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DEBMAN(1) General Commands Manual DEBMAN(1)

debman - read man pages from uninstalled packages

debman -f filename [-- man(1) options] name
debman -p package [-- man(1) options] name
debman -p package=version [-- man(1) options] name

debman extracts a Debian package into a temporary directory and displays manual pages from it. If the -f option is used, it will use a local .deb file; if the -p option is used, it will download the named package using debget. If a version number is appended with "=" to the package name, the package of that version will be used (if known to APT).

debman intentionally ignores any $MANPATH environment variable that might be set, and constructs its own such that only manual pages within the package will be displayed.

debman was written by Colin Watson <>.


11 January 2003