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cdist-type__pacman_conf - Manage pacman configuration

The type allows you to configure options section, add or delete repositories and manage mirrorlists

'options' for configure options section

Otherwise it specifies a repository or a plain file

Specifies the key which will be set

If section = 'options' or file is not set the key will be checked against available keys from pacman.conf

Specifies the value which will be set against the key

'present' or 'absent', defaults to 'present'
Specifies the filename.

The managed file will be named like 'plain_file_filename'

If supplied the key will not be checked.

# Manage options section in pacman.conf
__pacman_conf options_Architecture --section options --key Architecture --value auto
# Add new repository
__pacman_conf localrepo_Server --section localrepo --key Server --value "file:///var/cache/pacman/pkg"
# Add mirror to a mirrorlist
__pacman_conf customlist_Server --file customlist --section customlist --key Server\

--value "file:///var/cache/pacman/pkg"


Dominique Roux <>

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