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GROK-MANIFEST - Create manifest for use with grokmirror

grok-manifest [opts] -m manifest.js[.gz] -t /path [/path/to/bare.git]

Call grok-manifest from a git post-update or post-receive hook to create the latest repository manifest. This manifest file is downloaded by mirror slaves (if newer than what they already have) and used to only clone/pull the repositories that have changed since the mirror's last run.

show program's version number and exit
show this help message and exit
Location of manifest.js or manifest.js.gz
Top dir where all repositories reside
When specified, will put debug logs in this location
Honor the git-daemon-export-ok magic file and do not export repositories not marked as such
Use current timestamp instead of parsing commits
Purge deleted git repositories from manifest
Remove repositories passed as arguments from the manifest file
Pretty-print the generated manifest (sort repos and add indentation). This is much slower, so should be used with caution on large collections.
When running with arguments, wait if manifest is not there (can be useful when multiple writers are writing to the manifest file via NFS)
When finding git dirs, ignore these paths (can be used multiple times, accepts shell-style globbing)
Be verbose and tell us what you are doing

The examples assume that the repositories are located in /repos. If your repositories are in /var/lib/git, adjust both -m and -t flags accordingly.

Initial manifest generation:

/usr/bin/grok-manifest -m /repos/manifest.js.gz -t /repos

Inside the git hook:

/usr/bin/grok-manifest -m /repos/manifest.js.gz -t /repos -n `pwd`

To purge deleted repositories, use the -p flag when running from cron:

/usr/bin/grok-manifest -m /repos/manifest.js.gz -t /repos -p

You can also add it to the gitolite's "rm" ADC using the -x flag:

/usr/bin/grok-manifest -m /repos/manifest.js.gz -t /repos -x $repo.git

To troubleshoot potential problems, you can pass -l parameter to grok-manifest, just make sure the user executing the hook command (user git or gitolite, for example) is able to write to that location:

/usr/bin/grok-manifest -m /repos/manifest.js.gz -t /repos \

-l /var/log/git/grok-manifest-hook.log -n `pwd`

Please send support requests to the mailing list:

License: GPLv3+

The Linux Foundation and contributors

2013-08-22 0.4