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evolver-ogl-ld - The Surface Evolver program with OpenGL/GLUT display and long double extended precision floating point format

evolver-ogl-ld [-a][-d][-e][-i][-m][-q][-w][-x][-y][-h][-V] [-f FILE] [-pN] [DATAFILE]

The Surface Evolver is an interactive program for the modelling of liquid surfaces shaped by various forces and constraints. Basically the Surface Evolver minimizes the energy of triangulated surfaces according to designated energies and constraints.

This man page mainly documents command line options and environment variables.

Autoconvert to named quantities when needed (default is on); use `-a-' to deactivate autoconversion.
Begin with parser debugging on (equivalent to `debug' runtime command); beware of copious output.
Echo stdin to stdout; meant for testing piped input.
After loading DATAFILE, read commands from file, then command line prompt.
Preserve DATAFILE numbers for element id's, rather than renumbering.
Begin with memory debugging on (equivalent to `memdebug' runtime command); beware of copious output.
Run with N concurrent processes.
Convert to named quantities at start (equivalent to `convert_to_quantities' runtime command).
Exit immediately after any warning or error message; meant for batch runs.
Exit immediately after any error message; meant for batch runs.
Break to user prompt after any warning message.
Display this help, then exit.
Display the version and the banner, then exit.

The latest version of the Surface Evolver, up-to-date documentation, and more are available on-line from:

Surface Evolver Version 2.70a (Debian 2.70+ds-4), August 27, 2013, 64-bit. Compiled for 16-byte long double, 18 digits precision. Built with Geomview support. Built with OpenGL/GLUT display.

Colon-separated list of paths automatically searched for datafiles, included files, or on-line help documentation. By default, the paths /usr/share/doc/evolver/html and /usr/share/doc/evolver/examples are appended (in that order); this default behaviour can be cancelled by appending at least three consecutive colons (":::") at its end.


Per user command history file.


The (complete) Surface Evolver Manual in PDF format.


The HTML version of the Surface Evolver Manual that contains what the PDF manual has, modulo some advanced material.


This folder contains sample material, mainly datafiles and command-files, for the Surface Evolver.

Ken Brakke <> has written and currently maintained the core part of the Surface Evolver. This man page was written for Debian by Jerome Benoit <>.

Report bugs to Ken Brakke <>

Copyright © 1989-2016 Ken Brakke <>

The complete manual for the Surface Evolver is available in PDF format in the documentation folder as /usr/share/doc/evolver/manual.pdf.

geomview(1), polymerge(1), anytooff(1), oogl(5), readline(3)

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