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                                                                                        CC Newsletter - Issue No. 15

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                             N      E       W   S   L   E      T     T     E      R   Issue No. 15                   September – December 2009
                               **1(ƫ1* .%/%*#ƫ),%#*ƫ* /ƫ++*ēƫ!(,ƫ1/ƫ.!$ƫ+1.ƫĸĆĀĀČĀĀĀƫ#+(ƫ5ƫ!ċƫăāē
                               +ƫ 5+1ƫ 2(1!ƫ 0$!ƫ 3+.'ƫ 3!ƫ +ĕƫ /ƫ .!0%2!ƫ +))+*/ƫ $!(,! ƫ 5+1ƫ /ƫ ƫ .!0+.ƫ +.ƫ +*/1)!.ĕƫ "ƫ 5+1.ƫ
                               answer is yes to either of these questions, then please consider giving back to CC and investing in the
                               future of creativity and knowledge. Any amount you can give will help us keep up the momentum we’ve
                               been gaining over the past six years enabling stories like those you’re about to read below. None of this
                               3+1( ƫ!ƫ,+//%(!ƫ3%0$+10ƫ5+1.ƫ ! %0! Čƫ+*#+%*#ƫ/1,,+.0ē


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                                                                         Breaking News
                                                                         đƫƫ* ƫ0$!ƫ++#(!ƫ++'ƫ!00(!)!*0
                                                                           economic governance, especially the commons”
                                                                         đƫƫ%3*ƫ 1*$!/ƫ!./%+*ƫăċĀ

                                                                         CC News in Arts and Culture
                               Cover: “Cake Lantern” © 2009.             đƫ*0!Čƫ! +.ƫ.+&!0Čƫ%'%.2!(ƫ+ƫƫġƫăċĀ
                               Lairaja. Some Rights Reserved.            đƫ!3ƫġ(%!*/! ƫ!01.!ġ(!*#0$ƫ%()/ƫ".+)ƫ3! !*ƫ* ƫ 0(5
                               Cover is licensed under http://
                                  đƫ+'+ƫ*+Ě/ƫ(/0%ƫ*+ƫ* ƫ+!/ƫ
                               by-sa/3.0/ph/ This remixed image          đƫ(ƫ 6!!.ƫ(+#/ƫ+ƫ
                               incorporates Shepard Fairey’s CC logo
                               and photos by skyseeker http://www.       đƫ!3ƫ!(* ƫ* ƫ1/0.(%*ƫ+2!.*)!*0/ƫ.+)+0%*#ƫ,!*ƫ0
                     ,     đƫ*%0! ƫ00!/ƫ+2!.*)!*0ƫƫ+*ƫ.!0%2!ƫ+))+*/
                                                                         đƫ10$ƫ1(%ƫ.+ /0!.ƫƫ!(!/!/ƫġ(%!*/! ƫ+1)!*0.%!/
                               anantablamichhane/2256516630/ and         CC News in Science
                               photos/clevercupcakes/3850555254/,        đƫ#!ƫ+*(1 !/ƫ!.%!/ƫ+"ƫ((ƫ!#%+*(ƫ !!0%*#/
                               licensed under CC BY 2.0; stu             đƫ,!*ƫ!//ƫ!!'ƫ+1* 1,
                               photos/stuart_spivack/480853817/,         đƫ0ƫ$.%*#Čƫ*0+(+#%!/Čƫ* ƫ/01.%*ƫ!/!.$
                               Jilligan86         đƫ*0+(+#5ƫ!3/čƫ ƫĂƫ!+))!* ! ƫ5ƫăČƫ!3ƫ!/+1.!ƫ+*ƫ
                               photos/gillian_m/662167527/, Jofus |
                                                                           Copyright Considerations
                               photos/diamondjoe/2856076506/, and        đƫƫ!.+ƫ* +./! ƫ%*ƫ01.!ƫ,%*%+*ƫ%!!
                               nojhan/3451097506/, licensed under
                               CC BY-SA 2.0.                             ƫ!3/ƫ%*ƫ 10%+*
                                                                         đƫ.!,.%*#ƫ+1.ƫ 10%+*(ƫ!/+1.!/ƫ"+.ƫ%/+2!.
                               Top right image: lairaja, incorporating
                               cote        đƫ .ċƫ 5+Ě/ƫ(//ƫ *0!#.0!/ƫČƫ'5,!/ƫ3%0$ƫ 3.!*!ƫ !//%#
                               cote/2590693972/         CC BY 2.0 and    đƫ01 !*0ƫ +1.*(%/)ƫĂċĀƫ'!/ƫûƫ0ƫ$!ƫ(5ƫ+%!
                               Jofus | JoeTheDough
CC Newsletter - Issue No. 15

                                                                         đƫ$!ƫ,!* ƫƫ+))1*%05čƫ 1%+*ƫ5ƫ+)1*% 
                               CC BY-SA 2.0                              đƫ!,+.0ƫ+*ƫ%./0ƫ !!0%*#ƫ+"ƫƫ ! /ƫ%*ƫ 0%*ƫ)!.%ƫ+3ƫ2%((!
                                                                         đƫ,!*ƫ 10%+*(ƫ!/+1.!/čƫ *#%*#ƫ *+),0%(!ƫ+*0!*0ƫ%*ƫ

                                                                         This newsletter is licensed under
        2                                                                (!/!ƫ/$.!ƫ* ƫ.!)%4ē
Breaking News
ƫ* ƫ0$!ƫ++#(!ƫ++'ƫ!00(!)!*0                             generously supported by The Andrew W. Mellon
                                                              Foundation, included in-depth interviews and two
The Google Books Settlement is the copyright story            waves of in-person and online focus groups and online
of the year. A Creative Commons license option for            questionnaires. The last included a random sample
authors has been added to the amended settlement,             of U.S. (geographic restriction mandated by resource
while objections to the settlement have cited Creative        constraints) internet users and in an extended form,
Commons. What does the settlement debate imply                open questionnaires promoted via our blog. The
about the ways in which copyright is out of sync              resulting Defining Noncommercial study report and
with the digital age and how voluntary commons                raw data are now published, released under a CC
infrastructure can help? Read more:                           Attribution (CC BY) license and CC0 public domain
                                                              waiver respectively.
                                                              Full story:
+!(ƫ .%6!ƫ %*ƫ +*+)%/ƫ 0+ƫ (%*+.ƫ /0.+)ƫ ė"+.ƫ $!.ƫ
analysis of economic governance, especially the
commons”                                                      +!/ƫ+1.ƫ$.%*#ƫ(!ĕ

The 2009 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded on              Creative Commons makes sharing easy, legal, and
October 12 to Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson             scalable. Easy and legal are obvious — what about
for their research on economic governance. Ostrom’s           scale? Triggered by a discussion in the blogosphere
award is particularly exciting, for it cites her study        at Techdirt and elsewhere, this article explains why
of the commons. Commons? That sounds familiar!                standard licenses and public domain tools such as
Ostrom’s pioneering work mostly concerns the                  those offered by Creative Commons are necessary
governance of common-pool resources — resources               to realize the web’s potential for collaboration and
that are rivalrous (i.e., scarce, can be used up, unlike      sharing, from Wikipedia and OpenCourseWare to
digital goods) yet need to be or should be governed           bands and individual bloggers.
as a commons — classically, things like water systems
and the atmosphere. This work is cited by many                Full story:
scholars of non-rivalrous commons (e.g., knowledge  
commons) as laying the groundwork for their field,
one example being James Boyle in his recent book,             ƫ%3*ƫ 1*$!/ƫ!./%+*ƫăċĀ
The Public Domain. In 2003 Ostrom herself co-
authored with Charlotte Hess a paper contextualizing          Creative Commons Taiwan unveiled today Version
knowledge commons and the study of other                      3.0 of its jurisdiction-specific licenses. The six
commons: Ideas, Artifacts, and Facilities: Information        standard Creative Commons licenses are legally and
as a Common-Pool Resource. It includes a citation of          linguistically adapted to Taiwanese law, making it

                                                                                                                       CC Newsletter - Issue No. 15
Creative Commons, which was just about to launch its          easier for local creators to clearly signal the rights
licenses at the time the paper was written. The entire        they wish their works to carry. The launch was
paper is an excellent read. Congratulations to Elinor         celebrated at the 2009 Open House of the Academia
Ostrom, and to the Nobel Prize committee for making           Sinica, the host institution of CC Taiwan. The team’s
an excellent choice, highly relevant in today’s world.        Project Manager, Wen-Yin Chou, presented on “Brief
Hopefully, this will be only the first of many grand          Introduction of Creative Commons Licenses”, while
prizes for the study of the commons.                          visitors to the information booth could watch CC
                                                              videos, take quizzes about the licenses, and talk with
Full story:                                                   the CC Taiwan team throughout the day.
                                                              Full story:
Almost one year ago we launched a study of how
people understand “noncommercial use.” The study,
                               CC News — Arts & Media
                               One of Creative Commons’       *0!Čƫ ! +.ƫ .+&!0Čƫ %'%.2!(ƫ +ƫ   +'+ƫ*+Ě/ƫ(/0%ƫ*+ƫ* ƫ+!/ƫ
                               core goals is to expand        CC BY-SA 3.0
                               the body of open and free                                                   Yoko Ono wants you to remix her track
                               cultural works available
                                                              Demonstrating that June’s migration          “The Sun Is Down!” The song’s stems
                               to the public. This is
                               accomplished through
                                                              of Wikimedia sites to CC Attribution-        are released under a CC Attribution-
                               outreach, advisement,          ShareAlike as their main content             NonCommercial license (CC BY-NC),
                               and specific project-based     liense was a signal of much greater          so you can download the sample pack,
                               initiatives with individuals   interoperability among free and open         which includes the track’s vocal effects,
                               and communities that           content projects going forward and           loops of bass, drums, sound effects, and
                               promote a similar              not merely an end in itself are recent       Tenorion files. Yoko’s also running a
                               emphasis on community,         announcements from the Fedora Project,       contest from now until December 12 to
                               sharing, and innovation.       AntWeb, and Wikitravel, all moved or         find the 10 best remixes.
                               This effort is headed by
                                                              moving to CC BY-SA 3.0. Each has a
                               Creative Director
                               Eric Steuer.
                                                              different story as to how and why they       Full story:
                                                              made the move. Read their stories: 
                                                              entry/19107                                  (ƫ 6!!.ƫ(+#/ƫ+ƫ

                                                              New CC-licensed Feature-length Films         Al Jazeera has just launched the latest
                                                              from Sweden and Italy                        of its online projects called Al Jazeera
                                                                                                           Blogs. The website features blog posts
                                                              It’s not often that a feature-length CC-     written by prominent journalists and
                                                              licensed film is produced, so we’re happy    correspondents from the global Al
                                                              to let you know about two international      Jazeera television network. It also hosts
                                                              productions: “Nasty Old People” from         several sub-blog sections divided by
                                                              Swedish director Hanna Sköld and            geographical areas, such as Africa,
                                                              “Torno Subito” from Italian Simone           Asia, Americas, Europe, and the Middle
                                                              Damianiunder. “Nasty Old People”             East. In addition, Al Jazeera has a blog
                                                              was released under our Attribution-          focused on international business and
                                                              Noncommercial-Share Alike license (CC        the ongoing financial crisis. Thanks yet
                                                              BY-NC-SA) and Torno Subito is available      again to Al Jazeera English’s Head of
                                                              under our Attribution-Noncommercial          Online, Mohamed Nanabhay, who was
                                                              license (CC-BY-NC). What’s great             also a key player in getting Al Jazeera’s
                                                              about these licenses is that they both       CC repository up and running. Check out
                                                              allow and encourage legal sharing and        Mohamed’s Commoner Letter, written in
CC Newsletter - Issue No. 15

                                                              remixing as methods for promotion            support of CC’s fundraising campaign:
                                                              and to encourage fans to engage. The
                                                              results are already beginning to appear:
                                                              fans of “Nasty Old People” have raised       entry/18213
                                                              donations amounting to 10% of the
                                                              film’s loaned budget, and they’ve also       Full story:
                                                              created a Portuguese translation of the
                                                              film’s subtitles.                            entry/18599

                                                              Full story:
!3ƫ!(* ƫ* ƫ1/0.(%*ƫ+2!.*)!*0/ƫ     When questioned about the future of
.+)+0%*#ƫ,!*ƫ0                         copyright reform, Chopra mentions how
                                            he “embraced the Creative Commons
“There’s a trend going around the world     licensing regime” when he worked
for open data,” says Mark Harris, former    with the Commonwealth of Virginia to
manager of web standards at the New         publish their Flexbook platform. Chopra
Zealand State Services Commission           then states that he thinks that it was
and co-organizer of Wellington’s recent     this experience that really informs his
Open Govt Data Barcamp and Hackfest.        perspective on how intellectual property
He’s right, and New Zealand is certainly    should be remixed, shared, and reused.
trailblazing.   Last    week,   Creative
Commons New Zealand reported that           Full story:
their national government released an
open access and licensing framework         entry/17863
draft (NZGOAL) for public feedback.
The framework will enable greater           10$ƫ1(%ƫ.+ /0!.ƫƫ!(!/!/ƫ
access to many public sector works by       CC-licensed Documentaries
encouraging the New Zealand State
Services agencies to license material for   VPRO, a public broadcaster in the
reuse on liberal terms, and recommend       Netherlands, has begun releasing
Creative Commons as an important            current documentaries under the CC BY-
tool in this process. Meanwhile in          NC-SA license. According to Bregtje van
Australia, the Government 2.0 Taskforce     der Haak, coordinator of the VPRO’s
announced the MashupAustralia contest       Century of the City project, releasing
asking people to show what can be done      these documentaries under a Creative
with open public sector information. To     Commons license contributes to efforts
help people get started, 59 datasets        to better serve the VPRO’s public: “We
from more than 15 different government      are producing a lot of documentaries
bodies have been released on data.          that are of interest to specialized under CC licences          communities. In the case of urbanization
(usually Attribution). All this material,   this includes architects, urban planners
which spans from the Federal electoral      and students. From research we know
boundaries to Powerhouse Museum’s           that a growing segment of the VPRO’s
collection database to the locations of     audience is watching less and less
Canberra’s public toilets, is now free to   television but continues to highly value
be reused, reimagined and repurposed        this type of content. By offering content

                                                                                        CC Newsletter - Issue No. 15
by anyone.                                  for download we are increasing the life
                                            cycle of these programs and enabling a
Full stories:                               whole number of new forms of re-use of                 our productions. As a public broadcaster
weblog/entry/17352,      http://www.        we have the obligation to make our             productions available to the public in as
                                            flexible a manner as possible.”
*%0! ƫ 00!/ƫ +2!.*)!*0ƫ ƫ +*ƫ
Creative Commons                            Full story:
Aneesh Chopra, the US Government’s          entry/18128
Chief Technology Officer, recently spoke
on CNET about his thoughts on copyright.                                                        5
                               CC News in Science
                               Creative Commons works       Sage Concludes Series of Fall Regional       For more information on Open Access
                               to advance CC in the field    !!0%*#/                                     Week and how you can get involved,
                               of science by designing                                                   visit:
                               strategies and tools for
                                                            Importantly, Sage has taken the first
                               faster, more efficient
                                                            steps in its mission to build a ‘Commons’
                               web-enabled scientific
                               research in the hope of      of widely accessible globally-coherent
                               speeding the translation     databases and tools. Sage and Science        0ƫ$.%*#Čƫ*0+(+#%!/Čƫ* ƫ/01.%*ƫ
                               of data into discovery.      Commons, the wing of Creative                Research
                               The wing of Creative         Commons dedicated to making the
                               Commons dedicated to         Web work for science, have held public       This past November Science Commons’
                               making the web work for      forums in Boston, San Francisco and the      Alan Ruttenberg and Kaitlin Thaney were
                               science is called Science    UK to introduce the organization and         both featured speakers at “Ecoinformatics
                               Commons and is led by                                                     — Maximizing your data: What can
                                                            the concept to researchers, funders, and
                               Science Vice President
                                                            publishers. The enthusiastic reception       informatics do for you?” This was a part
                               John Wilbanks.
                                                            has established a foundation for the core    of an informatics focused side meeting
                                                            working committees that will meet at the     called the Salmon Data Access Working
                                                            Commons Congress next April. Further         Group (SalDAWG) and was part of the
                                                            forums and organizational meetings will      larger Coastal and Estuarine Research
                                                            be held in Beijing and Boston during the     Federation’s 20th Biennial Conference.
                                                            next several months. Stay tuned for more     The event was held at the Convention
                                                            on Sage in the coming months.                Center in Portland, Oregon. Thaney
                                                                                                         kicked off the two-day session, speaking
                                                            ,!*ƫ!//ƫ!!'ƫ+1* 1,                     about open science and the legal issues
                                                                                                         surrounding, semantics, and technical
                                                            John Wilbanks, the Vice President of         barriers involved in data sharing.
                                                            Science for Creative Commons, gave a         Ruttenberg gave a talk about building
                                                            series of talks as part of the recent Open   ontologies for science, sharing his
                                                            Access Week, a global event to raise         expertise in biomedical ontologies and
                                                            awareness on the need and benefits of        the Semantic Web. For more information
                                                            Open Access to research. The first of his    about the event. presentations, and
                                                            talks was a Q&A webinar on repositories      background, visit:
                                                            and the digital commons, hosted by
                                                            the Canadian Association of Research
                                                            Libraries. Next was a panel discussion       agencypartnerships/portland.html
                                                            at the National Center for Atmospheric
                                                            Research (NCAR) in Boulder, CO with          *0+(+#5ƫ !3/čƫ  ƫ Ăƫ !+))!* ! ƫ
CC Newsletter - Issue No. 15

                                                            George Strawn (CIO of the National           5ƫ ăČƫ !3ƫ !/+1.!ƫ +*ƫ +,5.%#$0ƫ
                                                            Science Foundation) on revolutions in        Considerations
                                                            information technology, interoperability,
                                                            and “big science.” Along with the panel      Important (and exciting) news in the
                                                            discussion, NCAR also passed an open         world of shared vocabularies at Science
                                                            access policy, making it the first of        Commons, a key component of our
                                                            NSF’s Federally Funded Research and          technical work to make knowledge
                                                            Development Centers to adopt an OA           sharing more efficient. As of last week,
                                                            mandate. The last of Wilbanks’ talks         OWL 2 — a standard web ontology
                                                            for the week was given at Harvard            language — was formally recommended
                                                            Law School, where he spoke on the            by the World Wide Web Consortium
                                                            significance of open access to research.     (W3C) as part of their Semantic Web
activity. Science Commons’ Alan              addresses post-publication sharing of
Ruttenberg has been diligently working       tools and explicitly recommends open
with the OWL working group specifying        sharing and the use of CC Zero (CC0) to
OWL 2 at the W3C to push this                put data in the public domain. The special
recommendation through. (Ruttenberg is       issue of Nature focuses on data sharing
the co-chair with Ian Horrocks at Oxford.)   and is now online and accessible free
The W3C says that the transition to OWL      of charge. The piece, “Post-publication
2 is a reflection of user experience with    sharing of data and tools,” comes out of
OWL, and the need to enable seamless         this year’s CASIMIR conference in Rome,
integration and scalability. From the        and discusses the sharing of biological
W3C’s announcement:                          materials, specifically but not limited to
                                             mice and embryonic stem cells.
“[OWL 2] allows people to capture
their knowledge about a particular           Full story:
domain (say, energy or medicine) and
then use tools to manage information,        archives/2009/09/09/cc0-endorsed-
search through it, and learn more from       nature/
it. Furthermore, as an open standard
based on Web technology, it lowers the
cost of merging knowledge from multiple

Also, building off of our existing work
around the application of copyright
licenses to content and data, there
is now a resource available at that sheds light on
copyright considerations for ontologies.
We have long been asked what is the
best means to license (or not) ontologies,
a topic that’s not always easy to discern
in terms of applicable rights regimes.
The resource explores when copyright
may apply to an ontology as well as a
number of other concerns regarding
protection and the means to achieve that.

                                                                                          CC Newsletter - Issue No. 15
You can find this resource — “Ontology
Copyright Licensing Considerations” —
in our Reading Room:
readingroom/ontology- copyright-

ƫ !.+ƫ * +./! ƫ %*ƫ 01.!ƫ ,%*%+*ƫ

A new opinion piece in Nature, the
international weekly journal on science,                                                           7
                               CC News in Education
                               ccLearn, the education        .!,.%*#ƫ +1.ƫ  10%+*(ƫ !/+1.!/ƫ      Hear more about the innovative ways
                               wing of Creative Commons      "+.ƫ%/+2!.                                 Mr. Mayo and his class use CC in this
                               led by Executive Director                                                   interview with Jane:
                               Ahrash Bissell, works with
                                                             In July, CC Learn, the wing of Creative
                               an international community
                                                             Commons dedication to bringing CC to
                               of open education
                               advocates and supporters      the education world, officially launched      entry/19003
                               to improve open learning      DiscoverEd, a search prototype that
                               on the internet. Truly        provides scalable search and discovery        01 !*0ƫ +1.*(%/)ƫĂċĀƫ'!/ƫûƫ0ƫ$!ƫ
                               open learning happens         for educational resources on the web.         (5ƫ+%!
                               when learners (you, me,       We have since been working with
                               and everyone else we          various organizations and projects            We are pleased to announce that The
                               know) can not only access     who want to include their resources in        Paly Voice, the student-run newspaper at
                               educational materials                                                       Palo Alto High School in California, the
                                                             DiscoverEd, and through all the back
                               but improve upon them,
                                                             and forth about feeds and mark-up —           biggest high school journalism program
                               adapting the resources to
                               our individual needs and      essentially, what’s required to get your      in the U.S., has officially integrated CC
                               local contexts, without the   stuff included for greater discovery — we     licenses. This is the result of much hard
                               restrictions imposed by       realized we could streamline the process      work on the part of ccLearn (the education
                               standard copyright laws.      by putting some necessary information         wing of Creative Commons), which
                               Through openly licensed       into a brief document. We came up with        recently launched Student Journalism
                               educational materials, also   Preparing Your Educational Resources          2.0, a pilot project to bring Creative
                               known as open educational     for DiscoverEd, the second in a series        Commons and the power of new media
                               resources (OER), we can                                                     into high school journalism classes. We
                                                             of CC Learn Step by Step Guides. We
                               collaborate across state
                                                             encourage individuals or institutions         look forward to what are sure to be
                               lines and country borders,
                               discovering opportunities     interested in making their digitally          many more student journalism success
                               for partnerships we never     published educational resources more          stories to come out of this innovative new
                               knew existed.                 discoverable to check it out:                 project!

                                                               Full story:
                                                              .ċƫ 5+Ě/ƫ (//ƫ *0!#.0!/ƫ Čƫ '5,!/ƫ
                                                             with Lawrence Lessig                          $!ƫ,!* ƫƫ+))1*%05čƫ 1%+*ƫ
                                                                                                           y Comunidad
                                                             A few weeks ago, CC Learn’s Jane Park
                                                             had the chance to talk to George Mayo         A recent highlight from the Open
                                                             (known as Mr. Mayo to his students), a        Education community is OpenEd in
CC Newsletter - Issue No. 15

                                                             middle school Language Arts teacher           Spanish, aka the OpenEd ES Community.
                                                             in Maryland. Mr. Mayo was brought             OpenEd is a community site, produced
                                                             to CC Learn’s attention by Lawrence           by the education arm of CC, ccLearn,
                                                             Lessig, CC’s founder and current board        for anyone interested in open education
                                                             member, who Skyped with Mr. Mayo’s            or Open Educational Resources (OER),
                                                             class for thirty minutes, answering           especially for those who want to develop
                                                             questions on copyright, YouTube’s take-       their own mini-communities on the site.
                                                             down policy and downloading music. Mr.        CC Latam and ccLearn have collaborated
                                                             Mayo and his class have integrated CC         to localize OpenED for the ES Community,
                                                             licensed works into their daily activities,   including translating and adapting the
                                                             documenting it all at             events, resources, and ODEPO pages.

Our hope is that the Spanish speaking          ,!*ƫ 10%+*(ƫ!/+1.!/čƫ *#%*#ƫ
community around OER, including                *+),0%(!ƫ+*0!*0ƫ%*ƫ
Latam, will grow and thrive within its
native language. OpenEd ES is part of          Gaining a deeper understanding of
a greater effort to make visible all of the    the ways in which copyright exceptions
interesting work being done in various         function globally and how these
languages around the world. We hope            exceptions interact with open licensing
other linguistic communities will see fit to   is an important move for the OER
build a home on OpenEd as well!                community. The education wing of
                                               Creative Commons, ccLearn, hopes to
  +.!ƫ%*"+čƫ                                   lead the way in this effort. At the OpenEd             conference in Vancouver in August,
entry/18784                                    ccLearn’s General Counsel, Lila Bailey,
                                               presented a paper entitled “Otherwise
!,+.0ƫ+*ƫ%./0ƫ !!0%*#ƫ+"ƫƫ ! /ƫ%*ƫ        Open: Managing Incompatible Content
Latin America Now Available                    in OER,” which outlines this problem in
                                               detail. The final published version of that
Last year “Latam Commons 2008: Public          paper is now available. We encourage
Domain, Creative Commons, and Open             you to check it out and provide
Education” was the first meeting of CC         feedback.
leads in Latin America, and also the first
meeting of its kind to focus specifically      Full story:
on open education and OER. The fruits
of the meeting have shown themselves           entry/17240
over time, as Latin America has been
working towards greater openness
in education and otherwise, with our
very own Carolina Botero joining as a
ccLearn liaison for that region of the
Spanish-speaking world. Now, the
particular results of that first meeting
are recorded for the first time, in both
English and Spanish, in a report entitled
“Open Education: First meeting of CC
leads in Latin America.” The report was
a joint production of CC Latin America

                                                                                             CC Newsletter - Issue No. 15
and ccLearn, and is licensed under an
Attribution (CC BY) license so it can be
further translated into other languages.
We encourage you to check it out!

Full story:


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CC Newsletter - Issue No. 15

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                               Foundation, as well as members of the public.                 %0%*#

                                                                                            Allison Domicone

                                                                                            Art Direction

                                                                                            Alex Roberts