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                             N      E       W   S   L   E   T      T      E      R   Issue No. 16                       January – March 2010
                               A note from our CEO, Joi Ito:

                               When I last wrote in this space six months ago I said that Creative Commons had reached a thresh-
                               old of adoption where we can now legitimately call CC a global standard. With your help, we’ve con-
                               tinued to increase our reach and depth of impact. Two evocative examples from just the month of
                               February: CC Egypt has published draft licenses for public discussion, while the state of Victoria in
                               Australia has commited to using CC as the default licensing system for its public sector information.

                               I believe that education is the area in which CC can make the most immediate and beneficial im-
                               pact as a global standard. The potential impact of digitally enabled education is huge; however, this
                               potential will not be reached until teachers, companies, and institutions share and collaborate at a
                               larger scale. CC provides the necessary legal and technical infrastructure for ensuring that educa-
                               tional resources are not only accessible, but adaptable, interoperable, and discoverable.

                               We have many exciting initiatives in the open education space this year, addressing legal, policy, and
                               technology issues, all imbued with a global vision. In support of this vision we’ve added Catherine
                               Casserly to CC’s board of directors. Cathy, now a senior partner at The Carnegie Foundation for the
                               Advancement of Teaching, is one of the most important figures in the Open Educational Resources
                               (OER) movement as well as a supporter of CC from its beginning from her previous position as Di-
                               rector of the Open Educational Resources Initiative at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

                               We count on your continued support to build and promote the commons needed to foster creativity
                               and innovation in education, science, and culture. Please keep in touch and spread the word.

                               Joi Ito
                               Chief Executive Officer
                               Creative Commons
CC Newsletter — Issue No. 16

                                                                                                            Photo by Mizuka,
                                                                                                            CC BY 2.0

Creative Commons News
     Welcoming Cathy Casserly to the                       executing on our strengths and core competen-
                                                           cies, constantly looking for ways to streamline
     Creative Commons Board                                operations while empowering our vast interna-
     of Directors                                          tional community, and avoiding mission creep
                                                           however tempting.
     From Joi Ito, CEO of Creative Commons: “The
     Creative Commons board                                Over the last six months we’ve been putting
     of directors has elected                              these thoughts into plans and action. Last sum-
     Cathy Casserly as a new                               mer we integrated the team supporting our inter-
     member. Cathy has been a                              national affiliates with our core team of experts
     foremost champion of the                              based in San Francisco, eliminating two of our
     Open Educational Resourc-                             three Berlin-based staff positions. Over the next
     es (OER) movement for                                 several months most of our science team (Sci-
                                    Photo by Joi Ito,
     a decade and of Creative                              ence Commons) will move from Boston to San
                                    CC BY 2.0
     Commons since its incep-                              Francisco to align message and operations with
     tion. She served as Director of Open Educational      our core, also. This month, we are integrating our
     Resources Initiative at the William and Flora         education team (known heretofore as CC Learn).
     Hewlett Foundation. A year ago she joined The
     Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of            In the coming months we’ll be making further an-
     Teaching as Senior Partner. Cathy has become          nouncements about our comprehensive integra-
     a great personal friend and invaluable men-           tion of education and science into our core activi-
     tor as I ramp up my involvement in CC’s open          ties and messaging. Exciting developments are
     education strategy. It is a great honor for me        on the horizon with respect to new and enhanced
     to welcome Cathy to the Creative Commons              legal and technical tools as well as explanatory
     board of directors.”                                  materials and support for policy development in
                                                           education and science. More importantly we’ll be
     Full story:        asking for your support and input, including spe-
     entry/20358                                           cific feedback on designs, prototypes, messages,
                                                           and initiatives as they develop. Most importantly,
                                                           we will be asking for your input on whether we’re
     Planning for Sustainable and                          on the right track. Have something to say about
                                                           CC? We’re listening!
     Strategic Impact
     Creative Commons recently celebrated its sev-         Full story:
     enth anniversary, and in light of our continued       try/20292,
     growth and maturation, we are ever mindful of         try/20329
                                                                                                                 CC Newsletter — Issue No. 16

     how CC can best ensure that as an organization
     we continue to increase our impact sustain-
     ably. As a provider of critical infrastructure        A Special Thanks to
     that millions and more depend upon, this is our
     responsibility. Sustainability is not only or first   The Creative Commons gratefully acknowledges
     a financial issue — though we will ask for your       support on behalf of in the form of a
     continued support in funding the organization         $50,000 annual five-year grant. The grant is
     — but depends on staying focused on our goals,        from the Beal Fund of the Triangle Community

                               Foundation. This substantial investment dem-          ber Hal Abelson points us to Modeling a Para-
                               onstrates Lulu’s commitment to participatory          digm Shift: From Producer Innovation to User and
                               culture and we are particularly grateful for it.      Open Collaborative Innovation, an important new
                               “Lulu works every day to solve the problems of        paper by Carliss Y. Baldwin and Eric von Hippel.
                               authors, educators, researchers and other con-        In it they make the case for policy that does not
                               tent creators,” said Bob Young, Lulu’s founder        cripple the commons, and examine underlying
                               and CEO. “We’re proud to support Creative             theory. If you’re interested in the theoretical case
                               Commons and its innovative solutions to this          for the ascendancy of innovation and creativity
                               particularly complex issue. Its goal is the same      in the commons — and for policy that does not
                               as ours; to encourage and enable creators to          cripple the commons — read, or at least skim
                               bring their works to the world.”                      these highly readable 29 pages.

                               Full story:        Full story:
                               entry/20110                                           entry/19891

                               Egyptian License Draft Open for                       CC@7: Wrap-up of Creative
                               Public Discussion                                     Commons’ 7th Birthday Round
                               The past year witnessed some major achieve-           the World
                               ments for Creative Commons in the Arab world.
                               Highlights included Al Jazeera’s adoption of CC       From a “Happy Birthday” rendition in Korean to
                               BY for the world’s first broadcast-quality online     apple schnapps in Reykjavik and a Free Culture
                               repository and CC Jordan’s substantial efforts        debate in Poland, Creative Commons’ seventh
                               on the first Arabic license port. 2010 promises       birthday was celebrated this month with original-
                               more exciting developments for the rapidly-           ity and cheerful camaraderie. The global parties
                               growing CC community in the Arab world.               kicked off in Beijing at the opening of “Remix and
                               Today the legal team from CC Egypt, headed by         Share”, a contemporary art exhibition featuring
                               Hala Essalmawi, produced the first BY-NC-SA           60 acclaimed artists across the country. After-
                               license draft adapted to Egyptian law. Thanks         ward a discussion forum explored the event’s
                               to the ongoing efforts of Hala and her team,          theme, led by CC Project Leads and representa-
                               supported by CC Jordan’s Rami Olwan and Ziad          tives from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, and
                               Maraqa, the Egyptian draft is now ready for           others in the Asia-Pacific region. The icing on the
                               public discussion. The public discussion is an        cake appeared literally later that evening when
                               open forum where everyone — from lawyers to           CC China Mainland volunteers threw a surprise CC
                               active license users, from linguists to translators   birthday party. “Happiness was seen on every-
                               — is invited to contribute.                           one’s face,” the team recounts.

                               Read the whole story to find out how and learn        Read about the worldwide celebration: http://
CC Newsletter — Issue No. 16

                               Intellectual Backing for the CC
                               Paradigm Shift
                               “Intellectual property rights grants can be used
                               as the basis for licenses that help keep innovation
                               open as well as keep it closed.” Our board mem-

CC News in Government
                                                         Commons Attribution Only license (CC BY). The
                                                         National Archives, a department responsible for
                                                         “setting standards and supporting innovation
                                                         in information and records management across
                                                         the UK,” has realigned the terms and conditions
                                                         of to accommodate this shift. Data.
                                                is “an online point of access for gov-
                                                         ernment-held non-personal data.” All content
       Photo by Brian Giesen, CC BY 2.0                  on the site is now available for reuse under CC
                                                         BY. This step expresses the UK’s commitment
                                                         to opening its data, as they work towards a
     Victorian Government Commits to                     Creative Commons model that is more open
                                                         than their former Click-Use Licenses. From their
     CC as Default Licensing System
                                                         blog post: “This is the first major step towards
     The UK government recently made a splash            the adoption of a non-transactional, Creative
     with its move towards opening government            Commons style approach to licensing the re-use
     data. Now CC Australia’s Jessica Coates shares      of government information.”
     a promising government initiative in her home
     country. The Victorian Government has become        Full story:
     the first Australian government to commit to        entry/20228
     using Creative Commons as the default licens-
     ing system for its public sector information
     (PSI). Many of its reports and other works will
     use CC BY, which she explains is becoming the
     preferred license for Australian PSI: “The com-
     mitment is part of the Government’s response
     to its Economic Development and Infrastruc-
     ture Committee’s Inquiry into Improving Access
     to Victorian Public Sector Information and
     Data, which recommended that the Victorian
     Government adopt a “hybrid public sector in-
     formation licensing model comprising Creative
     Commons and a tailored suite of licences for
     restricted materials.”

     Full story:
                                                                                                            CC Newsletter — Issue No. 16


     UK Moves Towards Opening
     Government Data
     In a step towards openness, the UK has opened
     up its data to be interoperable with the Creative

                               CC News in Arts & Media
                                                                                  place to connect survivors with their family and
                                                                                  loved ones. In all its good intention, this led to
                                                                                  numerous websites that, in the words of Marc
                                                                                  Fest of the Knight Foundation, became “silos”
                                                                                  of information with no ability to interact. As
                               La Stampa and Global Voices                        a result, Fest – who is VP of Communications
                                                                                  – sent an impassioned plea to news organiza-
                               Online Collaborate on Voci Globali
                                                                                  tions to utilize an open-source Google app that
                               Voci Globali is a new collaboration between        was not only collecting similar information but
                               Italian newspaper La Stampa and Global Voices      releasing the data under a CC Attribution license
                               Online that aims to expose Italian audiences to    (CC BY). Read more about this and other efforts
                               citizen media from around the world. GVO will      employing the open ideals of Creative Commons
                               assist in translating select international blogs   licensing to ensure a more efficient and long-
                               into Italian, releasing the stories they publish   term relief effort in Haiti:
                               under a Creative Commons Attribution license.
                               Full story:     try/20216,
                               entry/20765                                        entry/20350

                               CC Talks with Brooklyn Museum                      Daily Life in Iraq — New Footage
                                                                                  at Al Jazeera
                               Regarding openness and sharing, the Brooklyn
                               Museum is an exemplary institution. They are       Last year, Al Jazeera launched their Creative
                               major contributors to the commons on Flickr,       Commons Repository with 12 videos shot in
                               license their online image collection under a CC   Gaza under CC’s most open license, Attribution
                               Attribution-NonCommerical license license, pro-    only (CC BY). Since then, Al Jazeera’s collec-
                               vide API access to this collection, and recently   tion has grown, and their most recent footage
                               ran a CC-licensed remix contest with Blondie’s     includes videos documenting everyday life and
                               Chris Stein. Needless to say, we were eager to     culture in Iraq. Since all Al Jazeera CC reposi-
                               catch up with Shelley Bernstein, Brooklyn Muse-    tory videos are available via CC BY, you can edit,
                               um’s Chief of Technology, and learn more about     adapt, translate, remix or otherwise use them as
                               how they are using our licenses to open up their   long as you credit Al Jazeera. We’re delighted
                               catalog of amazing work, shaping the role muse-    to see such valuable and unique content being
                               ums play in a digital age in the process.          added to the commons!
CC Newsletter — Issue No. 16

                               Read the full interview: http://creativecommons.   Full story:
                               org/weblog/entry/20496                             entry/20183

                               CC Licenses and the Haiti Relief Effort

                               In the immediate aftermath of the 2010 Haiti
                               earthquake a number of efforts were put in

Copyright Criminals: PBS                            by Nina Paley for her film Sita Sings The Blues.
                                                    Widely available for free online under a Creative
Documentary on Sampling                             Commons Attribution-Share Alike license, Sita
Copyright Criminals is a new documentary on         has garnered $55,000 to date, an impressive
the rise of sampling, specifically in hip-hop       amount for a film that has spent nothing on
music, and the cultural and legal effects it has    promotion or advertising.
caused. From the Copyright Criminals Web site:
Copyright Criminals examines the creative and       Full story:
commercial value of musical sampling, includ-       entry/19321
ing the related debates over artistic expression,
copyright law, and (of course) money.” In con-
junction with the film’s development a contest
was held at ccMixter challenging community
members to sample select voice-overs from the
film to create an original track. Winner Dermes’
track Sounds that Sound good is featured on the
Copyright Criminals DVD as well as a compila-
tion CD featuring the other 12 top entries. All
of the tracks are available for free at ccMixter
under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial license

Full story:

“The Complete Guide to Google
Wave” under CC license
Gina Trapani and Adam Pash, editors at Life-
hacker, have authored a new guide to Google
Wave. A preview edition of The Complete Guide
to Google Wave is now available for purchase as
a DRM-free PDF. Trapani and Pash collaborated
using MediaWiki and are releasing its content
under the Attribution-ShareAlike license. This
means the book is compatible with Wikipedia
and free to share, sell, and reproduce online. A
full Japanese translation is already available.

Full story:
                                                                                                        CC Newsletter — Issue No. 16

                                                  , CC BY-SA 3.0 US

Wall Street Journal on “Sita Sings
the Blues” and Profit Numbers
An article posted November 23, 2009 by The
Wall Street Journal reports on the profits made

                               CC News in Education
                                                                                   The Shuttleworth Foundation on
                               Search and Discovery for OER
                                                                                   CC BY as Default and Commercial
                               One of the issues that comes up repeatedly          Enterprises in Education
                               when talking about open educational resources
                               (OER) is search and discovery. CC licenses pro-     For those of you who don’t know Karien Be-
                               vide the legal basis for sharing OER, but there’s   zuidenhout, she is the Chief Operating Officer
                               a large technical component to sharing, as well.    at the Shuttleworth Foundation, one of the few
                               Publishers want to make sure their work is vis-     foundations that fund open education projects
                               ible to users, and learners or educators need to    and who have an open licensing policyfor their
                               be able to find resources relevant to the subject   grantees. A couple months ago, Jane Park of CC
                               they’re interested in. Too often web scale search   Learn (the division of CC dedicated to realizing
                               engines don’t suffice; the amount of OER com-       the full potential of the internet to support open
                               pared to the entire web is small, so the infor-     learning and open educational resources) had
                               mation you’re actually looking for is lost in the   the chance to interview Karien, based in South
                               flood. We’ve created a resource, entitled “To-      Africa, via Skype, to ask her about Shuttle-
                               wards a Global Infrastructure For Sharing Learn-    worth’s evolving default license (CC BY-SA to
                               ing Resources” as a first step towards building     CC BY), her personal stake in OER, and how
                               the interoperability to make OER discoverable,      she envisions us (CC Learn and Shuttleworth)
                               but there is still much left to do.                 working together. She also gives insights into
                                                                                   three innovative open education projects they
                               Full story:      have a hand in: Siyavula, M4Lit, and Peer 2 Peer
                               entry/20675                                         University (P2PU).

                                                                                   Read the full interview with Karien:
                               “Python for Informatics” Open             
                               Textbook Remixed in 11 Days
                               Chuck Severance, clinical professor at the
                               University of Michigan’s School of Information,     U.S. Dept of Ed Funds Bookshare to
                               recently published a new textbook in just 11
                                                                                   Make Open Textbooks Accessible
                               days because he was able to remix an existing
                               textbook. The book, Python for Informatics:         Previously, the California Free Digital Text-
                               Exploring Information, is currently being used      books Initiative resulted in 16 open textbooks
                               in his winter semester Networked Computing          that were licensed under a Creative Commons
                               course. The textbook is based on the openly         license allowing derivation. These books can be
CC Newsletter — Issue No. 16

                               licensed book Think Python: How to Think like a     translated into other languages and otherwise
                               Computer Scientist by Allen B. Downey. Python       modified to accommodate a wider range of stu-
                               for Informatics is available under a CC BY-SA       dents. Recognizing the value, the U.S. Depart-
                               license.Severance explains, “the book is a cool     ment of Education’s Office of Special Education
                               example of a situation where I’ve finally got to    Programs has granted $100k to Bookshare, an
                               the ‘remixing’ bit of the Open promise.”            online library for people with print disabilities.

                               Full story:      Full story:
                               entry/20559                                         entry/19362
CC News in Science

      MichiganView Releases Remote
      Sensing Data under CC0 Waiver
      MichiganView is making available all of its more
      than 93 Gigabytes of Landsat 5 and 7, and NAIP
      imagery data in the public domain using the new
      CC0 Waiver provided by Creative Commons. The
      MichiganView consortium makes available aerial
      photography and satellite imagery of Michigan
      to the public for free over the Web. As part of
      the AmericaView consortium, MichiganView
      supports access and use of these imagery col-
      lections through education, workforce develop-
      ment, and research. CC0 (pronounced CC-Zero)
      waives any rights in a dataset, ensuring that all
      of the dataset is available to anyone without
      encumbrance of any kind.

      Full story:

      Data Sharing on the Web

      The February issue of Talis’ Nodalities maga-
      zine focuses on data sharing and includes an
      article by Kaitlin Thaney, Program Manager for
      Science. Last October, Kaitlin joined Jordan
      Hatcher, Leigh Dodds and Tom Heath to give
      a four hour tutorial titled “Legal and Social
      Frameworks for Sharing Data on the Web” at
      the International Semantic Web Conference
      (ISWC). The tutorial covered the legal and
      social issues commonly found in data publish-
                                                                                           CC Newsletter — Issue No. 16

      ing, using the Linked Data Cloud as a leading
      example of how copyright restrictions, complex
      licenses and lack of clarity can quickly exacer-
      bate problems for data sharing efforts.
                                                          Talis Group Ltd., CC BY-SA 3.0

      Full Story:

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CC Newsletter — Issue No. 16

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                                                                                                                                                                          CC Newsletter — Issue No. 16

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