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gbp-config(1) git-buildpackage Manual gbp-config(1)

gbp-config - Query configuration values

gbp config
[--version] [--help] [--verbose] [--color=[auto|on|off]] [--color-scheme= COLOR_SCHEME] {command.option | command}

gbp config prints values from the configuration files. It interpolates the value for option of command.

Print version of the program, i.e. version of the git-buildpackage suite
Verbose execution
Print help and exit
Whether to use colored output.
Colors to use in output (when color is enabled). The format for COLOR_SCHEME is '<debug>:<info>:<warning>:<error>'. Numerical values and color names are accepted, empty fields imply the default color. For example, --git-color-scheme='cyan:34::' would show debug messages in cyan, info messages in blue and other messages in default (i.e. warning and error messages in red).

When gbp config finishes, it indicates success or failure with its exit code:

Failed to parse command line
The value did not exist

Print the value upstream-branch that gbp buildpackage would use:

$ gbp config buildpackage.upstream-branch

Print the values of all of gbp buildpackage options

$ gbp config buildpackage

Several gbp.conf files are parsed to set defaults for the above command-line arguments. See the gbp.conf(5) manpage for details.


Guido Günther <>

21 March 2019