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Alien::Package::Deb(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Alien::Package::Deb(3pm)

Alien::Package::Deb - an object that represents a deb package

This is an object class that represents a deb package. It is derived from Alien::Package.

Set to a true value if dpkg-deb is available.
Set to the list of member names in the deb package.
After the build stage, set to a hash reference of the directories we moved files from and to, so these moves can be reverted in the cleantree stage.
If this is set to true, the generated debian/rules will run dh_fixperms.

Sets have_dpkg_deb if dpkg-deb is in the path. I prefer to use dpkg-deb, if it is available since it is a lot more future-proof.
Detect deb files by their extension.
Install a deb with dpkg. Pass in the filename of the deb to install.
Test a deb with lintian. Pass in the filename of the deb to test.
Helper method. Pass it the name of the deb and it will return the list of ar members.
Helper method. Pass it the name of a control file, and it will pull it out of the deb and return it.
Helper method. Pass it the name of the deb and it will return the raw command needed to extract the data.tar member.
Implement the scan method to read a deb file.
Implement the unpack method to unpack a deb file.
This method tries to find a patch file to use in the prep stage. If it finds one, it returns it. Pass in a list of directories to search for patches in.
Adds a populated debian directory the unpacked package tree, making it ready for building. This can either be done automatically, or via a patch file.
Build a deb.
Delete the entire debian/ directory.
Set/get package name.

Always returns the package name in lowercase with all invalid characters rmoved. The name is however, stored unchanged.

Set/get package version.

When the version is set, it will be stripped of any epoch. If there is a release, the release will be stripped away and used to set the release field as a side effect. Otherwise, the release will be set to 1.

More sanitization of the version is done when the field is retrieved, to make sure it is a valid debian version field.

Set/get package release.

Always returns a sanitized release version. The release is however, stored unchanged.

Set/get description

Although the description is stored internally unchanged, this will always return a sanitized form of it that is compliant with Debian standards.

Returns the date, in rfc822 format.
Returns an email address for the current user.
Returns the user name of the real uid.
Saves script to debian directory.
Modifies or creates a postinst. This may include generated shell code to set owners and groups from the owninfo field, and update modes from the modeinfo field.

Joey Hess <>

2015-09-10 perl v5.20.2