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CHECK-ENHANCEMENTS(1) Debian-goodies documentation CHECK-ENHANCEMENTS(1)

check-enhancements - show enhancement packages

check-enhancements ( -ip | -ie | -h | --verbose | --version )

Program options start with dash or double dash, otherwise they are interpreted as package names. Only non-installed enhancement packages are printed out by default, use -ie to show them all.

-ip, --ip, -installed-packages, --installed-packages

Show enhancements of all installed packages (could be slow)

-ie, --ie, -installed-enhancements, --installed-enhancements

Show installed enhancement packages too

-h, -help, --help

-version, --version

-verbose, --verbose

# check enhancement packages of all installed packages

check-enhancements -ip

# check enhancement packages of selected packages

check-enhancements pkg1 pkgN
November 2018 check-enhancements 0.3