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GHI(1) GHI Manual GHI(1)

ghi - the stupid issue tracker

ghi [--version] [-p|--paginate|--no-pager] [--help] command [args]
[ -- [user/]repo]]

GHI is the alphabetical acronym for GitHub Issues. GHI provides an easy way to manage your issues from the comfort of the command line and your editor of choice.

GHI should look familiar if you´re familiar with Git. When invoked from a repository directory that has a GitHub remote, GHI will work with that repository´s issues by default. Otherwise, GHI will work with your global issues or with a repository specified in its terminating arguments.

The command is either the name of a GHI command (see below) or an alias.

Prints the GHI version number.
Prints the synopsis and a list of commonly-used commands. If a GHI command is named, this option will bring up the manual page for that command.
See ghi-help(1) for more information.
Pipe all output into less if standard output is a terminal.
Do not pipe output into a pager.
Toggle colorized output.

Assign an issue to yourself (or someone else).
Close an issue.
Leave a comment on an issue.
Configure GHI.
Modify an existing issue.
Create, list, modify, or delete labels.
List your issues (or a repository´s).
Manage project milestones.
Open (or reopen) an issue.
Show an issue´s details.

Various GHI commands use the following environment variables:

The GitHub repository to be used by the issued GHI command.
The OAuth access token used to authenticate you.
This environment variable overrides $GIT_PAGER and $PAGER. If it is set to an empty string or to the value "cat", git will not launch a pager.
This environment variable overrides $GIT_EDITOR, $VISUAL, and $EDITOR.
Your GitHub username: used to authenticate and identify you.
If you store your GitHub password in an environment variable, GHI will automatically attempt to fetch an access token using it.

All environment variables may also be stored in Git configuration files where the variable is in lowercase form and the underscore is a period (e.g., $GHI_REPO would become the ghi.repo option).

GHI is maintained by Stephen Celis. A full list of contributors can be found at

ghi open -- stephencelis/ghi

Or visit

April 2012 Stephen Celis