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                             N      E       W   S   L   E   T   T   E R   Issue No. 13                           June 2009
                                                                                                                         A lex R ob er t s. “M elis sa
                                                                                                                         Reeder.” CC-BY 3.0

                                                              Dear Creative Commoner,
CC Newsletter – Issue No. 13

                                                              In an ongoing effort to improve communication efforts with our community,
                                                              we’ll be making some changes to the ccNewsletter. Starting in July and at
                                                              the beginning of each month thereafter, we’ll send out brief e-news updates
                                                              of the latest and most exciting CC news. On a quarterly basis, starting
                                                              in September, we’ll produce a more comprehensive newsletter including
                                                              a CEO update from Joi Ito, which will also be available in beautifully-
                                                              designed PDF format. With so much going on in the world of CC, we hope
                                                              this new newsletter format will better serve its purpose of bringing important
                                                              CC developments and milestones to you, our valued supporters and users,
                                                              in a more timely and efficient way. As a reminder, you can always subscribe
                                                              to our weblog at to stay on top of the
                                                              latest news.

                                                              I’d also like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit our recently-launched
2                                                             website, now sporting a much slicker and cleaner design. We’ll be rolling
                                                              out more changes in the near future, so please check back and explore all
                                                              the ways that our site can help you learn more about CC and get involved
                                                              in the effort to build a participatory culture.

                                                              Many thanks to our CC Philippines team for designing the PDF version of
                                                              this newsletter, available at:

                                                              Melissa Reeder
                                                              Development Manager
                                                              Creative Commons

                               This newsletter is licensed
                               under    http://creativecom-
                                 — please share and remix!
Breaking News
CC Case Studies: Share Your Story!           to the cause of free culture has been
                                             an inspiration to us all. Assuring the
Creative Commons Case Studies 2009           interoperability of free culture is a critical
has officially kicked off – and we want to   step towards making this freedom work.
hear your story! We’re collecting cases      The Wikipedia community is to be
big and small on our re-launched Case        congratulated for its decision, and the
Studies wiki, an online portal to upload     Free Software Foundation thanked for
and discover documentation about CC-         its help. I am enormously happy about
licensed projects. We want to capture        this decision.” The addition of the CC
the diversity of CC creators and content     BY-SA license to Wikimedia sites should
by building a resource that inspires         occur over the next month, so keep an
new works and informs free culture.          eye out for this monumental change.
The top community-curated stories will
be featured on the Creative Commons          Read the full press release here:
website and in the next printed volume
of Creative Commons Case Studies. You        Press _releases/Dual_license_vote_
may also have the chance to collaborate      May_2009
with our CEO, Joi Ito, whose doctoral
work focuses on select case studies          Yahoo! Brings CC Filters to

                                                                                              CC Newsletter – Issue No. 13
about CC and the sharing economy.            Image Search
Head over to the Case Studies wiki and
add, edit, or check out a case study         Yahoo! announced last week the addition
today:      of CC license image filtering options for
Case_Studies                                 their image search, so you can now filter
                                             images from Flickr that can be used
                                             commercially or that can be modified
                                             according to the restrictions set down
                                             by the image’s creator. Yahoo’s ongoing
                                             support of Creative Commons is vital and
                                             greatly appreciated, and we are certain
                                             that this search filter will be extremely
                                             beneficial for educators, students, artists,
                                             and anyone looking to find legally
                                             shareable images on the web.

Wikimedia Foundation Board
Votes to Approve License Migration

The Wikimedia Foundation board has
approved the licensing changes voted
on by the community of Wikipedia
and its sister sites. The accompanying
press release includes this quote from
Creative Commons founder Lawrence
Lessig: “Richard Stallman’s commitment
                                                         CC News — Arts & Culture
                               One of Creative Commons’       Free Music Archive Launches                   the BBC is also releasing all of the
                               core goals is to expand                                                      content left on the cutting room floor in
                               the body of open and free      In early April, WFMU celebrated the           their “Asset Bundles.” This is a fantastic
                               cultural works available       launch of its new website, The Free           effort for the commons, so hats off to
                               to the public. This is
                                                              Music Archive, with free downloads            the BBC!
                               accomplished        through
                                                              available under Creative Commons and
CC Newsletter – Issue No. 13

                               outreach,       advisement,
                               and specific project-based     other licenses. The FMA has already           “RiP: A Remix Manifesto” Released;
                               initiatives with individuals   become a fantastic resource for curated       Online Remixing through Kaltura
                               and communities that           CC-licensed music and is a database
                               promote a similar emphasis     that looks to continue to grow in quality     RiP: A Remix Manifesto, a community-
                               on community, sharing,         and quantity over time. Since there is        driven documentary that focuses on
                               and innovation. This effort    so much content on the site, the FMA          copyright and remix culture is just
                               is headed by Creative          is featuring particular curators such as      beginning to creep out into theaters,
                               Director Eric Steuer.
                                                              WFMU, KEXP, and dublab. So go register        after its U.S. premier at SXSW in March.
                                                              an account and start downloading some         While the film mainly focuses on the story
                                                              of the 5,000 tracks already posted, or        of Greg Gillis of Girl Talk, it includes
                                                              search by license type and help one of        interviews with a wide variety of figures,
                                                              the world’s greatest independent stations     including Lawrence Lessig and Cory
                                                              thrive on the net! http://freemusicarchive.   Doctorow. Perhaps most interesting is
                                                              org/                                          that the filmmakers have teamed up
4                                                                                                           with open source video platform Kaltura,
                                                              Lawrence Lessig’s Book, REMIX,                enabling anyone with a computer to remix
                                                              Now Available for Free Download               the film, only at
                                                                                                            All the footage of the film is released
                                                              CC founder Lawrence Lessig’s latest           under an Attribution Noncommercial
                                                              book, REMIX: Making Art and Commerce          (CC BY-NC) license.
                                                              Thrive in the Hybrid Economy, is now
                                                              available for free download under a
                                                              CC BY-NC license from Bloomsbury
                                                              Academic’s website. We are incredibly
                                                              excited that a text devoted to the art
                                                              and value of remixing is being released
                                                              under a license that allows free and open
                                                              sharing and reuse. Download today:

                                                              BBC releases R&DTV under CC

                                                              The BBC recently interviewed Digg’s
                                                              Kevin Rose for their R&DTV series, a
                                                              monthly program consisting of interviews
                                                              with BBC developers and technology
                                                              leaders. In conjunction to licensing
                                                              the shows under our Attribution-
                                                              NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) license,
CC News — International
German Film Museum Integrates                Norwegian Minister            Publishes      Creative         Commons
CCPL in Documentation Project                Book under CC BY-SA                          works internationally to
                                                                                          “port” the core Creative
                                                                                          Commons licenses to
The German Film Museum “Deutsche             Norway’s Minister of Government              different         copyright
Kinemathek” is running a project called      Administration and Reform, Heidi             legislations        around
“Wir waren so frei” (literally “we were so   Grande Røys, launched a new book             the world. The process
free” but meaning “we took the liberty”)     titled “Delte meninger” (in Norwegian        involves both linguistically
to collect material documenting the          this has the dual meaning of “shared         translating the licenses
peaceful revolution in Eastern Germany       opinions” and “conflicting opinions”),       and legally adapting them
in 1989 and the reunification in 1990. It    about sharing and the social side of         to particular jurisdictions.
calls on the general public to contribute    computer networks. There is also a           This work is lead by
                                                                                          International      Director
private photos and films of the era, and     website dedicated to open, public debate
                                                                                          Catharina Maracke and
to do so under a CC license. To learn        about the issues raised in the book. Both    volunteer teams in each
more, visit https://www.wir-waren-so-        the website and the print edition will       jurisdiction   who       are                      5                                    carry a ported Norwegian CC BY-SA            committed to introducing
                                             3.0 license. The print edition of the book   CC to their country.
In Malaysia, Creative Commons                will be published by Universitetsforlaget
Movement Growing Fast                        and is the first instance of a major
                                             book in Norway that carries a Creative

                                                                                                                         CC Newsletter – Issue No. 13
CC Malaysia (CC MY) was recently             Commons license.
covered by The Star, the largest
newspaper in circulation in Malaysia,        250,000 Images Donated to the
in an extensive article titled “Creative     Commons
Commons movement steps up.” It
features, among other things, the            250,000 images were recently donated
team’s proud achievement “Here in            to Wikimedia Commons, a sister project
my home,” a CC-licensed video with           of Wikipedia. The images, part of the
a powerful message of unity, shot last       German Photo Collection at Saxony’s
year in Kuala Lampur with Malaysian          State and University Library (SLUB) and
Artistes For Unity. To learn more or view    available under Germany’s ported CC
the video, visit: http://creativecommons.    BY-SA 3.0 license or in the public domain,
org/weblog/entry/13906                       are being uploaded with corresponding
                                             captions and metadata. Volunteers have
Launched! Creative           Commons         been linking the photos, which depict
Czech Republic                               scenes from German history and daily
                                             life, to personal identification data and
On April 16, at the Multiplace Festival      relevant Wikipedia articles.
in Prague, the Czech Republic officially
became the fifty-second jurisdiction
worldwide to offer localized Creative
Commons licenses. Creators in the
Czech Republic can now publish and
share their creative works using free
Creative Commons tools adapted to
Czech language and law.
                               Creative Commons Hong Kong
                               Making Progress after Launch

                               Six months after the official launch of
                               Creative Commons Hong Kong last
                               October, there is an estimated 221,788
CC Newsletter – Issue No. 13

                               online works released under the newly
                               ported Hong Kong CC licenses. A number
                               of visible local projects are adopting CC.
                               Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)
                               offers contributors the option of licensing
                               their work under CC online in the “Hong
                               Kong Illustrators” special event – “Let’s
                               Draw Together!” RTHK is also conducting
                               a consultation on releasing part of the
                               archive under CC.

                               Wiki Loves Art/NL

                               Creative Commons Netherlands and
6                              Wikimedia Netherlands have teamed
                               up to organize Wiki Loves Art /NL, a
                               month long photo contest inspired by
                               the Wikipedia Loves Art event that took
                               place in the US and the UK in February.
                               Throughout the month of June, the
                               public is invited to take photos of artwork
                               in more than 30 museums throughout
                               the Netherlands and upload them to
                               the Wiki Loves Art flickr group under a
                               Creative Commons Attribution Share-
                               alike (CC By-SA) license. All uploaded
                               pictures will be screened by a jury. Those
                               with sufficient quality will be transferred
                               to the Wikimedia commons for use in
                               Wikipedia articles, and the authors of
                               the 10 best pictures will be awarded
                               with prizes. If you are in the Netherlands
                               in June, join us for Wiki Loves Art /NL!
                               For more information including a list
                               of participating museums, visit www.
CC News in Science
Open Source Drug Discovery,                            information available for download            Creative Commons works
Research and the Public Domain                         under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.                  to advance CC in the field
                                                                                                     of science by designing
The Tropical Disease Initiative recently               Have you made your information                strategies and tools for
                                                                                                     faster, more efficient web-
released a “kernel” for open source                    available using CC0? We’d love to hear
                                                                                                     enabled scientific research
drug discovery, made available in                      about it. Drop us a note at science@          in the hope of speeding
the public domain under the Science                                    the translation of data
Commons Data Protocol. The kernel                                                                    into discovery. The wing
(ht tp:// )                 My name is NP_001119589.1 — A                 of Creative Commons
includes 297 potential drug targets                    Look at the Recent Shared Names               dedicated to making the
against 10 selected genomes for                        Workshop                                      web work for science is
organisms that cause tropical diseases                                                               called Science Commons
and is freely and publicly accessible.                 As the volume of online scientific            and is led by Vice President
                                                                                                     John Wilbanks.
You can read more about this in Nature                 information increases, and as info-
Biotechnology (subscription required:                  rmation sources become increasingly                     cross-linked, inconsistent nomenclature
v27/n4/full/nbt0409-320.html) or for                   for these links becomes a significant
free in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases               annoyance         for      computational
(h t t p://w w w.p l o s n t d s .o rg /ar t i cl e/   applications that would recognize

                                                                                                                                    CC Newsletter – Issue No. 13
info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.                        and exploit such links. Lack of
pntd.0000418).                                         common notation ultimately means an
                                                       infrastructure that does not scale and
Over at EMBL — the European Molecular                  that doesn’t lend itself to experiment-
Biology Laboratory, they have also                     ation and creativity. Thus nomenclature
made some key data related to drug                     for cross-references is an area that’s ripe
testing and side effects available in the              for standardization.
public domain (http://sideeffects.embl.
de/download/) via CC Zero (CC0) – a                    Science Commons has been working
public domain waiver.                                  since 2006 to understand the social
                                                       and technical conditions that might
The resource, the SIDER Side Effect                    bring about such standardization using
Database,       contains    information                widely deployed web standards such
on marketed medicines and their                        as URIs, HTTP, and RDF. In Fall 2008
recorded adverse side effects and drug                 we articulated a proposal, strictly
reactions. Included in this dataset is                 limited in scope to references to well
information on the frequency of these                  known key resources such as PDB,
drug reactions, other drug and side                    and circulated it to several key bio-
effect classifications, as well as links               informatics projects that would have a
to other relevant resources. To date,                  significant interest in such a standard,
888 drugs are listed in the database, a                were it to be adopted. The proposal was
tremendous resource for research and                   favorably received, and we organized
drug discovery.                                        a steering committee to develop and
                                                       deploy a standard. A workshop was
The mapping of labels and euphoria-                    convened on April 29 to educate the
related side effects are now public                    larger community about the plan, hear
domain, with some other side effect                    about experience with related systems,
                               and solicit review of requirements. With      more open system for the exchange of
                               about 25 attendees and a focused              medical information that cuts across
                               agenda, the workshop was a success.           sectors, medical professionals, cultural
                                                                             boundaries, etc. to leverage the power of
                               Although much work remains to be              the network and accelerate the pace of
                               done, we are pleased with the plan’s          drug discovery. The segment also takes
CC Newsletter – Issue No. 13

                               reception in the community and that           a look at the personal reasons behind
                               the steering committee has chosen to          this collaboration and the benefits of
                               take responsibility for bringing about        an “Open Source” approach to sharing
                               the technical and organizational              biomedical knowledge. Featured in this
                               infrastructure that will be needed to         segment are representatives from two
                               bring the standard to fruition.               of Health Commons’ partners: Marty
                                                                             Tenenbaum, the chairman and chief
                               For more information,       visit   http://   scientist for CollabRx; and Gavin Yamey
                                                    and Peter Jerram from the Public Library
                                                                             of Science. To listen to the podcast, visit
                               GreenXchange, Health Commons        
                               in the News and on the Radiowaves             details.cfm?id=358

                      has a new piece             Materials Transfer Work Presented
8                              up on the GreenXchange, a project of          at CHDI Meeting in Cannes, France
                               Nike and Creative Commons, housed at
                               Science Commons. The article, “Green          Representing Science Commons, Thinh
                               Xchange: Creating a Meta-Map of               Nguyen attended CHDI’s Annual HD
                               Sustainability” details the underlying        Therapeutics Conference, held this
                               concepts for the project, the obstacles,      year in Cannes. During the four-day
                               and includes a look into the future. The      conference, Science Commons was
                               project, announced at last January’s          invited to present a poster highlighting
                               World Economic Forum in Davos,                our collaboration with Coriell and
                               pairs together the Creative Commons           CHDI regarding transfer of research
                               licensing structure (metadata, human          materials. The audience included
                               readable aspect, legalese) with the right     leading researchers in Huntington’s
                               technology to allow companies to share        Disease (HD) and neurology working
                               their patents related to sustainability.      on diagnostics, therapeutics, and
                               The goal – to bring the efficiencies of       prevention for HD. The Science
                               open collaboration and innovation to          Commons        presentation    supported
                               the problems of sustainability. You can       poster presentations presented by CHDI
                               read the article over at Worldchanging.       and Coriell at the conference. As a
                               org (            result of the presentation, we hope that
                               archives/009822.html).                        more researchers will become aware of
                                                                             the MTA system being made available
                               In the world of Open Science, the radio       through Coriell, not only as users of the
                               program “A World of Possibilities” has        materials but also as potential providers
                               a fantastic new piece up on “Open             themselves in the future. For more
                               Source science” and Health Commons.           information on our Materials Transfer
                               The podcast explores the Health               work, visit
                               Commons approach of creating a                projects/licensing/
CC News in Education
                                             Student Journalism 2.0                         ccLearn, the education
                                                                                            wing of Creative Commons
                                             Student Journalism 2.0 is a ccLearn            led by Executive Director
                                             project and recent winner of the Digital       Ahrash Bissell, works with
                                                                                            an international community
                                             Media and Learning Competition,
                                                                                            of      open      education
                                             which encourages explorations of               advocates and supporters
                                             “digital media’s ability to help people        to improve open learning
Latest inside OER: CK-12                     learn.” (See the full press release            on the internet. Truly
Foundation’s Neeru Khosla on                 at        open learning happens
Open Textbooks                               lkLXJ8MQKrH/b.5104329/k.87/DML_                when learners (you, me,
                                             Competition_2009.htm.) Sponsored by            and everyone else we
We were so excited back in March             the MacArthur Foundation and HASTAC,           know) can not only access
                                             19 international projects received a           educational        materials
about the new Physics Flexbook aligned
                                                                                            but improve upon them,
to Virginia’s state standards that we        total of $2 million in grants for project
                                                                                            adapting the resources to                         9
had to catch up with the foundation          proposals dealing with Innovation              our individual needs and
that helped to make it possible. The         in Participatory Learning. Student             local contexts, without the
obvious choice was Neeru Khosla, co-         Journalism 2.0 will deal more specifically     restrictions imposed by
founder of the CK-12 Foundation, “a          with the changing media landscape, via         standard copyright laws.
non-profit organization with a mission       the medium of high school students (aka        Through openly licensed

                                                                                                                           CC Newsletter – Issue No. 13
to reduce the cost of textbook materials     our future journalists):                       educational materials, also
for the K-12 market both in the U.S.                                                        known as open educational
                                             “For journalism students, the digital          resources (OER), we can
and worldwide.” The Flexbook is their
                                                                                            collaborate across state
web-based platform for open textbooks        age requires more than hands-on
                                                                                            lines and country borders,
(openly licensed via CC BY-SA) which         reporting, writing, and publication of         discovering opportunities
maximizes and enhances collaboration         stories. Students must also embrace the        for partnerships we never
across district, county, and state lines.    capabilities of the Internet for virtual       knew existed.
                                             collaboration, viral dissemination, and
Open textbooks are oft termed the            feedback loops that inform and deepen
future of higher education, but Neeru        original stories. All of these web-based
makes the important point that openness      opportunities depend on knowledge
matters even more with younger learners.     and proactive application of open
“[The] lack of content availability erodes   content licensing, such as with Creative
young students’ ability to learn, as they    Commons, and appropriate metatags
are not able to have a strong base of        and technical formats. Student Journalism
knowledge to rely on.” This is where         2.0 engages high school students in
the CK-12 Foundation comes in by             understanding legal and technical issues
focusing specifically on K-12 education      intrinsic to new journalistic practices. The
and working with states to make sure         lessons learned during this pilot project
the Flexbooks are not only high quality,     will be documented in anticipation of a
but align to state and district standards.   national-scale, follow-up project.”
(Read more at http://creativecommons.
org/weblog/entry/14141.)                     The full project proposal is available
                                             at http://learn.creativecommons.
                                             org/student-journalism-2-0. Also see
                                             entry/14034 for competition details.

                                       We rely on our supporters to continue our work
                                       enabling stories like those listed above. Check it out:


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 CC Newsletter – Issue No. 13


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