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cdist-type__package - Manage packages

This cdist type allows you to install or uninstall packages on the target. It dispatches the actual work to the package system dependent types.


The name of the package to install. Default is to use the object_id as the package name.
The version of the package to install. Default is to install the version chosen by the local package manager.
The package type to use. Default is determined based on the $os explorer variable. e.g. * __package_apt for Debian * __package_emerge for Gentoo
Either "present" or "absent", defaults to "present"

# Install the package vim on the target
__package vim --state present
# Same but install specific version
__package vim --state present --version 7.3.50
# Force use of a specific package type
__package vim --state present --type __package_apt

Steven Armstrong <>

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