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edfcat(1) Aghermann edfcat(1)

edfcat -- EDF file channel mixer/converter.


edfcat is a tool to manipulate EDF file channels. Currently, two operations are supported: (1) ascii->edf conversion (multichannel conversion restricted to channels with identical samplerate), and (2) channel pruning.

Convert samples in FILE.ascii into FILE.ascii.edf. Multiple columns in the source file will be converted as individual channels.

On success, physical_min/max in each channel will be set to the absolute min/max of all channel data, widened symmetrically to whichever boundary is farther from 0 (thus, a range of -2:3 becomes -3:3, as will -3:2).

Create a copy of source file (FILE-mod.edf) only keeping channels N1,N2,... (1-based).

aghermann(1), edfhed-gtk(1), edfhed(1).

edfcat is written by Andrei Zavada <> as part of the Aghermann project.

2018-10-30 1.1.2