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HOZ(1) User Commands HOZ(1)

hoz - file splitter that uses the hacha file format

hoz [-pvf] [-c size[K|M]] [-o outpath] inputfname

HOZ is a file splitter, which uses the same file format as the popular 'Hacha' program.

cut (file->pieces)
paste (pieces->file)
verbose output
force overwrite of file when pasting
specify an output directory
print this help, then exit
print hoz program version number, then exit

There are two basic operations: cut and paste. Cut will 'split' a file in pieces. The size of each piece is passed as an option. Each piece will have a numeric extension, starting with 0. So for instance if you 'cut' a file called 'foo.iso', the pieces will be named 'foo.iso.0', 'foo.iso.1' and so on.

Paste will 'merge' these pieces and generate and exact copy of the original file.

ghoz is the graphical version of hoz, which uses a GTK GUI interface.

You can find more information at

October 2018 hoz 1.65