Bahyph License



These patterns and the generating sh script are Copyright (c) GMV 1991

These patterns were developed for internal GMV use and are made public in the hope that they will benefit others. Also, spreading these patterns throughout the Spanish-language TeX community is expected to provide back-benefits to GMV in that it can help keeping GMV in the mainstream of spanish users.

However, this is given for free and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. Under no circumstances can Julio Sanchez, GMV, Jos'e A. Ma~nas or any agents or representatives thereof be held responsible for any errors in this software nor for any damages derived from its use, even in case any of the above has been notified of the possibility of such damages. If any such situation arises, you responsible for repair. Use of this software is an explicit  acceptance of these conditions.

You can use this software for any purpose. You cannot delete this  copyright notice. If you change this software, you must include comments explaining who, when and why. You are kindly requested to send any changes to If you change the generating script, you must include code in it such that any output is clearly labeled as generated by a modified script.   Despite the lack of warranty, we would like to hear about any problem you find. Please report problems to