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geostore - geo cluster attribute manager

geostore set [-t ticket] [-s site] [-c config] attribute value

geostore get [-t ticket] [-s site] [-c config] attribute

geostore delete [-t ticket] [-s site] [-c config] attribute

geostore list [-t ticket] [-s site] [-c config]

Applications running in GEO cluster environments may need more information apart from tickets to make decisions. One example may be the status of data replication.

geostore is a helper program to manage site attributes. The attributes are defined on a per-ticket basis, that is every ticket may have one or more attributes.

It can set an attribute value, retrieve an attribute, or delete it. The attributes are stored in the CIB status section which is managed by the pacemaker cib process. boothd(8) provides transport for attributes to other sites.

crm_ticket(8) is invoked at the target site to manage the attributes.

# geostore set -t ticket-A -s other bigdb-repl-status UPTODATE
# geostore get -t ticket-A -s other bigdb-repl-status
# geostore delete -t ticket-A -s bigdb-repl-status
# geostore list -t ticket-A -s other


Ticket scope of the attribute (required, if more than one ticket is configured).


Site address or name where the attribute is to be stored/retrieved.

The special value 'other' can be used to specify the other
site. Obviously, in that case, the booth configuration must
have exactly two sites defined.

-c configfile

Configuration to use.

Can be a full path to a configuration file, or a short name; in the latter case, the directory /etc/booth and suffix .conf are added. Per default booth is used, which results in the path /etc/booth/booth.conf.

-h, --help

Give a short usage output.


Sets the attribute to the value.


Get the attribute value and print it to stdout. If the attribute doesn’t exist, appropriate error message is printed to stderr.


Delete the attribute. If the attribute doesn’t exist, appropriate error message is printed to stderr.


List all attributes and their values stored at the site.




Request failed or bad usage.

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Copyright © 2015 Dejan Muhamedagic < <>>

Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) as of version 2 (see COPYING file) or later.

boothd(8), crm_attribute(8)