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CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4
                CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4

Dear All,                                                         contributing to our annual campaign. Our goal is to raise
                                                                  $500,000 by December 31st. We're over half-way there, but
Creative Commons is turning 5 years old. Thanks to the            in order to get all of the way there we need your help:
generous sponsorship of Mozilla and, we're throwing
a big party in San Francisco on December 15. There will be
community parties around the world. For more information
check out          All the best,

While this is a major milestone for us, the stories below         Melissa Reeder
exemplify the amazing progress made toward free culture           Development Coordinator
every day. Thank you for your interest, your support, and         Creative Commons
your involvement - this movement wouldn't be as significant
as it is today without you.
                                                                  Right: Ito, Joi. “Melissa Reeder.”
If you believe in free culture, and the work that we are          CC BY 2.0
doing here at CC to help build the commons, please consider

CC NEWS                                                           15     Help develop a course on Creative Business in the
3   -Two New Academic Studies of CC                                      Digital Era
    -German public broadcaster adopts CC license                  16     -Cory Doctorow on How to Use CC-Licenses
4   Progress on license interoperability with Wikipedia                  -Anepsosis Uses CC for MMMORPG Character Art
5   -Wikipedia and Creative Commons next steps
    -"creative commons" percentage by top level                   2007 ANNUAL CAMPAIGN NEWS
    domain                                                        16   Red Hat Shares the Love
6   -Help Translate CC Software                                   17   -Creative Commons is turning 5!
    -Making and marking public resources as such                       -The 50,000 friends challenge
7   -CC in Thailand: license draft in public discussion           18   Let the 2nd annual CC swag photo contest begin!
    -CC in Thailand: a debut at ComWorld                          19   -CC Launches Widget Campaign
8   Creative Commons Licenses Launch in Greece                         -5 Ways to Grow the Commons
9   Luxembourg 40th Jurisdiction to Offer Ported
    Creative Commons Licenses                                     C ONGRATULATIONS ,           SHOUTOUTS , USE CASES AND
10  -New Zealand Successfully Ports Creative                             INTERESTING TID-BITS
    Commons Licenses                                              20     -BloodSpell: first full length machinima feature
    -Integrated Licensing in                              released
                                                                         -Taking Stock in of the Creative Commons
SCIENCE COMMONS NEWS                                                     Experiment
11   CC, Open Access, and moral rights                            21     -UK: Open Rights Group @2
12   -Nguyen on our Materials Transfer Work                              -Panda Punk Lab: Inauguration in Chile
     -Neurocommons in the news                                    22     -CC China Photo Contest
                                                                         -Peter Gabriel, WITNESS, and The Hub
CC IN BUSINESS                                                    23     -LibriVox Releases 1,000th Public Domain Audio
13   -Indaba Music Adds CC-licensing                                     Book
     -CC+ Video                                                          -Happy Birthday Public Library of Science
14   -River Rat Records                                           24     -Thanks and congratulations to Wikimedia Commons
     -Fedora 8 Aids CC-Search in Firefox                                 -TempoStand: CC Music Platform
                                                                  25     Alex Miroshnichenko and the Santiago Fires

We rely on our supporters to continue our work enabling stories   Creative Commons was built with and is sustained by the
like those listed above. Check it out:                            generous support of organizations including the Center for
                                                                  the Public Domain, the Omidyar Network, The Rockefeller
DONATE                                                            Foundation, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur                         Foundation, and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation,
                                                                  as well as members of the public.
cc News                                                       CC News
CC                                                            ADOPTS CC LICENSE

by Cameron Parkins                                            by Michelle Thorne
16 November 2007                                              20 November 2007        

In what seems to becoming a trend,[1] two new academic        The Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR),[1] a public radio and
papers have been made available online that explore the       television broadcaster belonging to Germany's national
varying implications of Creative Commons in relation to       broadcasting consortium ARD,[2] announced today that
copyright law and culture at large.                           they will begin to use CC licenses for some of their
The first paper, The Creative Commons and Copyright
Protection in the Digital Era: Uses of Creative Commons       The political comedy show Extra 3[3] and critical media
Licenses[2] by Minjeong Kim, examines CC licensors by         magazine Zapp[4] will release segments of their program
using a "mixed-methods approach involving a web-based         under a BY-NC-ND license as part of a pilot project lasting
survey of CC licensors, a content analysis of CC-licensed     for six months.
works, and interviews - the study characterizes CC
licensors, the ways that CC licensors produce creative        More information can be found at
works, the private interests that CC licenses serve, and      ratgeber/technik/creativecommonsindex2.html (German)
the public interests that CC licenses serve."                 and in NDR's official press release at
The second paper (forthcoming), License or a Contract,        pressemeldungndr934.html (German).
Analyzing the Nature of Creative Commons Licenses[3]
by Herkko Hietanen, focuses on the functional nature of       Thanks to Meike Richter, CC Project Leads John-Hendrik
CC licenses, attempting to understand "how the licenses       Weitzmann (Germany) & Paul Keller (Netherlands), and
should be interpreted, enforced and what the potential        CC Creative Director Eric Steuer for their involvement in
remedies are that might exist if a licensee fails to comply   this great initiative!
with the terms of the license".
1              2
2             3
3                          4

                              Cover: Guerrero, Berne. “Wrapped.” CC BY 3.0. Includes images from cambodia4kidsorg
                              / Beth Kanter. "Another Year, Another Creative Commons T-Shirt for Two Photo" CC BY 2.0
                    ; null0 / Roland Dobbins.
                              CC BY 2.0; psd / Paul Downey. "Openness
                              and Collaboration" CC BY 2.0 and "Towers
                              of WS-Babel" CC BY 2.0; tvol/Timothy
                              Vollmer. "Creative Commons & Fedora @ LinuxWorld 2007" CC BY 2.0
                              photos/sixteenmilesofstring/1042922132/ and “Creative Commons & Fedora @ LinuxWorld
                              2007” CC BY 2.0; calu777/
                              Carlos Correa Loyola. “Creative Commons Ecuador a cargo de Juan José Puertas” CC BY
                              2.0; and creativecommoner/Creative
                              Commons - SF HQ. “Mike, Michelle, and Patricia” CC BY 2.0
                                                  This PDF version of the ccNewsletter was remixed by Creative Commons
                                                  Philippines. The repackaged newsletter is licensed under http://

                                                                             CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4
              CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4

CC News

by Mike Linksvayer                                              popular rival licensing movement called Creative
1 December 2007                                                 Commons to create an interoperable open                    source standard. "This has been my secret
                                                                obsession and work for the last four years,” says
                                                                Lawrence Lessig, a Creative Commons founder
As announced last night by Jimmy Wales (video),[1] the          and Stanford University law professor. "Make the
Wikimedia Foundation board has passed a resolution on           legal issues totally invisible to the average user
licensing:[2]                                                   who is trying to use free culture in a way that is
                                                                responsible and trustable.” By making the two
*   The Foundation requests that the GNU Free                   licenses interoperable, for example, users will
    Documentation License be modified in the fashion            be able to integrate text, photographs and music
    proposed by the FSF to allow migration by mass              samples from Wikipedia with Creative
    collaborative projects to the Creative Commons CC-          Commons-licensed content on Flickr or jamendo.
    BY-SA license;                                              Posting, reprinting, sharing and otherwise
*   Upon the announcement of that relicensing, the              licensing such material would simply require
    Foundation will initiate a process of community             attribution (and not the actual clunky text of the
    discussion and voting before making a final decision        license).
    on relicensing.
                                                           The article's closes with an excellent suggestion:
Read     the   whole     resolution       at   http://          It's enough to suggest that, for penance, Wiley
and CC CEO Lawrence Lessig's explanation at http://             ought to commission "Open Access for Dummies.
l e s s i g . o r g / b l o g / 2 0 0 7 / 1 2 /                 -- Published under a Creative Commons license,
some_important_news_from_wikip.html.                            naturally.

This is an extremely important step toward a world in      Read the whole article at
which the free content world is not fractured by license   71360/output/print and previous writing of Lessig on
incompatibility and thus is stronger.[3]                   interoperability at
                                                           entry/5709 and details of compatibility structures
A previous post on license interoperability, entitled      introduced in CC BY-SA 3.0 at                                    http://
"Newsweek suggests "Open Access for Dummies" by Mike       w i k i . c r e a t i v e c o m m o n s . o r g / Ve r s i o n _ 3 # B Y-
Linksvayer, written on 20 November 2007,[4] provides:      SA_.E2.80.94_Compatibility_Structure_Introduced.

Credit Where Credit is Due,[5] an article in Newsweek,     Endnotes
about use of text from Wikipedia by major publishers
without compliance with Wikipedia's license, includes           breaking-news-wikipedia-switches-to-creative-commons/
quotes from CC CEO Lawrence Lessig on license              2
interoperability:                                               Resolution:License_update
    The Free Software Foundation, which maintains          4
    Wikipedia's GNU license, is teaming up with a          5
CC News                                                          CC News
W IKIPEDIA AND     C REATIVE                                     “CREATIVE COMMONS” PERCENTAGE
COMMONS NEXT STEPS                                               BY TOP LEVEL DOMAIN

by Lawrence Lessig                                               by Mike Linksvayer
6 December 2007                                                  15 November 2007           

Last week the Wikimedia Foundation board took an                 At the CC Greece[1] launch Diomidis Spinellis presented
important step[1] toward giving Wikipedia the right to           a very interesting (but crude, with many caveats) look at
choose to migrate to a Creative Commons Attribution-             CC adoption worldwide:[2]
ShareAlike license. Credit goes to the Wikimedia
Foundation and Free Software Foundation for having the                To compile the metrics I used the Internet Systems
wisdom and foresight to enable this progress. However,                Consortium[3] July 2007 list of top-level domain
the real work has just begun. As Wikipedia founder Jimmy              names by host count distribution.[4] From that I
Wales put it:[2]                                                      selected the 71 domains with more than 100,000
                                                                      hosts. I then run a Google search for all pages
  Now, community, we have a lot to talk about. :)                     in each domain (for instance .edu)[5] and a search
                                                                      for the pages in that domain containing the string
For Creative Commons, this means continuing[3] a                      "creative commons". The results, ordered by the
discussion concerning how the CC Attribution-ShareAlike               percentage of pages containing the consecutive
license can be improved so as to not only be the best                 words "creative commons", (most of which are
available license for a massively collaborative content               presumably licensed by a corresponding license)
project, but the best such license feasible.                          are striking.

To start with, Wikimedia board member Erik Möller has            Go check out the entire list,[6] but a few tidbits:
posted[4] a list of issues that we want to address -- with
input from across the CC community.                              *    Yugoslavia (.yu) has the highest percentage of pages
                                                                      containing the string "creative commons", an amazing
One of these issues holds particular interest: Should the             16.56%. There is no CC Yugloslavia, though CC
ShareAlike requirement be more precisely defined for                  Serbia is an upcoming jurisdiction.[7]
“embedded” media, and if so, how? For example, if an             *    Greece (which only got jurisdiction licenses on
image licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike is used to                Saturday)[8] is at #11.
illustrate an article, must the article be similarly licensed?   *    Luxembourg, which gets jurisdiction licenses today,[9]
This has previously been discussed[5] on the cc-licenses              follows at #12.
list, and we welcome the opportunity to drive that               *    Of course "unported" licenses are available for use
discussion to a happy conclusion.                                     anywhere, and apparently are being used heavily in
                                                                      places without jurisdiction licenses. The next ranking
Tentatively the eventual outcome of these discussions will            top level domain without corresponding launched CC
be a new version of the CC licenses. We’ll say version                jurisdiction ported licenses is Morocco, at #15. CC
3.5 for now -- a significant improvement, but still within            Morocco,[10] anyone?
the framework of version 3.0[6] and folding in the work          *    Spain (at #5) and Latin American domains rank high,
done so far on proposed version 3.01,[7] thanks again to              corresponding nicely with Giorgos Cheliotis'
the Wikipedia community.                                              research,[11] which found (using completely different
                                                                      methods, and looking only at jurisdiction ported
The primary venue for this discussion focused on                      licenses) that Spainish licenses stand out in terms of
improving CC licenses is the cc-licenses[8] list. We                  CC adoption.
encourage you to subscribe and participate. Of course

  Wikipedia and Creative Commons > 25                                “Creative Commons” Percentages > 25

                                                                                 CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4
                CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4

CC News                                                         cc News
HELP TRANSLATE CC SOFTWARE                                      M AKING            AND MARKING PUBLIC
                                                                RESOURCES AS SUCH

by Nathan Yergler                                               by Mike Linksvayer
28 November 2007                                                26 November 2007          

As one of the staff members who helps answer general            Works by the U.S. government are in the public domain,[1]
inquiries, I see quite a few messages that go something         but not necessarily accessible to the public. Carl Malamud's
like, "Hey, I want to translate the license engine and has heroically worked to rectify this,
deeds into my language! How do I do that?" Up until             and recently announced[2] that 1.8 million pages of federal
recently, we haven't had a very good answer. Translations       case law, including all Courts of Appeals decisions from
were handled by our international affiliates, who are           1950 to the present and all Supreme Court decisions
already plenty busy porting the licenses to their respective    since 1754 would be made available next year:
jurisdictions. Unfortunately, the software we were using
didn't have a very strong community component -- you                "The U.S. judiciary has allowed their entire work
were either a trusted translator or nothing at all.                 product to be locked up behind a cash register,"
                                                                    said      Carl      Malamud,         CEO       of
Today we're able to ask you to help the affiliates by               Public.Resource.Org. "Law is the operating
suggesting translations. With some greatly appreciated              system of our society and today's agreement
assistance from the folks at we've moved           means anybody can read the source for a
our translation infrastructure to Pootle.[1]                        substantial amount of case law that was previously
                                                                    unavailable." is now the home for all
our internationalization efforts. See a language you can        The cases will be marked with a new Creative Commons[3]
help with? See a missing translation or something not           mark--CC0--that signals that there are no copyrights or
quite right? Create an account [2] and suggest the              other related rights attached to the content.
correction. Pootle also provides a clear overview of the
translation status[3] for the site (hint: no language is 100%   CC since its inception has provided a public domain
translated). So jump in, help CC communicate in your            dedication or certification deed[4] and metadata. CC0 will
language!                                                       extend this functionality, taking into account what we have
                                                                learned over the past five years.[5] This will be a big project,
Endnotes                                                        watch for further news!

1          Endnotes
3       1   h t t p : / / e n . w i k i p e d i a . o r g / w i k i /
                                                                2   h t t p : / / p u b l i c . r e s o u r c e . o r g /
CC News                                                        CC News
CC      IN   THAILAND:            LICENSE DRAFT                CC IN T HAILAND :                                 A DEBUT AT
IN PUBLIC DISCUSSION                                           COMWORLD

by Michelle Thorne                                             by Michelle Thorne
26 November 2007                                               1 October 2007         

We are pleased to announce that the CC project in              Visitors to one of Thailand's largest digital trade fairs, the
Thailand has entered the public discussion for their           Comworld Exhibition,[1] were greeted this year by the CC
localized license draft.[1] At this time, we would like to     Team in Thailand. The dedicated Thai team members
invite members of the community to join the Thai team in       erected a booth[2] in the Web 2.0 area and spent
discussing and reviewing their license draft, which includes   September 27-30 informing the public about the CC
a re-translation of the license into English and an English    project. The hard working volunteers handed out leaflets
explanation of substantial legal changes.                      with translated material,[3] dubbed videos,[4] and answered
                                                               questions[5] about Creative Commons.
For their progress thusfar, we would like to congratulate
the CC Team in Thailand, lead by Phichai                       The CC Booth in the Siam Paragon[6] was joined by
Phuechmongkol [2] and Worasete Phueksakon[3] of      [7], a local upload portal for creative works and
Dharmniti Law Office (DLO); Sunit Shrestha from TRN            was supported by CC team members from Dharmniti
Institute; [4] and Arthit Suriyawongkul, Sirindhorn            Law Office,[8] Thai Rural Net,[9] Sirindhorn International
International Institute of Technology,[5] Thammasat            Institute of Technology,[10] and other organizations.
                                                               Stay tuned to[11] for
We look forward to a lively discussion!                        the upcoming public discussion about the first draft of the
                                                               Thai CC licenses.
2           1
3           2
4                                     3
5                                     Things_to_Think_About
                                                               4 h t t p : / / w w w. d o t s u b . c o m / f i l m s / w a n n a w o r k _ 1 /

                                                                                    CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4
                 CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4

cc News

by Michelle Thorne                                                   Staff at Creative Commons' offices in San Francisco and
12 October 2007                                                      Berlin worked with project leads Marinos Papadopoulos,                         Theodoros Karounos, and Prodromos Tsiavos to adapt                 the standardized copyright licenses to Greek law.

We are proud to announce the successful localization of              Today the Greek version of Creative Commons will be
the Creative Commons licenses in Greece. The porting                 launched in Athens, at an event in the Ceremonies Hall
of the licenses to Greek law was headed by Legal Project             at the University of Athens. Lawrence Lessig, founder
Leads Marinos Papadopoulos and Prodromos Tsiavos, with               and CEO of Creative Commons, will give the keynote
support from Public Project Lead Theodoros Karounos.                 address at the ceremony, which will be hosted by Greek
                                                                     Research and Technology Network (GRNET).
The launch will be celebrated on Saturday, October 13,
at the Ceremonies Hall in the University of Athens, with a           "The real value of the Creative Commons licenses," says
keynote address from Prof. Lawrence Lessig.                          Marinos Papadopoulos, "comes in clarifying what is useful
                                                                     to both creators and users of intellectual property, while
Event on Yahoo! Upcoming [1]                                         also providing them with the tools to share creations in a
                                                                     mutually acceptable legal environment. By helping both
                                                                     creators and users determine the value of intellectual
                                                                     property sharing, Creative Commons in Greece is helping
                                                                     an explosive growth in creativity."

                                                                     About GRNET

                                                                     The Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET)
                                                                     supports the research and development of Information
                                                                     and Communication Technologies (ICT) within Greece
                                                                     and internationally, through the provision of its high-
                                                                     capacity networking and grid computing infrastructure,
                                                                     the strengthening of e-Learning & e-Business practices,
                                                                     as well as the participation in international research and
University of Athens, photo by yuankuei (   education efforts. GRNET operates under the auspices of
please/)     licensed    under    CC     BY-NC -ND.       (http://   the Ministry of Development and is supervised by the                          General Secretariat for Research and Development.

October 13, 2007 -- San Francisco, CA, USA and Berlin,               Endnotes
Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization dedicated                 focalpointx. "Creative Commons launch in Greece" CC BY-SA 2.0
to building a body of creative work that is free and legal 
to share and build upon, unveiled today a localized
version of its innovative licensing system in Greece.

With the Creative Commons' project in Greece joining
the effort, Creative Commons licenses are now being
offered in localized versions in a total of 39 countries
around the world.
cc News
L UXEMBOURG 40 TH J URISDICTION                                         TO     O FFER P ORTED

by Michelle Thorne                                                  An event to commemorate the launch will be held today
14 October 2007                                                     at the Public Research Center Henri Tudor (CRP) in                        Luxembourg, featuring speeches by John Buckman,                founder and CEO of and Board Member
                                                                    of Creative Commons, and Paul Keller, Project Lead for
                                                                    Creative Commons Netherlands.

                                                                    The ceremony will also include a presentation by Laurent
                                                                    Kratz, founder Luxembourg's Jamendo, one of the largest
                                                                    music portals offering Creative Commons-licensed works,
                                                                    and Lionel Maurel, scientific coordinator from the National
                                                                    Library of France.

                                                                    The Creative Commons licenses were "the first instrument
                                                                    of choice" in Luxcommons' efforts to lead innovation in
                                                                    intellectual property and promote Open Content in their
                                                                    region and around the world. The licenses, available free
                                                                    of charge at, allow authors
Luxembourg City, photo by nanand81 (   and artists to mark their
nanand/)    licensed       under   CC     BY-NC-SA.      (http://
                                                                    works as free to copy or transform under certain conditions,
The launch of the Creative Commons licensing suite in               and thereby enable others to access a growing pool of
Luxembourg marks the 40th jurisdiction worldwide to offer           raw materials without legal friction.
Creative Commons licenses adapted to national law.
                                                                    About Luxcommons
An event[1] to commemorate the launch will be held on
October 15th at the Public Research Center Henri Tudor[2]           The non-profit Luxcommons was founded in 2005 with
(CRP) in Luxembourg, featuring speeches by John                     the goals of promoting, researching, and developing of
Buckman,[3] founder and CEO of[4] and                 Open Content. Thanks to funding from "2007,
Board Member of Creative Commons; Paul Keller,[5]                   Luxembourg and Greater Region, Cultural Capital of
Project Lead for Creative Commons Netherlands;[6]                   Europe," the National Cultural Fund and with the Support
Laurent Kratz,[7] founder Luxembourg's Jamendo,[8] one              of the Technoport Incubator (an initiative of the Henri
of the largest music portals offering Creative Commons-             Tudor Research Center), Luxcommons was able to start
licensed works; and Lionel Maurel, scientific coordinator           transposing the CC 3.0 License to the Luxembourg
from the National Library of France.[9]                             jurisdiction. For the future, a stronger linking of similar
                                                                    initiatives in the Greater Region and stronger tie-ins with
Event on Yahoo! Upcoming [10]                                       institutional partners is sought to keep the Luxembourgish
                                                                    CC project on stable footing. For more information about
October 15, 2007 -- San Francisco, CA, USA and                      Luxcommons, please visit their website http://
Luxembourg, Luxembourg                                    

The launch of the Creative Commons licensing suite today            Endnotes
in Luxembourg marks the 40th jurisdiction worldwide to
offer Creative Commons licenses adapted to national law.            1
Creative Commons worked in collaboration with
Luxcommons ASBL, a local non-profit for researching and             4
developing Open Content headed by Patrick Peiffer, to               5
linguistically and legally port the licenses to Luxembourgish       6
                                                                                   CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4
               CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4

cc News

by Michelle Thorne
26 October 2007

October has been one busy month -- The CC Team in
Greece[1] held a phenomenal launch[2] at the University
of Athens (video,[3] photos[4]), Luxembourg[5] became the
40th jurisdiction to port the CC licenses,[6] CC HQ kicked
off our 3rd annual fundraising campaign,[7] and now:
New Zealand will now offer Creative Commons licenses
adapted to its national law.

The Project Lead in NZ, Dr. Brian Opie, worked with his
legal team under the auspices of Te Whainga Aronui The
Council for the Humanities[8] in collaboration with Creative
Commons to bring the licensing suite to New Zealand.

The launch will be celebrated October 27 in Wellington          Carved Maori Pole, photo by dartio (
                                                                licensed under CC BY-NC-SA. (
at the National Library, followed by a free seminar hosted      licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/)
by Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand[9] on the
new licensing environment in the digital world.
                                                                4  h t t p : / / f l i c k r. c o m / p h o t o s / k a r p i d i s / s e t s /
Congratulations, New Zealand!                                      72157602407496488/
Event on Yahoo! Upcoming.[10]                                   6
Endnotes                                                        8
1                10

cc News
by Nathan Yergler                                               Impress documents (press release).[4] You can find
14 November 2007                                                download information as well as a screencast of the add-                    in in action on the wiki.[5]

                                                                Thanks to Cassio for his hard work, as well as Google[6]
Over the summer Creative Commons had the good                   for supporting open source development.
fortune to participate in the Google Summer of Code.[1]
One of our students, Cassio Melo, worked on developing          Endnotes
an add-in for,[2] similar to the one that
existed for Microsoft Office.[3]                                1
Today I'm pleased to announce the fruits of Cassio's efforts.
We're releasing a beta release of the add-in which allows       5
you to select and embed a license in Writer, Calc and           6
Science Commons News

by Kaitlin Thaney                                               that's impossible. That means if an author has a claim
7 November 2007                                                 under moral rights in her country, we make it clear that                    she reserves the right to assert those claims, even if she              has licensed the work under a Creative Commons license.
07/cc-oa-moral-rights/                                          Of course, Creative Commons licenses don't expand those
                                                                rights either, and the idea of "attribution" under a Creative
From the Science Commons[1] blog:                               Commons license is a condition of the copyright license,
                                                                not a feature of moral rights as such.
    "A question that we often see in connection with
    the use of Creative Commons licenses in OA                  So one question comes up a lot: how is it consistent to
    publishing is how the Creative Commons licenses,            have a license (such as CC-BY) that allows derivative works
    (and in particular CC-BY) affect moral rights. One          to be made while at the same time recognizing that the
    example is this[2] post on the topic by Peter Suber.        author reserves his moral rights? Isn't any derivative work
                                                                an infringement of moral rights, when they exist? Not
From the perspective of moral rights, the Creative              necessarily. Moral rights exist to protect the reputation of
Commons licenses start with a simple proposition: They          the author.
don't affect moral rights. The Creative Commons FAQ
says that, "All Creative Commons licenses (with the             So the right of integrity, which bars distortion, alteration
exception of Canada) leave moral rights unaffected."            or mutilation of the work, does not necessarily bar all
                                                                derivative works, but only those that are harmful to the
Although we are frequently used to talking about concepts       reputation of the author. Whether or when there is a
such as "moral rights" as if they are the same everywhere,      recognized harm depends very much on the facts of the
most lawyers are well aware that all laws are local,            case and the particular implementation of moral rights
meaning that they have jurisdictional limits and variations.    recognized by the country in question. Unfortunately, this
For example, although the United States is obligated to         can mean that there is a degree of uncertainty for a user
protect moral rights under the Berne Convention, the            who wants to make a derivative work, but this uncertainty
United States does it very differently than countries in        cannot be reduced through a license in most jurisdictions.
Europe, and it does not protect the same range of rights.       (In Canada, it may be possible to waive some moral rights.
The United States uses a combination of legislation (such       See the Creative Commons Canada Moral Rights FAQ at
as the Visual Artists Rights Act) and common law protections    h t t p : / / w w w. c r e a t i v e c o m m o n s . c a /
(libel and defamation) to protect an artist's personality       index.php?p=moralrights).
rights. The United States has deemed this sufficient to
comply with its Berne Convention obligations. And even          Through a combination of existing moral rights protections,
individual countries in Europe are different in terms of        the Attribution requirement under Creative Commons
what rights are protected under the rubric of "moral rights"    licenses, and informal scholarly norms, it may very well
and how those rights are protected procedurally.                be possible to implement the conception of "integrity" as
                                                                expressed in the BBB declaration, at least to an
It would be very hard for Creative Commons licenses to          approximate degree.
capture all the individual legal variations from jurisdiction
to jurisdiction. Also, in many jurisdictions, moral rights      Endnotes
are unwaivable. So in those jurisdictions, even if the author
uses a license that purports to waive moral rights, the         1
author still has them and may still enforce them in the
future. That's why we don't try to waive these rights. We
don't want to mislead license users by trying to do something

                                                                                CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4
                CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4

Science Commons News                                           Science Commons News
N GUYEN ON OUR M ATERIALS                                      NEUROCOMMONS IN THE NEWS

by Kaitlin Thaney                                              by Kaitlin Thaney
22 October 2007                                                1 October 2007            
22/nguyen-on-mta-work/                                         01/neurocommons-in-the-news/

From the Science Commons blog[1]:                              New on the Science Commons blog[1]:

Looking for a better understanding of our Biological           Pharmaceutical companies may soon be adopting
Materials Transfer Agreement project?[2] Look no further.[3]   Semantic Web standards and technology if they haven't
                                                               already, according to a recent piece in Chemical &
The latest edition[4] of Innovations[5] features an in-depth   Engineering News.[2] The cover story, "The Semantic Web:
analysis of our Materials Transfer work, one of our three      Pharma researchers Adopt an Orphan Internet
main areas of focus at Science Commons. The analysis           Standard",[3] looks at the desirability of such search
was written by Science Commons counsel Thinh Nguyen,[6]        technology and functionality in the pharma world,
who also leads our efforts in this area.                       specifically highlighting our proof-of-concept project - the
In the article, [7] Nguyen provides the necessary
background information about the current system of             From the article:[5]
transferring biological materials between research
institutions, and the contractual framework associated.            "John Wilbanks, executive director of the Science
                                                                   Commons, a spin-off of Creative Commons that
From the article:[8]                                               develops routes to legal sharing of copyrighted
                                                                   scientific documents and data, sees a critical mass
     "Access to unique research resources, such as                 of IT-savvy researchers enthusiastically pursuing
     biological materials and reagents, is vital to the            projects using the semantic Web. He compares
     success and advancement of science. Many                      their efforts to pioneering work on the Internet
     research protocols require assembling a large                 itself.
     and diverse set of materials from many sources.
     Yet, often the process of finding and negotiating             ‘Around 1995 or 1996, all the subterranean
     the transfer of such materials can be difficult and           work exploded,' Wilbanks says, ‘and most people
     time- consuming. […]                                          discovered the Web. What is happening now on
                                                                   the semantic Web is similar to what was going
     […] Science Commons's Material Transfer                       on in the five years leading up to that explosion.'
     Agreement (MTA) Project seeks to reduce
     unnecessary barriers to the transfer and reuse                Science Commons, in association with W3C,
     of basic research materials and reagents, for                 recently launched a demonstration project called
     both United States and international scientific               Neurocommons to illustrate the benefits of the
     collaboration, by proposing a scalable and                    semantic Web in neurological disease research.
     flexible infrastructure for searching, negotiation            […]
     and tracking."
                                                                   […] [Wilbanks] says companies will eventually
Endnotes                                                           have to adapt in-house semantic Webs to a
                                                                   broader standard that expedites collaborative
1                              research between companies and institutions.
    Nguyen > 25                                                  Neurocommons > 25
CC in Business                                                  CC in Business
I NDABA M USIC                      A DDS          CC-          CC+ VIDEO

by Cameron Parkins                                              by Cameron Parkins
30 November 2007                                                16 November 2007          

Indaba Music,[1] "an international community of musicians,      There has been quite a lively exchange of emails on our
music professionals, and fans exploring the creative            community discussion list[1] concerning the idea of CC+
possibilities of making music with people in different          that CC CEO Lawrence Lessig mentioned on our blog[2] a
places", has recently added the ability to CC-license tracks    little over a month ago. To shed some light on the concept,
to its user interface.[2]                                       we posted a new video[3] that explains CC+ more fully. In
                                                                short, CC+ is how CC licenses can work in tandem with
This is great news, especially for a community that is firmly   commercial arrangements.
based around of the concept of new and interesting forms
of collaboration. Incorporating CC-licenses on work posted      The core of this idea is based around the non-exclusivity
to Indaba helps bring clarity to the community in terms of      of our licence suite. While you may use a specific CC-
what can be shared and reused and what can't. Now,              license for the wide distribution of your work, there is
artists and musicians can clearly dictate which works they      nothing prohibiting you from entering into a separate
wish others to build upon, and similarly, see which works       license that allows for uses not offered by the CC license
allow themselves to be reused. Up until this point, Indaba's    (for example, working out a one off deal that would allow
community has certainly embodied the ethos behind CC-           for commercial use of a CC BY-NC work).
licenses - that of a flexible and user-defined approach to
content creation. Now, it is able to do so more explicitly.     So go ahead, check it out, and let us know what you think
                                                                (and don't forget that we have other videos up as well). [4]
2             1
    session-file-licensing                                      2

                                                                               CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4
                   CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4

CC in Business                                                                     CC in Business
RIVER RAT RECORDS                                                                  F EDORA 8 AIDS CC-SEARCH                                IN

by Cameron Parkins                                                                 by Timothy Vollmer
12 November 2007                                                                   11 November 2007                             

River Rat Records,[1] an independent record company                                Fedora 8[1] has implemented a great feature within the
based in North London, has adopted CC-licenses for all                             Firefox browser that makes it even easier for users to
their releases based on the assumption that sharing of                             find Creative Commons-licensed materials that they can
music should be allowed without fear of legal ramifications                        share, remix and reuse. The pull-down menu right below
(as long as it stays non-commercial):[2]                                           the main search field is a quick way to filter search results
                                                                                   to return CC-licensed open content. Congratulations to
   Music has never been a purely personal experience                               Fedora on a great release with 8. Go to http://
(more often it's a shared one), but the nightmare of having               to get Fedora 8 for your
to digitally and uniquely identify ourselves for permission                        machine, where you can download either a full install or
to hear something is fast becoming reality.                                        live media image.

  Whatever happened to sharing what we enjoy? How
confused children must be these days - encouraged to
share sweets but incarcerated for sharing music.

   Historically, rats have always been good at sharing
things. Let's face it, more people have heard of the plague
than the Pogues. The casual sharing of music is a brilliantly
infectious method of free marketing, and we think it's
important to spread that message, for the benefit of artists
and music lovers alike.

River Rat joins an increasingly[3] large [4] pool of record
labels that, in some part, base their business plans around
CC-licensing. River Rat just celebrated their first release,
Ruth Theodre's Worm Food,[5] which you can pick up at
their website.
                                                                                   Fedora has been a supportive partner for the LiveContent[2]
                                                                                   project, which utilizes the ability to create custom LiveCD
                                                                                   and LiveDVD spins. Keep an eye out for more news about
                                                                                   LiveContent 2.0[3]–test runs of the new LiveDVD are in
                                                                                   the works, and lots of eyes will be needed to look it over.
                                                                                   In the meantime, help build the Content Directories[4] by
                                                                                   adding your favorite CC-license-powered project to it.
                                                                                   Help build the wealth of CC-licensed media for inclusion
5   h t t p : / / w w w. r i v e r r a t r e c o r d s . c o m / a r t i s t s /
                                                                                   on the LiveContent distro!

CC in Business
HELP DEVELOP                 A COURSE ON                CREATIVE BUSINESS                 IN THE

by Mike Linksvayer                                              *   CC, UGC platform integration and customer
24 October 2007                                                     acquisition (                        entry/7662)
                                                                *   Sony uses CC in Blu-ray marketing campaign (http:/
Announcement:[1]                                                *   Wiki to books: Wikitravel Press launches (http://
    The Open Rights Group, in collaboration with                *   Amarok developer hired by Magnatune (http://
    01zero-one [2] and funded by the London               
    Development Agency,[3] is beginning an exciting             *   PodTech Pays Lan Bui for CC Licensed Photograph
    new research project, examining how the internet                (
    enables creative entrepreneurs to develop                   *   Community content and money (http://
    innovative business practices by being more open      
    with their intellectual property. Creative Business         *   Jamendo attracts VC funding (http://
    in the Digital Era[4] will examine new business       
    models and the wider context in which they sit,             *   Blast Magazine Chooses CC (http://
    culminating in one day-long and two evening           
    courses at which we will share our findings.                *   Sun CEO: free media = free software, innovation
                                                                    != litigation (
    In the fine tradition of eating our own dogfood,                entry/7454)
    we are developing the course out in the open,               *   Sony launches CC-enabled video site (http://
    and under a Creative Commons licence, using           
    a wiki.[5] But we need your help. We have only a            *   Creative Commons in Newspapers, Scientists, Film
    couple of months to do our research, so we need                 Students, and Wikipedia SEOers (!?) (http://
    you to help us shape of the course, figure out        
    the format of the case studies, and carry out               *   O'Reilly on free downloads vs sales (http://
    research. Time is genuinely tight - we must           
    complete all the course materials by the beginning          *   CopyCamp              conversations       (http://
    of February, ready for delivery in March.             

    Right now, this week, we need your ideas. What              Endnotes
    open-IP business models have you come across?
    And who is experimenting with opening up their                 ?p=3
    IP?                                                         2
This is a fantastic project with a mandate to deliver results   4
quickly. You can participate in the research phase              5
immediately just by tagging relevant resources on                  index.php/Main_Page with org-cbde,[6] or dive into the course           6
development wiki.[7] Follow the project's blog[8] and           7
Here are some recent and possibly relevant links from
this blog, culled from the bi-monthly CC Newsletter's[10]
"CC in Business" links:

                                                                               CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4
                  CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4

CC in Business                                                          CC in Business
CORY DOCTOROW                            ON      HOW TO                 A NEPSOSIS U SES CC FOR
USE CC-LICENSES                                                         MMMORPG CHARACTER ART

by Cameron Parkins                                                      by Cameron Parkins
9 November 2007                                                         16 November 2007                  

CC evangelist Cory Doctorow has a new column up on                      Anepsosis,[1] an open-source 3D MMORPG,[2] has recentlly
Locus Online[1] discussing "the fundamentals of using CC                decided to release all of their game art (which includes
licenses for people who are interested in the idea but                  texts, pictures, sketches, drawings, 3D art, and sounds)
haven't tried it yet". The article outlines the different               under a CC BY-SA[3] license. This allows all the content
conditions available in any given CC-license, how the                   created by the Anepsosis community, not just the final
licenses are read (machine/human/lawyer), and takes                     game, to remain open and free, adding additional
note of the harmony between CC and Fair Use.                            functionality to the already open-source project (Anepsosis
                                                                        is being released under the GNU GPL Version 2). [4]
As an added bonus, Cory also gives a quick overview of
copyright law, how we got to where we are today in terms                Endnotes
of content control, and where CC-licenses fit into the
debate. As always, his writing is clear as it is illuminating           1
- for those of you sitting on the CC-sidelines not knowing              2
how to jump in, behold the primer to end all primers.



                                                                        2007 Annual Campaign News
                                                                        RED HAT SHARES THE LOVE

                                                                        by Melissa Reeder
                                                                        31 October 2007

                                                                        Red Hat is now offering an opportunity[1] to learn more
                                                                        about Linux and support CC at the same time! If you sign
                                                                        up for a Red Hat Linux course eligible for a promotional
                                                                        giveaway, you can waive that giveaway in exchange for
                                                                        a donation to CC. Thank you Red Hat for promoting
                                                                        sharing in so many ways.

Final sorting of campaign letters in CC's San Francisco office; photo
by Elaine Adolfo ( licensed      1
under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.                  (http://
2007 Annual Campaign News                                      2007 Annual Campaign News
CREATIVE COMMONS IS TURNING 5!                                 THE 50,000 FRIENDS CHALLENGE

by Melissa Reeder                                              by Melissa Reeder
26 November 2007                                               19 November 2007         

CC is turning 5 and to celebrate we're throwing a              Looking for another way to support CC? Be our friend!
community-wide party. If you'll be in the San Francisco        By connecting with Creative Commons on sites like
Bay Area on December 15, join us for a night of                Facebook,[1] MySpace,[2] and Flickr,[3] you can help us
celebrating the commons at a party generously sponsored        broaden our reach and educate the masses about the
by Mozilla[1] and[2] The evening will feature         Creative Commons mission.
announcements by Joi Ito[3] and Lawrence Lessig,[4] a live
acoustic performance by Gilberto Gil,[5] video remixing        So, starting today, we're issuing a 50,000 friend challenge
by Phi Phenomenon,[6] and music provided by DJ                 to our community. We're asking you to help us expand
Spooky. [7] Space is limited so please RSVP to                 CC's overall friend network to 50,000 people across the as soon as possible to let us        Web's various social networking and content sharing sites
know if you will be joining us (seriously, please do this!).   by December 15 – the date of our fifth birthday party.
Details are listed on our birthday flyer.[8]
                                                               Here are some ways[4] you can help our friend network
If you're not in the Bay Area, don't worry. There will also    grow. If you aren't a member of any of these sites, please
be parties in Berlin and New York City. For more details       help us by starting (or expanding) a CC group on any site
about these events, or if you want to register a party in      you do use.
your own part of the world, check out our wiki page[9] for
more information. Air Mozilla[10] will be streaming Gilberto   *    Join our Facebook Cause,[5] become a top recruiter,
Gil's performance for those who won't be able to attend             or become a CC Fan[6]
any of the parties. And of course, please feel free to         *    Participate in the 2007 CC Swag[7] photo contest on
celebrate CC in Second Life[11] as well.                            Flickr
                                                               *    Become a Creative Commons friend on MySpace[8]
No matter where you are in the world, we invite you to              or Friendster[9]
celebrate CC's five years of helping to keep culture free
and celebrate the future of participatory culture.             Of course, you can also help Creative Commons by
                                                               contributing to our annual fundraising campaign.[10] As
Endnotes                                                       always, we thank you sincerely for your support!
1                                     Endnotes
3                                         1
4                                 2
5                              3
6                              4
7                                    5
8          6
   general-final.pdf                                           7
9               8
10                                     9
11                                  10

                                                                              CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4
                CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4

2007 Annual Campaign News

by Melissa Reeder                                                  2) Upload your photos to Flickr and then join the group
13 November 2007                                                      CCswagphotocontest2007[7] and post your pics there.                          Remember - your photos must be CC-BY licensed.
                                                                   3) A weekly winner will be announced every Monday
                                                                      starting on November 19, 2007 - December 17,
                                                                      2007. The two overall winners will be announced
                                                                      on January 2, 2008.

                                                                   The weekly winner will be blogged on our main page
                                                                   and posted on our website[8] for that entire week. The two
                                                                   main winners will be awarded 100 postcards of their
                                                                   winning photo. CC will continue to use postcards featuring
                                                                   the two overall winning photos as promotional material
                                                                   for the next year.

                                                                   This contest is an easy and creative way to promote and
                                                                   support CC! For other interesting ways to help us here at
                                                                   CC spread the good word and raise some good funds
                                                                   check out our new Spread the Word[9] page. Good luck
                                                                   and start shootin'!
Photo © Franz Patzig ( -
CC BY (         Endnotes

Last year[1] we launched the inaugural annual CC swag              1
photo contest[2] as a way to promote support for CC. There             pool-ccswagcontest06/
were over 50 entries to last year's competition, including         2
this one by Franz Patzig,[3] which I'm sure you've seen            3
somewhere by now. Franz was one of the two overall                     pool-ccswagcontest06/
winners from last year (the other was Yamabobobo)[4]               4
and has received a ton of attention since. Here's what he
had to say about his participation:                                6
"I have been publishing all my photos under Creative               8
Commons licenses since CC's beginning. I joined the                9
contest for fun; I never expected my photo to be chosen
as one of the winners. Since then, many people have
used it to illustrate blog postings about the commons, which
has brought a lot of attention to my Flickr pages. I've even
sold some photographs. I love sharing my work."

The rules of the contest are simple (official rules at http:/
1) Creatively photograph your CC swag. If you don't
    have any or you would like to update what you have
    check out the 2007 annual campaign donate page,[5]
    our store,[6] or our Facebook Challenge, where you
    have the chance to get a limited edition Warhol
    inspired t-shirt.

                                                                    Photo © yamabobobo (
                                                                   - CC BY (
2007 Annual Campaign News                                         2007 Annual Campaign News
WEAR “I             CC” ON YOUR SIDEBAR                           5 WAYS TO GROW THE COMMONS

by Melissa Reeder                                                 by Melissa Reeder
1 November 2007                                                   12 October 2007            

As a digital creator, you have a vested interest in both the      Sarah Davies acknowledged her appreciation of our
future of your work and the larger participatory culture.         fundraising approach[1] on her blog today, and I would
As an active participant in this community, you play a            like to take this opportunity to build upon what she said
major role in helping ensure that our culture remains as          and to also say thank you.
free and accessible as possible.
                                                                  In order to sustain Creative Commons, fundraising is vital
Because of this, we are releasing our own fundraising             - but raising awareness and educating the larger
widget.[1] This is an exciting move for CC, as we're putting      community is more so. We exist because of you and as
faith in the power of "you" to help us raise awareness and        the community grows - we have to grow. In order to meet
funds for CC's future.                                            your digital needs, means we have to ask for your help.
                                                                  We cannot raise the kind of global awareness and support
The widget is an easy-to-use tool that embeds in your             needed on our own. We are a lean, grassroots operation
blog, website, or Myspace page. The text is customizable          and are honored to have such a supportive community.
so you can encourage people to support CC in your own
words.                                                            As you all know (hopefully) we launched our 3rd annual
                                                                  fundraising campaign[2] on Oct. 1st. But what probably
Remember – by supporting Creative Commons,[2] you are             most of you don't know is that on the same day we sent
enabling us to continue doing innovative work that builds         out 2,500 letters[3] to people that have given to CC before,
and supports an accessible, shareable, and reusable               asking them to re-invest in the future of CC. And now I'm
culture.                                                          asking the world.

Also check out our other viral fundraising tools[3] -- buttons,   Please help us celebrate the past 5 years of Creative
videos, Facebook, and more.                                       Commons, and plant the seeds for another 5, by helping
                                                                  us grow the commons in 5 ways:
                                                                  1. Use CC
1                         * Use 5 CC licensed works.[4]
                                                                  2. Grow CC
                                                                      * License [5] 5 new works.

                                                                  3. Spread CC
                                                                      * Feature[6] this online campaign on your blog or
                                                                          podcast to help us reach new audiences.
                                                                      * Send[7] CC Staff your story of why you support
                                                                          CC so we can compile and share them with the
                                                                          world (CC licensed of course).

                                                                  4. Connect CC
                                                                      * Introduce[8] 5 new people to Creative Commons.

                                                                    5 Ways > 25

                                                                                 CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4
                CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4

Congratulations, shoutouts, use cases, and interesting tidbits

MACHINIMA FEATURE RELEASED                                      COMMONS EXPERIMENT

by Mike Linksvayer                                              by Mike Linksvayer
23 October 2007                                                 2 October 2007          

Bloodspell,[1] the machinima[2] film project we mentioned       As Creative Commons approaches its 5th birthday[1] it
last November,[3] has been released as an 84 minute             makes sense for papers to appear with titles like Taking
feature. This is a first feature length machinima production,   Stock of the Creative Commons Experiment: Monitoring
and it's released under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial-         the Use of Creative Commons Licenses and Evaluating Its
ShareAlike[4] license:                                          Implications for the Future of Creative Commons and for
                                                                Copyright Law.[2] This paper, presented a few days ago at
    We`re fairly sure BloodSpell is the largest                 TPRC 2007[3] (though not the final version), is from
    Machinima film ever created. It`s an independent            Giorgos Cheliotis, Warren Chik, Ankit Guglani, Giri
    film that, because it is using Machinima                    Kumar Tayi. It offers an expanded and extremely
    technology, isn`t subject to the usual limitations          interesting analysis expanding on that presented by
    of smaller films. But, at the same time, we don`t           Cheliotis this summer at our annual summit.[4]
    have the politics, money and producers of a
    Hollywood production involved, so we can                    Read the paper[5] or just skim for some neat graphs
    experiment with ideas, styles and attitudes that            concerning CC license adoption and license mix against
    wouldn`t be possible in a more top-heavy                    criteria such as region, wealth, population, and license
    Hollywood production.                                       launch date.

    Of course, we still have some limitations, and              If you're in San Francisco you can ask in person about
    BloodSpell won`t be beating out `Lord of the                this research as Giorgos Cheliotis will be one of the
    Rings` for visual effects. But we hope that what            presenters at next week's CC Salon.[6] A full announcement
    we lack in slick polish, we can make up for in              for that event will be posted here soon.
    originality and passion.
    The other unique thing about BloodSpell is the
    way it`s being released. We will be releasing               1
    BloodSpell under a Creative Commons[5] license,             2
    meaning that it will be free both to download                   CreateCommExp.pdf
    and to modify: in other words, where even many              3
    indie filmmakers might get upset if you put their           4
    work up on Bittorrent or translate it into a new            5
    language, we`ll be encouraging work like that,                  CreateCommExp.pdf
    and supporting it as much as possible.                      6
                                                                Giorgos Cheliotis at iSummit 2007, photo by Dominick Chen (http:/
Via Boing Boing,[6] which calls BloodSpell "a pioneering        / licensed
and important start for a new industry."                        under CC BY. (


Congratulations, shoutouts, use cases, and interesting tidbits

UK: OPEN RIGHTS GROUP @ 2                                   PANDA PUNK LAB: INAUGURATION
                                                            IN CHILE

by Mike Linksvayer                                          by Michelle Thorne
19 November 2007                                            14 November 2007      

                                                            Claudio Ruiz[1] from Creative Commons in Chile[2] reports
                                                            the inauguration of the Panda Punk Lab, a multimedia
                                                            lab in Chillán City offering educational software running
Open Rights Group is two years old, and they've published   on an Ubuntu Linux operating system:
a great report on their activities,[1] which includes
promoting and educating the public about CC licensing       " Because the indemnification received by the violation of
and researching free culture business models.[2] And        a Creative Commons license - the first case in Chile and
everything they publish is licensed under CC Attribution-   Latin America - the "Panda Punk Lab" was inaugurated
ShareAlike.[3]                                              yesterday (Monday), which will benefit more than 200
                                                            students of the E-120 "María Saavedra" School, Chillán.
Congratulations to ORG and best wishes for 2008!
                                                            During the ceremony, the Director of Studies of NGO
Endnotes                                                    Derechos Digitales,[3] Alberto Cerda, emphasized how
                                                            this donation ratifies the validity of the CC licenses to share
1         and spread intellectual works, and protect them from non-
    rights-group-our-first-two-years/                       authorized uses.
3          The case was born in April of 2007 when designer
                                                            Armando Torrealba realized one of his works - a panda
                                                            bear drawing with pink punk hair - was used by a retail
                                                            store for publicity without his authorization. After NGO
                                                            Derechos Digitales' intervention, the enterprise indemnified
                                                            the professional with a non-specified amount,[4] part of
                                                            which was destined to the implementation of this



                                                            Image: Inauguración Laboratorio PPunk, photo by Derechos
                                                            Digitales ( licensed
                                                            under CC BY-SA. (
                                                            More photos. (

                                                                              CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4
                  CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4

Congratulations, shoutouts, use cases, and interesting tidbits

CC CHINA PHOTO CONTEST                                                          PETER GABRIEL, WITNESS,                            AND
                                                                                THE HUB

by Joi Ito                                                                      by Cameron Parkins
4 November 2007                                                                 13 November 2007                          

Yesterday, I attended the Creative Commons China[1]                             WITNESS,[1] an international human rights organization
Photo Content ceremony at the National Library in Beijing.                      founded by pop musician Peter Gabriel, announced
There were 10,000 submissions of professional and                               yesterday[2] the launch of The Hub (Beta),[3] a place for
amateur works licensed under various CC licenses. There                         users to view and contribute human rights-related media
were three categories: Society, Nature and Portraits.                           - a potential "YouTube for Human Rights".
Winners were chosen by a panel of judges including
famous photographers, professors and other notable                              Of note to the CC-community is that The Hub's users are
people. The photographs were amazing. There is a web                            "advised to publish contents under a Creative Commons
page of the winning photographs.[2] Don't forget to click                       license", which would allow others to freely redistribute
the link underneath the winning photos for the second                           Hub videos without fear of legal ramification. Using a
place winner gallery.                                                           flexible license that allows for the free flow and sharing
                                                                                of information enables The Hub users to publicize human
While we have silly people in the West saying that for                          rights atrocities as far and wide as possible, increasing
every free photo on Flickr a professional photographer                          awareness to the issues without any legal hurdles.
loses their job, we have professional photographers in
China licensing their best works under CC licenses. As                          Endnotes
far as I could tell, the amateur and professional
photographers seemed integrated and supportive of each                          1
other.                                                                          2
After the awards ceremony, we have a workshop with
presentations from an illustrious and interesting group of
speakers. Overall a groundbreaking and well executed
event. Congratulations Chunyan and the CC China team!

I'm uploading photos from my trip in a Flickr set.[3] I found
out yesterday that there is a Firefox Plugin to bypass the                                                           CC BY-ND 2.5 (http://
Chinese block on Flickr.[4]                                           

Cross-posted[5] from my blog.


3   h t t p : / / w w w. f l i c k r. c o m / p h o t o s / j o i / s e t s /
Congratulations, shoutouts, use cases, and interesting tidbits

L IBRI V OX R ELEASES 1,000 TH                                 HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUBLIC LIBRARY
PUBLIC DOMAIN AUDIO BOOK                                       OF SCIENCE

by Timothy Vollmer                                             by Mike Linksvayer
3 November 2007                                                17 October 2007         

Congratulations to LibriVox,[1] who've just released their     October 13 was the 4th anniversary[1] of the first issue of
1,000th public domain audio book! Previously featured[2]       PLoS Biology, the first journal from the groudbreaking
on this site, LibriVox has been a consistent supporter of      Public Library of Science.[2]
access to open content by building a digital library of free
public domain audio books.                                     We're incredibly honored that PLoS was a very early
                                                               adopter of Creative Commons -- we'll only turn five[3] in
From their release:                                            two months. See then CC Executive Director Glenn Otis
                                                               Brown's editorial in PLoS Biology's first issue: Out of the
    LibriVox, the free audio book project has just             Way: How the next copyright revolution can launch the
    cataloged its 1,000th book: Murders in the Rue             next scientific revolution.[4]
    Morgue,[3] by Edgar Allan Poe (read by Reynard
    T. Fox).                                                   PLoS (and CC) have made good of these promising
                                                               beginnings, but expect much greater things in the next started in August 2005 with a simple          half decade. This movement, or rather these intertwined
    objective: "to make all public domain books                movements, are just getting rolling.
    available as free audio books." Thirteen people
    collaborated to make the first recording, Joseph           On this note, pay close attention to Science Commons[5]
    Conrad's Secret Agent.[4]                                  and PLoS ONE.[6] The latter recently published its 1000th
                                                               research article. I'm particularly fond of #994, Ant Species
    Two years later, LibriVox has become the most              Differences Determined by Epistasis between Brood and
    prolific audiobook publisher in the world - we             Worker Genomes[7] (disclaimer: the author is my brother).
    are now putting out 60-70 books a month, we
    have a catalog of 1,000 works, which represents            Endnotes
    a little over 6 months of *continuous* audio; we
    have some 1,500 volunteers who have                        1
    contributed audio to the project; and a catalog
    that includes Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice,           4
    Moby Dick, Darwin's Origin of the Species, Alice's             document&doi=10.1371%2Fjournal.pbio.0000009
    Adventures in Wonderland, Einstein's Relativity:           5
    The Special and General Theory, Kant's Critique            6
    of Pure Reason, and other less well-known gems             7
    such as Romance of Rubber edited by John                       info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0000994
    Martin. We have recordings in 21 languages,
    and about half of our recordings are solo efforts
    by one reader, while the other half are
    collaborations among many readers.

Full announcement at

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                                                                               CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4
               CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4

Congratulations, shoutouts, use cases, and interesting tidbits

THANKS AND CONGRATULATIONS                                      T EMPO S TAND :                   CC           M USIC
TO WIKIMEDIA COMMONS                                            PLATFORM

by Mike Linksvayer                                              by Cameron Parkins
15 October 2007                                                 8 October 2007          

Last week Wikimedia Commons reached two million                 TempoStand[1] is an online musical portal that promotes
media files[1] (images, audio, video), many of which are        independent bands, artists, and musicians in India by using
available under liberal CC licenses.                            CC-licenses. TempoStand records tracks for groups and
                                                                then releases these recordings under a CC-India BY-SA
Wikimedia Commons is "a central repository for freely           License,[2] allowing people to remix and redistribute the
licensed[2] photographs, diagrams, animations, music,           tracks as they see fit. From TempoStand:[3]
spoken text, video clips, and media of all sorts that are
useful[3] for any Wikimedia project."                               TempoStand is a platform to promote
                                                                    independent musicians in India. It is starting its
While Wikimedia Commons is surely one of the premier                journey from Ahmedabad from 15th April,
repositories of free cultural works on the web, it does live        2007. Every musician, every singer, every
in the shadow of Wikipedia, which it (mainly) serves. In            rocker, every tabla wadak is invited. We record
the words of Commons editor Brianna Laugher:[4]                     your music for free (no hidden costs) and use a
                                                                    creative commons license for your music.
    We live with being identified via Wikipedia, it's               TempoStand's objective is to promote you and
    like being Albert Einstein's sister.                            take your music across the world.

We slightly furthered this over-identification in the recent    As more and more musicians[4] and record labels[5] begin
announcement of public discussion of version 3.01 of            to use CC-licences to openly promote their content, we
CC licenses [5] in which we thanked the Wikipedia               will likely see an influx of material that would otherwise
community for raising concerns about version 3.0's              not be nearly as visible. TempoStand has already amassed
treatment of moral rights. The concern was actually raised      an incredible amount of quality recordings, and as they
on Wikimedia Commons.[6] Our characterization was not           continue to add more content, the long-tail of digital music
inaccurate, but lacked precision necessary to give full         becomes more and more a reality.
credit where deserved.
So thanks (and congratulations) to Wikimedia Commons!
Endnotes                                                        2
1                          4
    Commons:Press_releases/2M                                   5
    5 < Wikipedia and Creative Commons                                19 < 5 Ways

related discussion will and should continue on Wikimedia          5. Sustain CC
and other lists.                                                      * By giving[9] 50% more than your previous gift to
                                                                           this campaign, you will help us sustain CC's core
Thanks again to the WMF and FSF, and thanks in advance                     functioning for the next year.
to you, the community, for the work that is ongoing and
about to begin!                                                   Endnotes

Endnotes                                                          1
1                3
2     4
      December/035554.html                                        5
3                6
4     7
      December/035677.html                                        8
5        9

    23 < LibriVox                                                     12 < Nguyen

Endnotes                                                          3
1                                    4
2                    5
3       6
      edgar-allen-poe/                                            7
4           itgg.2007.2.3.137

    12 < Neurocommons                                              5 < “Creative Commons” Percentages

     Such a standard will most likely emerge as in-               Endnotes
     house projects "boil over" and merge. ‘There
     are enough databases and enough smart people                 1
     involved,' he says. ‘You can really see the                  2
     momentum now.'
                                                                  5  h t t p : / / w w w . g o o g l e . c o m /
The article can be read in its entirety at      search?
cen/coverstory/85/8540cover1box.html.                             6
Endnotes                                                          8
1           10
     01/neurocommons-in-the-news/                                 11

                                                                                 CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4
               CC Newsletter - Issue No. 4

Congratulations, shoutouts, use cases, and interesting tidbits


by Cameron Parkins                                                authorizes anyone to share these images or
12 November 2007                                                  create derivative works as long as attribution to                      me is provided.

                                                                  Even though I sell news photos to media
In looking at CC success stories, we tend to focus on how         organizations, this time my intent was to share
CC licences have allowed new business models to grow              my experience and feelings; to share what it's
or have helped facilitate new forms of artistic expression.       like to have tragedy hit your hometown. Making
While these are both incredibly important and, in their           a profit on these pictures would be cheating my
increasing abundance, popular implementations of what             own heart.
CC can provide, what sometimes gets lost in the shuffle
are the more personal stories of how CC can affect lives      It is instances like this that show what CC licenses provide
on an every day basis.                                        beyond traditional copyright. Alex captured history in the
                                                              making with his camera, and CC licenses allowed him to
Alex Miroshnichenko, a "full-time e-commerce                  share this history in a more distinctly open way (Flickr
professional and part-time freelance photographer,"           photoset at It was
recently penned[1] such a story for Poynter Online in which   digital sharing in a very true sense. What arose out of this
he describes his decision to license his photographs of       series of events highlights another dynamic that CC licenses
the recent Santiago/Foothill Ranch fires on Flickr under a    address - that obscurity is the biggest threat to any content
CC BY[2] license:                                             creator in the digital age:

    I realized, that, like me, these people also were             Now (thinking with my head), I also see that
    emotionally involved. These images and this story             through this effort my images and work have
    were important to them on a very deep level.                  gained tremendous exposure. When an image
                                                                  receives nearly 12,000 views in 24 hours, that
    Flickr was the obvious choice to distribute these             is a strong message -- including powerful
    fire images to family and friends. Little did I know          marketing for my photography work. Now, it's
    that images of the Southern Calif. wildfires were             up to me to leverage the exposure and contacts
    starting to have a big impact on Flickr. I soon               I obtained through my Santiago Fire images, for
    realized how important and compelling this story              times and stories not so close to my home and
    was to the online community, and around the                   heart.
    Still thinking with my heart, I changed the license
    for all my wildfire photos to Creative Commons            1   h t t p : / / w w w . p o y n t e r . o r g /
    Attribution 2.0 Generic, rather than a standard               column.asp?id=31&aid=132185
    "all rights reserved" copyright notice. This

About Creative Commons
Creative Commons is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 2001, that promotes the creative re-use of intellectual
and artistic works, whether owned or in the public domain. Through its free copyright licenses, Creative Commons
offers authors, artists, scientists, and educators the choice of a flexible range of protections and freedoms that build
upon the "all rights reserved" concept of traditional copyright to enable a voluntary "some rights reserved" approach.
Creative Commons was built with and is sustained by the generous support of organizations including the Center for
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