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The CC Certificate

Authors Jennryn Wetzler Jonathan Poritz Maran Wolston Paola Corti Scann Shanna Hollich

License CC-BY-4.0

The CC Certificate

Jennryn Wetzler
Jonathan Poritz
Shanna Hollich
Paola Corti
Maran Wolston
Created by Jennryn Wetzler, Jonathan Poritz, Maran Wolston, Scann, Shanna Hollich, and
   Paola Corti. Unless otherwise noted, this presentation is licensed under a Creative
                    Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
What is the CC Certificate?
What’s new? What’s next?
CC GLAM “branch”

• Draft outline: this is the “blueprint” of what we might be
    delivering in the GLAM Certificate
•   Content is currently being reviewed
•   Expected timeline:
        • (tentative) January 18, 2021: alpha test
        • (tentative) September 27, 2021: beta test
        • 2022: Certificate offering!

Starlight 131219 by chiaralily is licensed CC BY NC 2.0
       Ways to get involved
...and an opportunity for feedback
Thank you!