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cdist-type__prometheus_exporter - install some Prometheus exporters

Install and configure some exporters to be used by the Prometheus monitoring system (

This type creates a daemontools-compatible service directory under /service/$__object_id. Daemontools (or something compatible) must be installed (in particular, the command svc must be executable).

This type installs and builds the latest version from git, using go get. A recent version of golang as well as build tools (make, g++, etc.) must be available.

Currently supported exporters:

  • node
  • blackbox
  • ceph


Which exporter to install and configure. Default: $__object_id. Currently supported: node, blackbox, ceph.

Add this exporter as a Consul service for automatic service discovery.

__golang_from_vendor --version 1.9  # required for prometheus and many exporters
require="__daemontools __golang_from_vendor" __prometheus_exporter node

cdist-type__daemontools(7), cdist-type__golang_from_vendor(7), cdist-type__prometheus_server(7), Prometheus documentation:

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