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DMAN(1) General Commands Manual DMAN(1)

dman - read man pages from

dman [ --release suite ] man-page

dman fetches a manpage from the online service using and curl and displays it locally using man -l. If the --release argument is provided, packages are fetched from that suite instead of the default suite, found through /etc/lsb-release or lsb_release -c -s.

dman will fetch translated pages first if the $LANG or $LC_MESSAGES environment variables are set. It will fallback to the default manpage if the translated version is not found.

dman was written by Dustin Kirkland <>, based on a framework by Kees Cook <> and ported to the debiman framework by Antoine Beaupré <>. Axel Beckert and Javier Fernández-Sanguino have also contributed to this program.

This manpage was written by Antoine Beaupré.

man(1) debiman(1)

21 April 2017