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DABLIN_GTK(1) General Commands Manual DABLIN_GTK(1)

dablin_gtk - GTK DAB/DAB+ receiver for Linux

dablin_gtk (options) [file]

DABlin plays a DAB/DAB+ audio service – either from a received live transmission or from a stored ensemble recording (frame-aligned ETI-NI). Both DAB (MP2) and DAB+ (AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2) services are supported.

The GTK GUI version in addition supports the data applications Dynamic Label and MOT Slideshow (if used by the selected service).

Show summary of options
Use DAB live source (using the mentioned binary)
DAB live source type: "dab2eti" (default), "eti-cmdline"
Channels to be listed (comma separated; requires DAB live source; an optional gain can also be specified, e.g. "5C:-54")
Channel to be played (requires DAB live source)
Label of the service to be played
ID of the service to be played
ID of the service component to be played (requires service ID)
USB stick gain to pass to DAB live source (auto gain is default)
Path for recordings (default: /tmp)
Recording prebuffer size in seconds (default: 0)
Output PCM to stdout instead of using SDL
Output untouched audio stream to stdout instead of using SDL
Initially disable slideshow
Enable loose behaviour (e.g. PAD conformance)
Input file to be played (stdin, if not specified)