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FELIX(1) User Commands FELIX(1)

felix-framework - command line Felix OSGi Framework launcher

felix-framework [-b <bundle-deploy-dir>] [<bundle-cache-dir>]

felix-framework provide a way to start Apache Felix OSGi Framework from command line. After startup, it provide some simple commands to help management of OSGi bundle.

The Felix launcher deploys all bundles in the auto-deploy directory into the framework instance during startup. By default, the auto-deploy directory is /usr/share/felix-framework/bundle/ Specifying an auto-deploy directory replaces the default directory, it does not augment it.
path you want to use as the bundle cache. If you specify a relative cache path, then it will be treated as relative to ~/.felix/ By default, felix-framework will use ~/.felix/felix-cache/


The system wide configuration file for Felix Framework. See <URL:> for further details.


Default user cache directory for OSGi bundle information.

Damien Raude-Morvan <>


November 2011 Felix