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gnatcheck - GNAT rule checking tool

gnatcheck [OPTION]... filename [-cargs gcc_switches] [-rules rule_switches]

gnatcheck [OPTION]... -files=filename [-cargs gcc_switches] [-rules rule_switches]

gnatcheck checks the conformance of Ada source text with rules and produces a report file for later analysis as well as on standard output.

In the first form, gnatcheck examines the specified Ada source files (wildcards are allowed).

In the second form, gnatcheck examines the Ada source files listed in the specified file.

gnatcheck is an ASIS application developed on top of the ASIS implementation for GNAT. As such, it reads tree files (*.adt) produced by the compiler to accomplish its goals, and invokes gnatgcc for this.

Process RTL units.
Pass gcc_switches to GCC when producing the tree files.
Debug mode.
Progress indicator mode, for use in the GNAT Programming Studio.
Print the list of built-in rules.
Full source location chains in report file.
Quiet mode: do not report detections on standard output.
rule_switches can be any combination of the following:
Read rule options from file
Turn all rules on.
Turn all rules off.
Turn the specified rule on, passing it optional parameters.
Turn the specified rule off.
Turn off some of the checks for the specified rule.

rule_id is any of the rules listed with the -h option.

Short form of the report file.
Include only section n (n in 1 .. 3) in the report file.
Verbose mode.

gnat(1), asistant(1), gnat2xml(1), gnatelim(1), gnatmetric(1), gnatpp(1), gnatstub(1), gnattest(1)

Documentation about the ASIS tools may be found in /usr/share/doc/asis-doc/ if the asis-doc package is installed. The reference documentation about ASIS is excluded due to license problems, but may be found in various formats at

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