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fail2ban-testcases - run Fail2Ban unit-tests

fail2ban-testcases [OPTIONS] [regexps]

Script to run Fail2Ban tests battery

show program's version number and exit
show this help message and exit
Log level for the logger to use during running tests
Increase verbosity
Set numerical level of verbosity (0..4)
Prevent lazy logging inside tests
Do not run tests that require the network
Do not run tests that require the gamin
Run database tests using memory instead of file
Try to increase speed of the tests, decreasing of wait intervals, memory database
negate [regexps] filter to ignore tests matched specified regexps
Enrich log-messages with compressed tracebacks
Either to make the tracebacks full, not compressed (as by default)

fail2ban-client(1) fail2ban-server(1) fail2ban-regex(1)

January 2018 fail2ban-testcases 0.10.2