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HDFCOMP(1) General Commands Manual HDFCOMP(1)

hdfcomp - compress 8-bit raster images in an HDF file

hdfcomp output-filename [-c|-r|-i] input-filename-1 [-c|-r|-i] input-filename-2...

hdfcomp reads RIS8 images from a set of HDF files, compresses them and stores the compressed data in a second HDF file. If the output HDF file exists, the compressed images will be appended to it.

No Compression. Apply no compression to the output data. (the default).
Run length coding. Compress the output data using run-length encoding.
IMCOMP Compression. Compress the output data using the IMCOMP method.

A directory contains twenty files named "storm001", "storm002", ... "storm020". Each of these files contains a single RIS8 image. To compress these images using run-length encoding and store them in a file named "altcomp.hdf", use the following hdfcomp command:

hdfcomp allcomp.hdf -c storm*.hdf

hdfpack(1), hdf(5)

November 6, 1999