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                             N      E       W   S   L   E   T   T    E     R   Issue No. 14                       September 2009
                                                                                               “Sitting on my meditation
                                                                                               rock ” by Mizuka CC- BY

                               Dear Creative Commoner,

                               Over the last year, we have added a broad spectrum of new users such as the US
                               White House, Wikipedia, Ridley Scott, Merck, Nike, YouTube and Al Jazeera. While
                               the vast majority of people still don’t know about Creative Commons licenses, the
                               community of supporters and users has reached a threshold of adoption where we
                               can now legitimately call CC a global standard.

                               As custodians of a global standard that continues to add new users in broader
                               geographies, fields, size and numbers, our responsibility to make sure that everything
                               works properly and that we are providing sufficient support to the users becomes
                               our central role. We need to shift the balance of our organization from being mostly
                               focused on promoting the idea of sharing to becoming custodians of a global
                               standard which many organizations depend on every day.

                               In order to properly work with the new range of constituents, we have decided to
                               flatten the organization. This will serve to increase bandwidth and allow the global
                               community to be more directly involved in projects as well as participate in the
                               management of Creative Commons. This flattening will fold the international process,
                               formally a separate effort spearheaded by International Director Catharina Maracke,
                               into each project and initiative of Creative Commons, so that jurisdiction porting,
                               communication, and outreach will now be a central focus of CC’s work in the realms
                               of science, education, and culture. I have asked every staff member and project within
                               Creative Commons to become international, rather than relying on an international
                               spearhead to intermediate every contact.

                               With the growing responsibility and complexity of our job, I am very happy to have
                               such a thoughtful and active community of supporters. We need your help more than
                               ever and hope that you can share in our successes as well as our challenges.
CC Newsletter – Issue No. 14

                               Joi Ito
                               Chief Executive Officer
                               Creative Commons

                                                 This newsletter is licensed under
                                                 Please share and remix!

Breaking News
Google Image Search                                   Wikimedia wikis to take advantage of
                                                      this migration opportunity is ongoing,
Implements CC License                                 and one very important milestone was
Filtering                                             reached June 19, when most wikis
                                                      hosted by Wikia (there are thousands)
Google has officially launched the ability
                                                      converted to CC BY-SA.
to filter search results using Creative
Commons licenses inside their Image Full story:
Search tool.                               ht tp: //cre ative co m m o n s .o rg /we b lo g /

                                                      Creative Commons Network
                                                      “A Truly Inspirational
It is now easy to restrict your Image
Search results to find images which                   Have you heard of the Creative
have been tagged with our licenses,                   Commons Network? It’s a special
so that you can find content from                     service we offer that includes an
across the web that you can share, use,               OpenID profile where you can identify
and even modify. Searches are also                    your CC-licensed works.
capable of returning content under
other licenses, such as the GNU Free
Documentation License, or images that
are in the public domain. To filter by
CC search, go to Google’s advanced
Image Search page and select the
options you’d like in the “Usage rights”
section. Your results will be restricted
to images marked with CC licenses or
other compatibly licensed photos.

Full story:
                                                      Chris Messina recently wrote about
ht tp: //cre ative co m m o n s .o rg /we b l o g /

                                                                                                CC Newsletter – Issue No. 14
                                                      the benefits of becoming part of the
                                                      CC Network and getting an OpenID,
                                                      and we were honored by his kind and
Wikipedia Officially Converts                         eloquent words. From his post: “What
                                                      better way to both support Creative
To CC BY–SA                                           Commons and show off your patronage
The entire English Wikipedia and other                than by identifying yourself across the
Wikimedia sites are now licensed under                web with your very own unique, secure,
a Creative Commons Attribution Share                  privacy-protecting
Alike license (CC BY-SA), following                   OpenID? For a mere $50 minimum
a community vote and approval by                      donation ($25 for students), you
the Wikimedia Foundation board                        can own a limited edition URL and
members. The outreach effort to non-                  profile from Creative Commons that
                               identifies you to the world and provides     The new initiative makes it easy for
                               a compelling revenue opportunity for the     participants in Google Books’ Partner
                               non-profit foundation.                       Program to mark their books with one
                                                                            of the six Creative Commons licenses (or
                               While companies like SAP become              the CC0 waiver). This gives authors and
                               OpenID providers for pedestrian              publishers a simple way to articulate the
                               reasons like simplifying authentication      permissions they have granted to the
                               across their many different distributed      public through a CC license, while giving
                               web properties, Creative Commons is          people a clear indication of the legal
                               redistributing the brand equity and social   rights they have to CC-licensed works
                               capital their members have accrued over      found through Google Books.
                               the last several years by letting people
                               show and verify their affiliation to the     Full story:
                               organization. With this simple example,
                               we can start to see the symbiosis of         entry/16823
                               making an intentional choice about
                               identity: Creative Commons finds a new
                               revenue opportunity and members of
                                                                            Anne Wojcicki and Sergey
                               the community have a way to express          Brin Support CC with
                               their affiliation and promote the brand.”
                                                                            $500,000 Gift
                               You can also check out Read Write
                               Web’s take on CC Network, following          Creative Commons is honored to have
                               up on Messina’s post: http://www.            received an incredibly generous gift of
                               $500,000 from 23andMe co-founder
                               commons_launches_cc_openid_profile.          Anne Wojcicki and Google co-founder
                                                                            Sergey Brin. We are delighted that the
                               Full story:                                  couple recognizes the importance of
                                Creative Commons and has decided to
                               entry/16609                                  invest in our work to support sharing,
                                                                            collaboration, and the spread of
                               Creative Commons Network:                    knowledge and creativity. This gift –
                                                                            made in addition to the financial support
CC Newsletter – Issue No. 14

                                                                            that Google offers CC annually – will
                               Chris Messina’s full post:                   be used to support Creative Commons
                            generally, with a focus on developing
                               openid-the-unseen-branded-revenue-           our Science Commons project, which
                               opportunity/                                 Wojcicki and Brin are particularly excited
                               Google Books Adds Creative                   Full story:
                               Commons License Options            
                               On August 13, Google launched a
                               program to enable rights holders to make
     4                         their Creative Commons-licensed books
                               available for the public to download, use,
                               remix, and share via Google Books.
CC News / Arts & Culture
WisconsinView Dedicates                               Picasa Adds CC Search                                 One of Creative Commons’
                                                                                                            core goals is to expand
6+ Terabytes of Data to The                           Picasa Web Albums, Google’s photo
                                                                                                            the body of open and free
                                                      album service, now allows you to narrow
Public Domain                                         your search to include only CC-licensed
                                                                                                            cultural works available to the
                                                                                                            public. This is accomplished
WisconsinView, an effort to make                      photos, making it easier to find photos
                                                                                                            through outreach,
available a variety of types of imagery               to share and remix. It’s one thing to
                                                                                                            advisement, and specific
for the state of Wisconsin, will now                  enable your community to select a CC
                                                                                                            project-based initiatives with
make their data available in the public               license for their work, but it’s another
                                                                                                            individuals and communities
domain via CC0 (CC Zero). From the                    thing entirely to help the rest of the web
                                                                                                            that promote a similar
press release:                                        discover that content. Picasa’s commons
                                                                                                            emphasis on community,
 “Since 2004, WisconsinView          has              community will surely benefit from this
                                                                                                            sharing, and innovation. This
 made aerial photography and satellite                kind of exposure, so thanks to Picasa for
                                                                                                            effort is headed by Creative
 imagery of Wisconsin available to                    enabling such a valuable feature.
                                                                                                            Director Eric Steuer.
 the public for free over the web. As
 part of the AmericaView consortium,                  Full story:
 WisconsinView supports access and use                ht tp: //cre ative co m m o n s .o rg /we b l o g /
 of these imagery collections through                 entry/15130
 education, workforce development,
 and research. Starting June 30, 2009,
 WisconsinView is making available all
                                                      GOOD: “We Like To Share”
 of its more than 6 Terabytes of imagery              Interview Series
 data under the new CC0 Protocol
 provided by Creative Commons.”

Learn more about CC0 at http://
                                                      This past December, Creative Director
                                                      Eric Steuer conducted a series of
                                                      interviews with people about the value
Ridley Scott To Use CC BY–                            of sharing information and resources
                                                      in their respective fields of work. The
SA For Blade Runner Web                               interviews were edited into a podcast
Series                                                for GOOD entitled “We Like to Share”
                                                      that was made available to people who

                                                                                                                                              CC Newsletter – Issue No. 14
Ridley Scott, the famed SciFi director
                                                      attended the GOOD December series of
of the classic Blade Runner will be
                                                      events in Los Angeles. Last week, GOOD
producing a new web series based
                                                      began posting CC BY-licensed text
on the film, released under our free
                                                      versions of the interviews on its website
copyleft license, Attribution-ShareAlike
                                                      and will roll out one a week over the next
(CC BY-SA). The series is initially slated
                                                      few months. The first interview is with
for web release with the possibility of
                                                      Chris Hughes, one of the co-founders of
television syndication, and will be a
                                                      Facebook, who was the online strategist
project by Ag8.
                                                      for the Barack Obama campaign. Check
                                                      back at “We Like to Share” each Thursday
Full story:
                                                      to read interviews with iconic sharers
ht tp: //cre ative co m m o n s .o rg /we b l o g /
                                                      like Jimmy Wales, Chris DiBona, Frances
                                                      Pinter, Jesse Dylan, and Curt Smith.                                                         5

                               International News
                               Creative Commons works          Vietnam Opens National                               allow interoperability between different
                               to “port” the core Creative                                                          flexible content copyright licenses. This
                               Commons Licenses
                                                               License Draft for Discussion                         structure has opened doors for important
                               to different copyright          CC Vietnam has released its first license            adopters, such as the Wikipedia
                               legislations around the         draft and is inviting the Vietnamese                 community and Wikimedia Foundation,
                               world. The porting process      and international community to join                  who recently approved the adoption
                               involves both linguistically    in reviewing it. The goal of the license             of the Creative Commons Attribution-
                               translating the licenses and    porting, coordinated by Creative                     ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA) license as the
                               legally adapting them to        Commons International, is to legally and             main content license for Wikipedia and
                               particular jurisdictions.       linguistically adapt the CC licensing suite          other Wikimedia sites.
                                                               to national law. That way, creators enjoy
                               This work is led by CC          additional legal certainty while better              Full story:
                               General Counsel Diane           understanding the license terms in their             ht tp: //cre ative co m m o n s .o rg /we b lo g /
                               Peters with Project             own language. National CC projects rely              entry/15990
                               Manager Michelle Thorne         on content creators and license users
                               and volunteer teams in          worldwide to give feedback to improve
                               each jurisdiction who are       local legal tools and build a strong
                                                                                                                    CC Ireland Discusses Version
                               committed to introducing        community. Please consider weighing                  3.0 of CC Licenses
                               CC to their country and who     in on CC Vietnam’s drafting efforts by
                                                                                                                    On behalf of CC Ireland, we are pleased
                               consult extensively with        subscribing to their mailing list.
                                                                                                                    to announce that the draft of CC BY-
                               members of the public and
                                                                                                                    NC-SA adapted to Irish law is now in
                               key stakeholders in an effort   Full story:
                                                                                                                    public discussion. The CC Ireland team,
                               to adapt the CC licenses to     ht tp: //cre ative co m m o n s .o rg /we b lo g /
                                                                                                                    lead by Dr. Darius Whelan and Louise
                               their jurisdiction.             entry/15740
                                                                                                                    Crowley and hosted at the University
                                                                                                                    College Cork, has been working with
                                                                                                                    Creative Commons to port the licenses
                                                               Poland’s Version 3.0 Licenses                        to local copyright legislation. The public
                                                               Now Online                                           discussion is a key part of Creative
                                                                                                                    Commons’ license porting project. It is
                                                                                                                    an opportunity for you, content creators
                                                                                                                    and license users, to engage in the
                                                                                                                    drafting process and give your input on
                                                                                                                    this collaborative effort.
CC Newsletter – Issue No. 14

                                                                                                                    We invite you to join CC Ireland’s
                                                                                                                    discussion list:
                                                                                                                    mailman/listinfo/cc-ie/ or visit their
                                                                                                                    website and share your comments with
                                                                                                                    local and international legal experts:
                                                               CC Poland, one of the earliest jurisdictions
                                                                                                                    h t t p : // w w w. u c c . i e / l a w/ i r i s h l a w/
                                                               to found a national Creative Commons
                                                               project, has released its set of Poland-
                                                               specific licenses at Version 3.0, Creative
                                                                                                                    Full story:
                                                               Commons’ most current license version.
                                                                                                                    ht tp: //cre ative co m m o n s .o rg /we b lo g /
       6                                                                                                            entry/14958
                                                               The upgrade       is significant for several
                                                               reasons, one       being that Version 3.0
                                                               encompasses       our long-held vision of
                                                               establishing a    compatibility structure to
CC News in Science
Sage Launched In July                         How Can IP Help Spread                                       Creative Commons works
                                                                                                           to advance CC in the field
Sage, the non-profit entity formed out        Green Technology?                                            of science by designing
of Merck & Co, Inc, formally launched in
                                              A recent feature in SEED Magazine                            strategies and tools for
July. Through Sage, Merck will donate a
                                              asks the question: How can intellectual                      faster, more efficient web-
large amount of data and software to the
                                              property – and more specifically the                         enabled scientific research
commons, the body of work available to
                                              current patent system – spread green                         in the hope of speeding
the public for free and legal sharing, use,
                                              technology? The article, “Who Owns                           the translation of data into
repurposing, and remixing.
                                              Green Tech?” features replies from five                      discovery. The wing of
                                              leading thinkers on the matter. Our own                      Creative Commons dedicated
                                              John Wilbanks, Creative Commons’ VP                          to making the web work for
                                              of Science, was one of those panelists.                      science is called Science
                                              In his response, Wilbanks challenges                         Commons and is led by Vice
                                              the public to not view this conversation                     President John Wilbanks.
                                              of innovation as a black and white
Sage is the home of an open access
                                              situation, but to make room for new
disease biology platform based on
                                              forms of innovation in the discussion
the work previously done at Rosetta
                                              (ie., user-driven innovation, open
Inpharmatics and will be led by Stephen
                                              innovation). This idea is at the core of
Friend and Eric Schadt, two leading
                                              the GreenXchange project, a venture by
thinkers in biotechnology. Sage is
                                              Creative Commons, Nike and Best Buy
hosted at a set of major US research
                                              to create a marketplace for invention.
universities, including UCSF, University
of Washington, and Yale University.
                                              Full story:
Science Commons, the science wing of
                                              h t t p: //s c i e n ce co m m o n s . o r g /we b l o g /
CC, is working with Sage on its sharing
strategies and governance plans. Stay
tuned, as great things are sure to come
out of Sage in the coming months!

“Making the Web Work for
                                                                                                                                          CC Newsletter – Issue No. 14
Science” Video Now Online
John Wilbanks, CC’s Vice President,
Science, appeared as a panelist at a San
Francisco Commonwealth Club event in
July, along with Stephen Friend (Sage)
and Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia); the
panel was moderated by Tim O’Reilly
and focused on the theme “Making the
Web Work for Science,” exploring ideas
of how to bring Web efficiencies to
scientific research, a core theme seen in
the work of Science Commons.

You can now watch the video online:
                               CC News in Education
                               ccLearn, the education           Launch of two new resources                          OER and CC networks, fostering greater
                               wing of Creative Commons                                                              collaboration among projects as well as
                               led by Executive Director
                                                                for Open Education: OpenEd,                          greater awareness of their important
                               Ahrash Bissell, works with an    DiscoverEd                                           work. Carolina will also develop reports
                               international community of                                                            about prior regional activities (such as
                                                                We are happy to announce the launch
                               open education advocates                                                              the Latam Commons 2008 meeting in
                                                                of two new resources for educators
                               and supporters to improve                                                             Chile last year) as well as forward-looking
                                                                and learners interested in Open
                               open learning on the internet.                                                        documents about future events and
                                                                Educational Resources: OpenEd and
                               Truly open learning happens                                                           opportunities throughout the region.
                                                                DiscoverEd. OpenEd is a new open
                               when learners (you, me, and
                                                                education community site, hosted at
                               everyone else we know) can                                                            Full story:
                               not only access educational                                                           ht tp: //cre ative co m m o n s .o rg /we b lo g /
                                                                It is designed for teachers, learners, or
                               materials but improve upon                                                            entry/15951
                                                                anyone looking to get involved, so we
                               them, adapting the resources
                                                                encourage you to check it out and, since
                               to our individual needs and
                               local contexts, without the
                                                                it is a wiki, to start contributing today!           Launch of Inside OER
                                                                DiscoverEd is an education search engine
                               restrictions imposed by
                                                                prototype that is now up and running at
                                                                                                                     and Comic
                               standard copyright laws.
                                                                http://discovered.creativecommons.                   ccLearn is proud to announce the
                               Through openly licensed
                                                                org. It is designed to provide scalable              launch of Inside OER (acronym for Open
                               educational materials, also
                                                                search and discovery for educational                 Educational Resources), which is a full
                               known as open educational
                                                                resources on the web, but is still in a              suite of interviews with movers and
                               resources (OER), we can
                                                                very experimental phase; please help us              shakers in the open education world, all
                               collaborate across state
                                                                out by providing your feedback so we                 available for redistribution and remix.
                               lines and country borders,
                                                                can continue to improve it.                          The latest Inside OER, an interview with
                               discovering opportunities for
                                                                                                                     IssueLab’s Lisa Brooks on opening up
                               partnerships we never knew
                                                                More info on OpenEd:                                 research, has been re-crafted into an
                                                                ht tp: //cre ative co m m o n s .o rg /we b lo g /   engaging and entertaining comic, so be
                                                                entry/15467                                          sure to check it out, share, and remix!

                                                                More info on DiscoverEd:                   
                                                                ht tp: //cre ative co m m o n s .o rg /we b lo g /   inside-oer
CC Newsletter – Issue No. 14

                                                                Open Educational Resources
                                                                in Latin America
                                                                We are thrilled to welcome Carolina
                                                                Botero, project lead for CC Colombia,
                                                                as ccLearn’s regional liaison for the
                                                                exciting projects in open education in
                                                                Latin America and the Spanish-speaking
                                                                world. Carolina will be working with
                                                                ccLearn (the education wing of Creative
                                                                Commons) staff to document existing
     8                                                          projects and initiatives related to open
                                                                educational resources throughout the
                                                                region. We anticipate that this work
                                                                will extend the size and impact of the
We rely on our supporters to continue our work
enabling stories like those listed above.

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                                                                                                           CC Newsletter – Issue No. 14
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