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GHEMICAL(1) General Commands Manual GHEMICAL(1)

ghemical - framework for molecular modelling

ghemical [options] files

ghemical is a GNOME-based program for molecular modelling. See the online help manual for further information.

Apart from the common GTK+ options, ghemical understands the following options:

Open the specified file.
Import file as mm1gp project.
Show summary of options.
Show a verbose summary of options.
Show only the GTK+ options.


This manual page was written by Michael Banck <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

ghemical was written by Tommi Hassinen <>, Jarno Huuskonen, Ville Heikkilä, Tuomas Venäläinen, Geoff Hutchison and Mike Cruz

October 3, 2008