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cdist-type__jail_freeebsd10 - Manage FreeBSD jails

This type is used on FreeBSD >= 10.0 to manage jails.

Either "present" or "absent", defaults to "present".
The location of the .tgz archive containing the base fs for your jails.

The name of the jail. Default is to use the object_id as the jail name.
The ifconfig style IP/netmask combination to use for the jail guest. If the state parameter is "present," this parameter is required.
The FQDN to use for the jail guest. Defaults to the name parameter.
The name of the physical interface on the jail server to bind the jail to. Defaults to the first interface found in the output of ifconfig -l.
The name of the devfs ruleset to associate with the jail. Defaults to "jailrules." This ruleset must be copied to the server via another type. To use this option, devfs-enable must be "true."
The location on the remote server to use for hosting jail filesystems. Defaults to /usr/jail.

Do not start the jail
Whether to disallow devfs mounting within the jail
Whether to add the jail to rc.conf's jail_list variable.

This type does not currently support modification of jail options. If, for example a jail needs to have its IP address or netmask changed, the jail must be removed then re-added with the correct IP address/netmask or the appropriate modifications to jail.conf need to be made through alternate means.

The jail was started
The jail was stopped
The jail was created
The jail was deleted
The jail was configured to start on boot

# Create a jail called www
__jail_freebsd10 www --state present --ip "" --jailbase /my/jail/base.tgz
# Remove the jail called www
__jail_freebsd10 www --state absent --jailbase /my/jail/base.tgz
# The jail www should not be started
__jail_freebsd10 www --state present --stopped \

--ip " netmask" \
--jailbase /my/jail/base.tgz # Use the name variable explicitly __jail_freebsd10 thisjail --state present --name www \
--ip "" \
--jailbase /my/jail/base.tgz # Go nuts __jail_freebsd10 lotsofoptions --state present --name testjail \
--ip " netmask" \
--hostname "" --interface "em0" \
--onboot --jailbase /my/jail/base.tgz --jaildir /jails


Jake Guffey <>

Copyright (C) 2012-2016 Jake Guffey. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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