DOKK Library

mercurial cheatsheet

Authors Adrian Sai-wah Tam

License CC-BY-SA

Repository on server: hg serve -p port mkdir project                               sshd            Repository on server:
http://server/project                                    hg init project
                                                         Create repository

     hg clone repository [project]                                               hg clone repository [project]
             hg clone project myProj
                                                                                               hg log [-r REV[:toREV]] [-p]
Copied Repository:                                       hg incoming [repository]              Show changesets (-p = with diff)
/path/myProj                                             List changsets from source
                                                                                                hg tip = hg log -r tip
                                                         hg pull [-u] [repository]              Show the latest changeset
                                                         Check-in new changesets from source
                                                         or other repository (-u = update as well)
hg branch branch
Name current changeset                             hg update [-C] [Rev|Tag]                                       update over
as a new branch            hg rollback
                           Revert to before last   Update working dir with pulled changeset                      branch: failed
hg merge branch            commit/import/push/pull (-C = discard uncommitted changes)
Merge-in changesets from
another branch
                                                                                          hg merge
                                                          Updated repository:             Merge change across branch
                                                                                          and notify merge conflicts
                                                                                          hg resolve [-a] [files]
                                                                                          Try to remerge unresolved files
                                                                                          (-a = try all unresolved)
                                                          Modification                    hg heads [-r Rev]
                                                                                          Show all branch heads or
        hg parents [file]                                                                 heads of specified revision
        Show parent revision of current working dir
        If file is given, show revision of last change      hg copy oldFile newFile
                                                            Make copy of file for modification and mark
        hg revert [-r REV] [files]                          future changes at old as needed in new file
        Revert changes in file/dir to an earlier state
        default to the parent revision                      hg rename oldFile newFile
                                                            Copy and remove
                                                            hg remove files
                                                            hg add [files]
                                                            hg addremove
                                 Modified copy              Automatic add and remove
New Revision

                                            hg status                                              Copyright © 2009 Adrian Sai-wah Tam
    hg backout --merge REV                  Check what changed in working dir                         Licensed under Creative Commons
    Create new changeset to reverse
    the effect of a particular changeset    hg diff [-r RevA [-r RevB]] [files]
                                            Show diff of files between changesets
                                            (default current against tip)
                                            hg commit [-A] [-u 'name <email>'
                                            Create a changeset in local repository
                                                                                     hg unbundle file
                    hg export Rev > diff                                             Apply the changegroup file         changegroup
        diff file                                        New Revision                                                     in bzip2
                           hg import diff
                                                                hg bundle [--base RevA] [-r RevB] [-a] file
                                                            Create a changegroup file from RevA to RevB (-a = all since null)
  hg tag [-r Rev] Tag
  Give a name to a revision
  (default = parent revision)
  hg tag --remove Tag                                        hg outgoing [repository]                        on server
  Remove a name assignment                                   List changesets to destination
  hg tags                                                    hg push [-r Rev] [repository]
  List all names and their revision                          Push changsets to destination