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14127 Administración de Servidores Linux (Ubuntu/Fedora/CentOS)

2017 Linux Kernel Development Report

AGNULA LIBRE MUSIC - A Platform for Libre Music Sharing

ANIMALS & ETHICS 101: Thinking Critically About Animal Rights

ARM64 + FPGA and more: Linux on the Xilinx ZynqMP - Opportunities and challenges from a powerful and complex chip

A Comparative Study of Algorithms for Realtime Panoramic Video Blending

A Course in Haskell-Based Software Testing

A Dignity Economy: Creating an Economy that Serves Human Dignity and Preserves Our Planet

A Fast Implementation of Burg’s Method

A Fast Parallel Solver for the Forward Problem in Electrical Impedance Tomography

A First Course in Linear Algebra

A Gentle Introduction to SuperCollider

A Guide to Reproducible Code in Ecology and Evolution

A JavaScript API for the Ice Sheet System Model (ISSM) 4.11: towards an online interactive model for the cryosphere community

A Linked Data Approach to Digital Newspapers with Fedora and PCDM

A Lower Bound for Fourier Transform Computation in a Linear Model Over 2x2 Unitary Gates Using Matrix Entropy

A New AB Initio Repeats Finding Algorithm for Reference Genome

A New Algorithm of Shape Boundaries Based on Chain Coding

A New Iterative Algorithm for Approximating Common Fixed Points for Asymptotically Nonexpansive Mappings

A Nonparametric Peak Finder Algorithm and Its Application in Searches for New Physics

A Practical Introduction to Computational Physics and Scientific Computing

A Practical Introduction to Computational Physics and Scientific Computing (using C++)

A Qualitative Study on the Adoption of CAA and CLA

A Samurai-WTF intro to the Zed Attack Proxy

A Sophomoric Introduction to Shared-Memory Parallelism and Concurrency - Lecture 1: Introduction to Multithreading & Fork-Join Parallelism

A Structured Approach to Understanding Recovery and Relapse in AA

A Stylus-Generated Artificial Genome with Analogy to Minimal Bacterial Genomes

A Survey of Application Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks

A Tutorial Introduction to the Gamera Framework

A Tutorial on Using Dafny to Construct Verified Software

A common developmental program can produce diverse leaf shapes

A general quantum difference calculus

A low-power data acquisition system for geomagnetic observatories and variometer stations

A non-stationary stochastic ensemble generator for radar rainfall fields based on the short-space Fourier transform

A novel algorithm for bad pixel detection and correction to improve quality and stability of geometric measurements

A probabilistic real-time algorithm for detecting blinks, saccades, and fixations from EOG data

A quantum causal discovery algorithm

A short manual for TEXworks

A task scheduler for ROS

Advanced Modeling Techniques for Architectural Design Education

Advanced Topics in Software Verification

Advanced waterworks mathematics - Learning and Understanding Mathematical Concepts in the Areas of Water Distribution and Water Treatment (3rd Edition)

Advanced weight graph transformation matching algorithm

Algebra Math 60 3rd Edition

Algorithmic Glass Ceiling in Social Networks. The effects of social recommendations on network diversity.

Algorithmic regulation and the global default: Shifting norms in Internet technology

Algorithms, Accountability, and Political Emotion: on the cultural assumptions underpinning sentiment analysis.

Algorithms and Data Structures With Applications to Graphics and Geometry

Algorithms for changing the structure of geospace self-organizing question-answering sensor networks

Algoritmi e Strutture Dati - Divide-et-impera

AllJoyn™ Android C++ Sample Programs Walkthrough

Amen, Amen sever, Amen.js: Tools for algorithmic remixing

An Abstract Description Method of Map-Reduce-Merge Using Haskell

An Empirical Study of the Framework Impact on the Security of JavaScript Web Applications

An Evaluation of an Educational Video Game on Mathematics Achievement in First Grade Students

An Examination of Attitudes towards Cheating in Exams by Physical Education and Sports High School Students

An Example-Driven Hands-on Introduction

An Inquiry-Based Approach to Abstract Algebra

An Interactive Approach to Signals and Systems Laboratory

An Introduction to Functional Programming

An Introduction to Liquid Haskell

An Introduction to R

An Ultra-Fast Metabolite Prediction Algorithm

An architecture of effective discrete-event simulation engine for early validation of avionics systems

An efficient impurity-solver for the dynamical mean field theory algorithm

Analysis and Simulation of the System Dynamics Model of the Peer Production -Taking Baidu Encyclopedia as an Example

Analysis of Subtopic Discovery Algorithms for Real-time Information Summarization

Analysis of the Multi-Pivot Quicksort Process

Analytic-Numerical Solution of Random Parabolic Models: A Mean Square Fourier Transform Approach

Anevaluationofthestateoftimesynchronizationon leadershipclasssupercomputers

Ångström Manual

Apache httpd v2.4: What’s New, Pussycat?

Applied Finite Mathematics

Applied Informatics C++ Coding Style Guide Rules and Recommendations Version 1.4

Approximation of Nested Fixpoints – A Coalgebraic View of Parametric Dataypes

Architecture of the Linux kernel

Arduino Nano v2.3 User Manual

Argo Programming Guide

Artificial Reading (Mk II)

Assessing Algebra in the Senior Phase: A Practical Guide

Assessing Code Authorship: The Case of the Linux Kernel

Assessment for Learning in the Calculus Classroom: A Proactive Approach to Engage Students in Active Learning

Atelier B User Manual Version 4.0

Audio in embedded Linux systems

AutoWIG: automatic generation of python bindings for C++ libraries

Automatic analysis of Scratch projects to assess computational thinking skills

Automating Compliance: Linux Case Study for Solving the Problem at the "Source"

Automotive FMCW Radar-enhanced Range Estimation via a Local Resampling Fourier Transform

BPMTimeline: JavaScript Tempo Functions and Time Mappings using an Analytical Solution

Bacula Utility Programs

Baofeng UV-5R: The (Chinese) Radio Documentation

Basic Haskell Cheat Sheet

BeagleB one Black System Reference Manual rev. A5.2, 2013

Beginning Algebra MPC 095 Lab Notebook

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra Student Solutions Manual Complete worked solutions to odd problems

Best Practices, Development Methodologies, and the Zen of Python

Better Sharing Through Licenses? Measuring the Influence of Creative Commons Licenses on the Usage of Open Access Monographs

Beyond opening up the black box: Investigating the role of algorithmic systems in Wikipedian organizational culture

Blueprint CSS Cheat sheet v.4.2

"Birds of a Feather" (BoF) session at Embedded Linux Conference 2018 in Portland

Book Review: Copyright and E-learning: A Guide for Practitioners. Jane Secker, with Chris Morrison. 2nd edn.

Book Review of Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking

Book Review of "Palaeoseismology: historical and prehistorical records of earthquake ground effects for seismic hazard assessment"

Brief Calculus

Building an australasian commons


Business Calculus, Edition 1

Business Precalculus, Edition 0.1

C++ Hacker's Guide

C++ Reserved Keywords

C++ const and Immutability: An Empirical Study of Writes-Through-const

C++ evolves!

CESI: Canonicalizing Open Knowledge Bases using Embeddings and Side Information

CPS353: Internet Programming Homework Assignment 6: Fifteen Puzzle

CPSC 320 Notes: Physics, Tug-o-War, and Divide-and-Conquer

CSCI 365 problem set 1

CSS3 y Javascript avanzado

Cache-Oblivious Query Processing

Calculus Teacher’s Edition - Common Errors

Caliko: An Inverse Kinematics Software Library Implementation of the FABRIK Algorithm

Cheat Sheet: Writing Python 2-3 compatible code

Choice of units in lattice Boltzmann simulations

Choosing & Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research

Clean Code Cheat Sheet v2.4

Cluster Computing with OpenHPC

Code Cards For KS3, GCSE and IGCSE, Python 3

Collecting and preserving plant specimens, a manual, Second Edition

Common Licensing Questions

Common clock framework: how to use it

Comparative Analysis of Triangulation Libraries for Modeling Large Point Clouds from Land and Their Infrastructures

Comparison of Term Recognition and Awareness in Blended Classes of JavaScript and PHP Programming

Computational Nutrition: An Algorithm to Generate a Diet Plan to Meet Specific Nutritional Requirements

Computational fluid dynamics calculus and analysis for gas and water turbines

Computational thinking development through creative programming in higher education

Computer Science III

Contemporary Calculus

Contribute to Free/Libre and OpenSource Software. HowTo Get Your Things Upstream.

Copyleft Manual de uso

Coupling Memory and Computation for Locality Management

Cours de Python

Creating C++ Console Application in Visual Studio 2005

Creating Crowdsourced Research Talks at Scale

Creating a C Function Block in Scicos

Creative Commons - Encouraging the ecology of creativity

Creative Commons: Manuale Operativo. Una guida pratica e un'introduzione teorica al mondo CC

Creative Commons Guidelines

Creative Commons Integration With Your Website

Creative Commons and Appropriation: Implicit Collaboration in Digital Works

Creative Commons and open access to scholarly works: common myths about an imperfect match

Creative Commons licenses and the non-commercial condition: Implications for the re-use of biodiversity information

Creative Computing

Cross-site scripting attacks procedure and Prevention Strategies

Current state of technology and potential of Smart Map Browsing in web browsers using the example of the Free web mapping application OpenLayers

Dalí: A Periodically Persistent Hash Map

Data Analysis in the Earth & Environmental Sciences

Data Mining for the Masses

Data flow of a multiple instrument on-demand processing engine with Python and DPLKIT

Debian Packaging Tutorial v0.21

Debian in the Dark Ages of Free Software. My journey through software freedom.

Deductive Verification of Concurrent Programs and its Application to Secure Information Flow for Java

Deep Convolutional Neural Networks: Structure, Feature Extraction and Training

Dependent Types In Haskell: Theory And Practice

Dependent type

Derivation of the Fourier Transform

Designing Modules In Python v1.0

Developing a Practical Reactive Synthesis Tool: Experience and Lessons Learned

Development of a Self-Stabilizing Robotic Chassis for Industry

Development of a mathematics learning tool using inventive principle

Development of a new nuclear data library based on ROOT

Device Tree for Dummies

Digital Badges for Creativity and Critical Thinking: Portland State University

Digital Humanities and Digital Media. Conversations on Politics, Culture, Aesthetics and Literacy.

Digital TV Signal Reception Testing in a Device with Spatial Diversity

Digital art using GIMP & Inkscape

Digital sustainability: basic conditions for sustainable digital artifacts and their ecosystems

DirectFB Training lab book

Discrete-Time Fourier Transform (DTFT)

Distilling Task Knowledge from How-To Communities

Divide-and-Conquer Variants of Bubble, Selection, and Insertion Sorts

Django Cheat Sheet v1.0

Do calculus students demand technology integration into learning environment? case of instructional differences

Documentation for the Idris Language, Version 0.99

DokuWiki leaflet

Domain-Driven Design Reference - Definitions and Pattern Summaries

Double Two - Dimensional Discrete Fast Fourier Transform for Determining of Geometrical Parameters of Fibers and Textiles

Drools Game of Life Example

Dunkl Lipschitz functions for the generalized Fourier-Dunkel transform in the space L 2 α,n

Dynamic Message-Oriented Middleware with Open Sound Control and Odot

EAPI Cheat Sheet v7.0

Early Maths, Workshop 2: Getting children to think and talk mathematically

Editorial Algorithms: Optimizing Recency, Relevance and Diversity for Automated News Curation

Editorial: Computational Creativity, Concept Invention, and General Intelligence

Effectiveness of MnemoPow (Mnemonics Power) Device in Teaching Limit Theorems of Calculus

Efficient Software Implementation of the Nearly Optimal Sparse Fast Fourier Transform for the Noisy Case

Efficient Thread Mapping for Heterogeneous Multicore IoT Systems

Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective

Embedded Linux Introduction

Embedded Linux Wiki BOF

Embedded Linux kernel and driver development

Embedded Linux kernel and driver development Training lab book

Embedded Linux system development

Embedded Linux system development

Embedded Systems Programming 2015-16 - Android NDK

Empire Cheat Sheet v1.0

Empirical comparison of level-wise hierarchical multi- population genetic algorithm

Enhancement of Selection, Bubble and Insertion Sorting Algorithm

Ensemble algorithms for ecological niche modeling from presence-background and presence-only data

EpiFire: An open source C++ library and application for contact network epidemiology

Esercizi di Algoritmi e Strutture Dati

Essential robotics swarm algorithms. Implementation and simulation using ARGoS robot simulator.

Evaluating network test scenarios for network simulators systems

Evaluation of Filtering Methods Applied to the Unstructured Datasets in the Predictive Learning Services

Even Internet C omput ers Want to be Free: Using Linux and O pen Source Software on Li brary Public W orkstations

Eventual Consistent Databases : State of the Art

Evidence for biological shaping of hair ice

Extending Nunchaku to Dependent Type Theory

Extending and Automating Fourier Analysis for Multigrid Methods

Extensional Models of Untyped Lambda-mu Calculus

Extracting Imperative Programs from Proofs: In-place Quicksort

EyeMMV toolbox: An eye movement post - analysis tool based on a two - step spatial dispersion threshold for fixation identification

FIXML to Java, C# and C++ Transformations with QVTR-XSLT

FROM COMMONS TO CITY HALL. Planning, measuring and managing technology and creative events that impacts communities, industry sectors and the city-at-large

Fast Fourier Transforms

Fast algorithms for chiral fermions in 2 dimensions

Fedora 16 Release Notes

Fedora 25 Installation Guide

Fedora 26 Release Notes

Fedora 7 Release Notes

Fedora Security Team Defensive Coding A Guide to Improving Software Security Edition 1

Firmware Tools for Security Researchers

Five-dimensional crystallography

Fixing the broken textbook market: How students respond to high textbook costs and demand alternatives

Flipped Graduate Classroom in a Haskell-based Software Testing Course

Following the Grammar with Haskell

Following the Grammar with Python

Foundations of Object Oriented Programming Using C++

Fourier-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Signal Analysis and Numerical Modeling

Fourier Analysis of Beamforming Data at the Tip of an Axial Fan Rotor

Fourier Spectral Method for Solving Fractional-order System

Fourier Transform Infrared Radiation Spectroscopy Applied for Wood Rot Decay and Mould Fungi Growth Detection

Fourier Transform of Common Signals

Fourier analysis of nonlinear pendulum oscillations

Fourier descriptors for broken shapes

Fourier series of higher-order Bernoulli functions and their applications

Fourier series, sine series, cosine series

Fourier transform of single particle wave functions in extremely deformed nuclei: Towards the momentum distribution of scission neutrons

Frazil-ice growth rate and dynamics in mixed layers and sub-ice-shelf plumes

Free/Open Source Software Education

FreeCAD Manual

FreeNAS 11.1-U4 User Guide, March 2018 Edition

Free I.T. Athens Volunteer Manual

A catalogue of open source computer programs for teaching and learning

Free and Open Source Software

Free software for wind turbine modelling

From the Turtle to the Beetle. The Beetle Blocks programming environment

Functional Baby Talk: Analysis of Code Fragments from Novice Haskell Programmers

Functional signal processing with Pure and Faust using the LLVM toolkit

GIT cheat sheet

GNU /Linux for Beginners

GNU Screen Cheat Sheet

GPIO, SPI and I2C from Userspace, the True Linux Way

Gamma: A C++ Sound Synthesis Library Further Abstracting the Unit Generator

Gentoo Linux, Installation – Konfiguration – Administration

Gentoo Linux for Neuroscience - a replicable, flexible, scalable, rolling-release environment that provides direct access to development software

Getting Started in KiCad

Getting Started with Ubuntu 16.04

Gibbs's Phenomena

Git Cheat Sheet

Global CO2 emissions from cement production

C++ Symmetric List Processor (Gnu SLIP) Users Manual

Good Corporate Governance Structures: A Must for Family Businesses

Google TV or Apple TV?—The Reasons for Smart TV Failure and a User-Centered Strategy for the Success of Smart TV

Gravitational lensing by spinning black holes in astrophysics, and in the movie Interstellar

Guarded Cubical Type Theory: Path Equality for Guarded Recursion

Gui delines for Planning the Digitiz ation of Rare Book and Manuscript Collections

Improving the societal benefit of climate research activities


HTSeq - a Python framework to work with high-throughput sequencing data

HTTP/1.1 Status Codes

Hack All The History! Hackers 1959-1991

Hamcrest 1.3 Quick Reference

HardBound : Architectural Support for Spatial Safety of the C Programming Language

Hartley transform and the use of the Whitened Hartley spectrum as a tool for phase spectral processing

Harvesting a knowledge commons: collective action, transparency, and innovation at the Portland Fish Exchange

Haskell in Middle and High School Mathematics

Hiding in the Crowd: an Analysis of the Effectiveness of Browser Fingerprinting at Large Scale

High Performance Python (from Training at EuroPython 2011) Release 0.2

Horis - Installation and User Manual 1.5

How the strengths of Lisp-family languages facilitate building complex and flexible bioinformatics applications

How to Deliver Open Sustainable Innovation: An Integrated Approach for a Sustainable Marketable Product

How to Participate in the Linux Kernel Development (and Why)

How to Teach Programming (And Other Things)

Hyperopt: A Python Library for Optimizing the Hyperparameters of Machine Learning Algorithms

IMITATOR User Manual v2.10.1

IRC-MEETBOT Syntax Cheat Sheet

Impala: A Modern, Open-Source SQL Engine for Hadoop

Implemen tation of the Gnutella proto col in Python

Implementation of a MIX Emulator: A Case Study of the Scala Programming Language Facilities

Implementation of quantum and classical discrete fractional Fourier transforms

Impress Guide. Working with Presentations.

Improving Bloom Filter Performance on Sequence Data Using k -mer Bloom Filters

Improving Linux Laptop battery life

Improving the Spatial Resolution of Bidirectional Cartesian MPI Data using Fourier Techniques

In-Place Parallel Super Scalar Samplesort (IPS4o)

Incorporation of computational creativity in arts education: Creative coding as an art course

Independent Partially Upgradable Mandatory Access Control System

Index Programming for Flash Memory

Installing an HDF Cluster

Integer-based Algorithm for Drawing Ellipses

Integration of a Parallel Gripper into ROS

Intelligence Unleashed, An argument for AI in Education

Intermediate Algebra MPC 099 Lab Notebook

Intro to Arduino Zero to Prototyping in a Flash!

Introductino to SCILAB

Introduction to C#

Introduction to Computing Science and Programming I, Fall 2010

Introduction to G Programming

Introduction to LabVIEW MathScript

Introduction to Linux for Users and Administrators v4.0

Introduction to Numerical Methods with examples in Javascript

Introduction to Open Access

Introduction to Parallel Programming and MapReduce

Introduction to Programming Using Java v5.0.2

Introduction to Sociology

Lecture 1 of TDA384/DIT391: Principles of Concurrent Programming

Introduction to the Linux Ecology HOWTO, Benefits from Embedded Linux Systems

Introduction to the discrete Fourier series considering both mathematical and engineering aspects - A linear algebra approach

Introduction to uClinux

Introductory Algebra

Is Linux kernel development good enough to make your life depend on it?

Is There a Relationship betwee n Creativity and Mathematical Creativity?

Itse1359-1610-GUI Programming

J-Force: Forced Execution on JavaScript

JSExplain: a Double Debugger for JavaScript

JSME: a free molecule editor in JavaScript

JTR cheat sheet v1.1

Jackstone Calculus: A Spiky Cause of Haematuria

Java, Java, Java Object-Oriented Problem Solving Third Edition

JavaScript Testing Survey 2018 Results

JavaScript for Testers

Java for Python Programmers

Javascript in a nutshell

Kali Linux Revealed. Mastering the Penetration Testing Distribution.

(Kernel) Isolation – PV, HVM, OS-V technologies in Linux

Kernel initialization

L4 Programming

LOVD 3.0 user manual

LTM – Cheat-sheet

LTTng: The Linux Trace Toolkit Next Generation, A Comprehensive User's Guide (version 2.3 edition)

Latex font packages

Learning to Program Using Python

Learning to program with Visual Basic and .NET gadgeteer v1.0

Least-Squares Fitting of Data with Polynomials

Library Publishing Toolkit

LibreOffice 5 Getting Started Guide

Life sciences driven customized Linux distributions

Lightweight Client-Side Chinese/Japanese Morphological Analyzer Based on Online Learning

Linear-time Suffix Sorting, A new approach for suffix array construction

Linux Kernel Introduction

Linux Kernel and Driver Development Training (2018)

Linux Kernel and Driver Development Training

Linux Kernel and Driver Development Training

I’m Listening to your Location! Inferring User Location with Acoustic Side Channels

Living upside down: patterns of red coral settlement in a cave

Logarithm of the Discrete Fourier Transform

Logarithmic Functions

Loudness algorithms for automatic mixing

Low Rank Spectral Network Alignment

Lower bound cluster algebras: presentations, Cohen–Macaulayness, and normality

MEPHISTO: A Source to Source Transpiler from Pure Data to Faust

MLitB: machine learning in the browser

Machine Learning Cheat Sheet

Macroecological and macroevolutionary patterns emerge in the universe of GNU/Linux operating systems

Made With Creative Commons

Magni: A Python Package for Compressive Sampling and Reconstruction of Atomic Force Microscopy Images

Mamba C API Reference Manual

Mamba Image Library Python Reference

MapServer Project Status Report 2015

Mastering Mockup Documentation Release 1.0.0.dev0

Matching in the Pi-Calculus

Math Guide Using the Formula Editor v4.4

Math in Society, Edition 1.1

Math in Society, Edition 2.4

Mathematical Literacy Placement Assessment (MLPA)

Mathematical aspects of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle within local fractional Fourier analysis

Mathematics Learning Model of Open Problem Solving to Develop Students' Creativity

Matrix-Vector Based Fast Fourier Transformations on SDR Architectures

Measuring Disorien tation Based on the Needleman- Wunsch Algorithm

Media Modules: Intermedia Systems in a Pure Functional Paradigm

Medical Image Registration Using the Fourier Transform

MemeSequencer: Sparse Matching for Embedding Image Macros

Mémento Python 3

Mesa: An Agent-Based Modeling Framework

Microkernels in a Bit More Depth

Mind the Gap: Essentially Optimal Algorithms for Online Dictionary Matching with One Gap

Modeling of Experimental Adsorption Isotherm Data

Modelling Homogeneous Generative Meta-Programming

Modelling the Spatial and Temporal Resolution of a Sensor Observation

Modular Monitor Extensions for Information Flow Security in JavaScript

Modularity and Implementation of Mathematical Operational Semantics

Multi-layer photovoltaic fault detection algorithm

MuseScore 2.0 Handbook

MySQL Cheat Sheet

NDlib: A Python Library to Model and Analyze Diffusion Processes over Complex Networks

NGTP 2.0 in a nutshell

NSW Native Animal Keeper Species List 2016

NVIDIA’s Fermi: The First Complete GPU Computing Architecture

Natural language is a programming language: Applying natural language processing to software development

Networking with the MICRO:BIT

New Python-based methods for data processing

New features in Linux 2.6 Since 2.6.10

Ngspice Users Manual Version 27plus

Notes on Randomized Algorithms CPSC 469/569: Fall 2016

OWASP Cheat Sheets

Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns

Object-oriented Petri nets and π-calculus-based modeling and analysis of reconfigurable manufacturing systems

Old English Paradigms Cheat Sheet

On The Intersection Of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) And Artificial Intelligence (AI)

On the Convergence of the Dual -Pivot Quicksort Process

On the Equivalence of Cellular Automata and the Tile Assembly Model

Online Mathematics Homework Increases Student Achievement

OpenAccess Scripting Language Interfaces Architecture: oaScript

OpenBTS Application Suite Release 4.0

OpenGL Tutorial Release 1.0

OpenShift Enterprise 3.2 CLI Reference

Open Access Monographs and Book Chapters: A practical guide for publishers

Open Data Structures (in C++) Edition 0.1Gβ

Open Educational Resources: Policy, Costs and Transformation

Open Journal Systems: A Complete Guide to Online Publishing

Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation v3.0

Open data, open source and open standards in chemistry: The Blue Obelisk five years on

Operating Systems and Middleware: Supporting Controlled Interaction, Revised Edition 1.1.2

Opportunity makes the cheater: high school students and academic dishonesty

Optimal Control for Bufferbloat Queue Management Using Indirect Method with Parametric Optimization

Optimizing ROOT’s Performance Using C++ Modules

Oregon Wine Willamette Valley

Organizations to Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Transform their Businesses

PLC programming worksheet

PYSOX: leveraging the audio signal processing power of SOX in Python

Package Upgrade Robustness: An Analysis for GNU/Linux Package Management Systems

Packaging for EPEL, A HOWTO for EMI

Parallel Processing of Sorting and Searching Algorithms Compara tive Study

Parallel Programming Course Threading Building Blocks

Parallelization of Modified Merge Sort Algorithm

Parallelizing Julia with a Non-Invasive DSL

Pawn Language Guide

Performance Co-Pilot™ User's and Administrator's Guide

Performance Portability Strategies for Grid C++ Expression Tem- plates

Performant polymorphism, Rewrite rules in Haskell

Pester Cheat Sheet

Pharo by Example 5

PigBal 4 user manual Version 2.5

Pixie: A System for Recommending 3+ Billion Items to 200+ Million Users in Real-Time

Porting Linux on an ARM board

Porting the GNU Debugger, Practical Experience with the OpenRISC 1000 Architecture

Portland Cement in the Energy Industry

Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction in Sri Lanka: What Methodology?

Principles of Object-Oriented Programming

Principles of Programming Languages

Programming Fundamentals - A Modular Structured Approach using C++

Programming Fundamentals - A Modular Structured Approach using C++

Programming Music Camp: Using Web Audio to Teach Creative Coding

Programming in the Sleptsov net language for systems control

Programming the SQL Way with Common Table Expressions

Programming with Python - Course material

Programowanie Obiektowe w c++: Instrukcja 3

Programowanie Obiektowe w c++: Instrukcja 4

Python, C, C++, and Fortran Relationship Status: It’s Not That Complicated

Python 3.2 Reference Card

Python 3 Cheat Sheet

Python Scripting for Spatial Data Processing

Python Scripting for Spatial Data Processing

Python for research and teaching economics

Python for scientific computing - Exercises

Python in the Cling World

QuTiP: Quantum Toolbox in Python, Release 3.1.0

Qualcomm Gobi devices in Linux based systems

Quality and Diversity Optimization: A Unifying Modular Framework

Quaternion Algebra and Calculus

Quipper: Concrete Resource Estimation in Quantum Algorithms

R-Forge User’s Manual

RDKit Documentation, Release 2018.03.1

REMnux Linux distro

REMnux usage tips for malware analysis on Linux

Raising a programmer: Teaching Saudi children how to code

Ranks of finite semigroups of one-dimensional cellular automata

Rapid Prototyping of New Instruments with CodeCircle

Rdoc Cheat Sheet v1.0

Re-thinking Linux Distributions ... separate the operating system from the content

Real­Time in Embedded Linux Systems

Reasonably Programmable Syntax

Recent Security Enhancements in NetBSD (2006)

Red Hat Development Suite 1.4 Installation Guide

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 Technical Notes

Red Hat JBoss A-MQ 7.0-Beta Using the JBoss A-MQ C++ Client

RefWorks Manual (February 17, 2016)

Relation Between Fourier and Taylor Series

Release of New Open Source Software for All Applications

Remote Vehicle Interaction, Architecture High Level Description

Reverse-Engineering Cheat Sheet v1.5

Review of Urban Indians in a Silver City: Zacatecas Mexico, 1546-1810

Riding the wave of BYOD: developing a framework for creative pedagogies

Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were Structured to Make the Rich Richer

Rules Rule!

Rust container cheat sheet v0.0.3

Rust for functional programmers

SECN-1.1 User Guide

SMT Solving for Functional Programming over Infinite Structures

SPHARA - A Generalized Spatial Fourier Analysis for Multi-Sensor Systems with Non- Uniformly Arranged Sensors: Application to EEG

SUSE Manager 3.1 Reference Manual

SWI Prolog Reference Manual v6.2.3

SWI Prolog Reference Manual v6.6.6

Sage Tutorial, Release 8.2

Sailfish Reference Manual v7.8

Scratch Jr Interface Guide

Search-Based Energy Optimization of Some Ubiquitous Algorithms

Seasonal Modelling of Fourier Series with Linear Trend

Secure Centrality Computation Over Multiple Networks

Secure Programming howto

Semantic Observation Integration

Seven Notable Legal Developments In Open Source In 2016

Sharing Cities. Activating the urban commons.

SignWriting, Sign Languages Are Written Languages! Manual 1: SignWriting Basics

Signals and Systems

Simulation of Logging-while-drilling Tool Response Using Integral Equation Fast Fourier Transform

Simulation of Topology Control Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Cellular Automata

Siren: Hierarchical Composition Interface

Softwa re Package Data Exchange (SPDX) Specification v2.1

Solving Linux Upgradeability Problems Using Boolean Optimization

Sonar GNU/Linux Getting Started Guide


Spatial Transformations in Simplicial Chord Spaces

Spatial and kinematic models for procedural audio in 3D virtual environments

SpeckTackle: JavaScript charts for spectroscopy

Spreading the Adoption of Python in India: the FOSSEE Python Project

Staged Generic Programming

Stat 3701 Lecture Notes: R Generic Functions

State Model Diagrams for Teaching Networking – A SOLO Based Evaluation

Stochastic Simulation of Process Calculi for Biology

Structural Induction Principles for Functional Programmers

Student Difficulties in Mathematizing Word Problems in Algebra

Stylus Tip Center Position Self-Calibration Based on Invariable Distances in Light-Pen Systems

Subtyping and type classes

Sulong: Memory Safe and Efficient Execution of LLVM-Based Languages

Supporting Separate Compilation in a Defunctionalizing Compiler

Supporting a new ARM platform: the Allwinner example

Sustainability: A Comprehensive Foundation

Syntax highlighting as an influencing factor when reading and comprehending source

Syntax proposal for attributes in C2x accomodate C and C++?

Syslog Cheat Sheet v1.2

TOWARD AN OPEN CO-OPERATIVISM , A New Social Economy Based on Open Platforms, Co-operative Models and the Commons

Taming Distraction: The Second Screen Assemblage, Television and the Classroom

Teaching Software Architecture Using Haskell

TeamUp – Tips for using the tool

Terahertz Time Domain, Raman and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy of Acrylamide, and the Application of Density Functional Theory

The Application based on Fourier Transform in Time Lens

The Application of Depth Migration for Processing GPR Data

The Architecture of Open Source Applications Volume II: Structure, Scale, and a Few More Fearless Hacks

The CSOUND plugin opcode framework

The Case for Free Use: Reasons Not to Use a Creative Commons -NC License

The CephFS Gateways - Samba and NFS-Ganesha

The Debian Administrator’s Handbook - Debian Jessie from Discovery to Mastery

The Debian Administrator’s Handbook - Debian Wheezy from Discovery to Mastery

The Debian Haskell Group

The Definitive Guide to Scrum : The Rules of the Game

The Digital Public Domain: Foundations for an Open Culture

The Game of Life, Decision and Communication

The HACMS program: using formal methods to eliminate exploitable bugs

The Impact of Online Algorithm Visualization on ICT Students’ Achievements in Introduction to Programming Course

The Jx9 Programming Language Reference Manual r1.9

The Learning Registry: Sharing Federal Learning Resources

The Linux I/O Stack Diagram v1.0

The Nordic approach to introducing Computational Thinking and programming in compulsory education

The ParaView Tutorial Version 5.2

The Power of Interoperability: Why Objects Are Inevitable

The Power of Open

The PyZgoubi framework and the simulation of dynamic aperture in fi xed- fi eld alternating-gradient accelerators

The RISC-V Instruction Set Manual Volume I: User-Level ISA v2.2

The Reception of British Painting at the Venice Biennali, 1895 – 1914, Politics or Aesthetics?

The Rules of Open Source and Collaboration: Copyright and Public License

The Samba Project: Transformation of Self through O pen Source Software Development

The Silently Shifting Semicolon

The Study on Heuristic and Algorithmic Processing Creative Training on Product Design Education : Based on t he Bags & Luggage design Course

The benefits of fine art integration into mathematics in primary school

The foundation for an open source cit

The future of Creative Commons

The live coding of SLUB - Art oriented programming as media critique

The most common DOM methods at a glance

The search for extra-frontal intelligence

The ternary operator

The ulam Programming Language for Artificial Life

The x86isa Books: Features, Usage, and Future Plans

There's Plenty of Boole at the Bottom: A Reversible CA Against Information Entropy

Thoughtful artificial intelligence: Forging a new partnership for data science and scientific discovery

Thoughts on Open Innovation - Essays on Open Innovation from leading thinkers in the field

Tierless Web Programming in the Large

TimeSys Linux Install howto 1.0

Tizen White Paper for Tizen Platform Developers and Manufacturers

Toolbox for the Computation of 2D Fourier Transforms in Polar Coordinates via Maple

Topic Study Group No. 11: Teaching and Learning of Algebra

Tracing monadic computations and representing effects

Training radial basis function networks for wind speed prediction using PSO enhanced differential search optimizer

Transforming exams - how IT works for BYOD e-Exams

Transforming the JSON Output of SPARQL Queries for Linked Data Clients

Transparent Object Proxies for JavaScript

Tree Automata for Extracting Consensus from Partial Replicas of a Structured Document

Turing, AI and immortality

Two new PyMOL tools: An 'average3d' Python module for computing & visualizing ensemble-averaged structures and 'makeCGOplates' for schematizing planar assemblies

Ubuntu Server Guide 2018

Ultimate Haskell Cheat Sheet

Ultrasonic Communication Using Consumer Hardware

Uma breve introdução a C++ no Eclipse

Uncanny Valleys in Declarative Language Design

Understanding the Future of Change Agency in Sustainability Through Cellular Automata Scenarios: The Role of Timing

Universal Design for Curriculum Design

University of Washington CSE 154 Homework Assignment 3: Speedreader

Usability of CART algorithm for determining egg quality characteristics influencing fertility in the eggs of Japanese quail

Use of Open Educational Resources in an Era of Common Standards. A Case Study on the Use of EngageNY

User Guide for the OpenSSL FIPS Object Module v2.0

User Guide to Using the Linux Desktop

User Manual for LibreCad 2.0

Using Fourier series to estimate periodic patterns in dynamic occupancy models

Using Haskell for a Declarative Implementation of System Z Inference

VERSE: Versatile Graph Embeddings from Similarity Measures

Valuation of European Call Option via Inverse Fourier Transform

Verifying Algorithms and Data Structures in Dafny

Verovio: A library for engraving MEI music notation into SVG

Version Control with Subversion: 1.7

Video Conferences through the Internet: How to Survive in a Hostile Environment

Vimwiki 1.1.1 Quick Reference

Virtual base class, overloading and overriding design pattern in object oriented programming with C++

Visualizing the Evaluation of Functional Programs for Debugging

WAF-FLE: Deployment Guide Version 0.6.3

WaRP ­ Software Reference Manual

WearFit: Security Design Analysis of a Wearable Fitness Tracker

WebNLP – An Integrated Web-Interface for Python NLTK and Voyant

Web application security analysis using the Kali Linux operating system

Weld: A Common Runtime for High Performance Data Analytics

What Doesn’t Work in Education: The Politics of Distraction

What Makes Mathematics Manipulatives Effective? Lessons From Cognitive Science and Montessori Education

What is Creative Commons

What is a Wiki? Tutorial 1 for new WikiEducators

Where the fun really starts – Useful python libraries for scientific computing

Exploring Wikipedia Content Creation - Training Manual v3.0

Wikis in Teaching: An Experiment with WikiHaskell and StatMediaWiki

Wireless Networking in the Developing World - Third Edition

Workshop: Raster and vector processing with GDAL

Worst-Case Optimal Algorithms for Parallel Query Processing

Writing Technical Documentation with DocBook and Publican

Writing Up A Factor Analysis

Yocto Project Linux Kernel Development Manual

Yocto Project Reference Manual

Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded Training

astroplan: An Open Source Observation Planning Package in Python

ccREL: The Creative Commons Rights Expression Language v1.0

full circle - Program in Python, Volume Two

hPDB – Haskell library for processing atomic biomolecular structures in protein data bank format


jvenn: an interactive Venn diagram viewer

lectronic tracking tag programming is critical to data collection for behavioral time-series analysis

librosa: Audio and Music Signal Analysis in Python

mercurial cheatsheet

metaprogramming for the Web?

micro:bit MicroPython in 60 minutes

mir_eval: a transparent implementation of common MIR metrics

ools Support for Linux Kernel Deductive Verification Workflow

open SUSE Cheat Sheet version 0.1

owlcpp: a C++ library for working with OWL ontologies

pyparty: Blob Detection, Drawing and Manipulation in Python

qtcm 0.1.2: a Python implementation of the Neelin-Zeng Quasi-Equilibrium Tropical Circulation Model

quanteda Cheat Sheet

spark Cheat Sheet

swak4Foam for programmers. Programming when it can't be avoided

synpy: A Python toolkit for syncopation modelling

[worksheet] Calculus for electric circuits

[worksheet] Fundamental principles of algebra