12


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