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Minutes of the 10th Meeting of the seL4 Board

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                                                                                           The seL4® Foundation


Minutes of the 10th Meeting of the seL4 Board
                                2023-04-26 to 2023-05-02
                                               by email

Members present
   •   Gernot Heiser (GH) – Chair
   •   David Hardin (DH)
   •   Gerwin Klein (GK)
   •   Qiyan Wang (QW)
   •   June Andronick (JA)
   •   Matthew Grosvenor (MC)
Members absent
   • Feng Zhou (FZ)
The extraordinary email meeting was called on 2023-04-17 to approve one particular expense.
   1. Hiring a support person
       At its meeting on 2022-10-13 the Board had conditionally approved $150k for “strategic
       projects”. $25k of this had already been approved to the Platform Port Test projects.
       The executive team has now identified a high-priority need to provide technical support
       for the community and the TSC, and proposes to allocate $100k of the remaining $125k
       for this purpose, specifically to hire a contractor to provide the required support under
       the guidance of the TSC Chair.
       RESOLVED: $100k of the “strategic projects” funds to be allocated for contracting a
       qualified person for providing technical support to the community under guidance of the
       TSC Chair.
With 6 members voting on the above issue, and no more discussion during the allotted time,
the Chairman closed the meeting on 2023-05-03 3:30 UTC.

No pending actions

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Meeting Attendance
Current financial year, starting 2023-01-01:

                  Name                             Eligible   Attended
                  Gernot Heiser                       1          1
                  June Andronick                      1          1
                  Matthew Grosvenor                   1          1
                  David Hardin                        1          1
                  Gerwin Klein                        1          1
                  Qiyan Wang                          1          1
                  Feng Zhou                           1          0


           TS    The   Trustworthy Systems research group at UNSW Sydney
           LF    The   Linux® Foundation
          TSC    The   Technical Steering Committee of the seL4 Foundation
           CC    The   Compliance Committee of the seL4 Foundation
           OC    The   Outreach Committee of the seL4 Foundation
          MC     The   Marketing Committee of the seL4 Foundation

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