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Alien::Package::Lsb(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Alien::Package::Lsb(3pm)

Alien::Package::Lsb - an object that represents a lsb package

This is an object class that represents a lsb package. It is derived from Alien::Package::Rpm.

Lsb files are rpm's with a lsb- prefix, that depend on a package called 'lsb' and nothing else.
Uses the parent scan method to read the file. lsb is added to the depends.
The parent's prep method is used to generate the spec file. First though, the package's name is munged to make it lsb compliant (sorta) and lsb is added to its dependencies.
Undo the changes made by prep.
Uses the parent's build method. If a lsb-rpmbuild is available, uses it to build the package.
LSB package versions are not changed.

Joey Hess <>

2014-07-02 perl v5.20.2