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Alien::Package::Pkg(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Alien::Package::Pkg(3pm)

Alien::Package::Pkg - an object that represents a Solaris pkg package

This is an object class that represents a pkg package, as used in Solaris. It is derived from Alien::Package.

Translation table between canoical script names and the names used in pkg's.

This class needs the Solaris pkginfo and kgtrans tools to work.
Convert name from something debian-like to something that the Solaris constraints will handle (i.e. 9 chars max).
Detect pkg files by their contents.
Install a pkg with pkgadd. Pass in the filename of the pkg to install.
Scan a pkg file for fields.
Unpack pkg.
Adds a populated install directory to the build tree.
Build a pkg.

Mark Hershberger <>

2014-07-02 perl v5.20.2