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cdist-type__systemd_unit - Install a systemd unit

This type manages systemd units in /etc/systemd/system/. It can install, enable and start a systemd unit. This is particularly useful on systems which take advantage of systemd heavily (e.g., CoreOS). For more information about systemd units, see SYSTEMD.UNIT(5).


'enabled', 'disabled' or 'masked', where:
enables the unit
disables the unit
masks the unit

Path to the config file. If source is '-' (dash), take what was written to stdin as the config file content.
'present' or 'absent', defaults to 'present' where:
the unit (or its mask) is installed
The unit is stopped, disabled and uninstalled. If the unit was masked, the mask is removed.

Start the unit if it was inactive. Restart the unit if the unit file changed. Stop the unit if new enablement-state is masked.


# Installs, enables and starts foobar.service
__systemd_unit foobar.service \

--source "${__manifest}/files/foobar.service" \
--enablement-state enabled \
--restart # Disables the unit __systemd_unit foobar.service --enablement-state disabled # Stops, disables and uninstalls foobar.service __systemd_unit foobar.service --state absent

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