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JACKTRIP(1) User Commands JACKTRIP(1)

JackTrip - high-quality system for audio network performances

jacktrip [-s|-c host] [options]

Run in Server Mode
<peer_host_IP_number> Run in Client Mode

Number of Input and Output Channels (default: 2)
# (2 or more) Queue Buffer Length, in Packet Size (default: 4)
# (1 or more) Packet Redundancy to avoid glitches with packet losses (default: 1)
# Receiving port offset from base port 4464
# Set only the bind port number (default: 4464)
# Set only the Peer port number (default: 4464)
# (8, 16, 24, 32) Audio Bit Rate Resolutions (default: 16)
Set buffer to zeros when underrun occurs (default: wavetable)
Run in Loop-Back Mode
Run in JamLink Mode (Connect to a JamLink Box)
Change default client name (default: JackTrip)
Change default local host IP address (default:

Use system's default sound system instead of Jack
# Set the sampling rate, works on --rtaudio mode only (default: 48000)
# Set the buffer size, works on --rtaudio mode only (default: 128)

Prints Version Number
Prints this Help

Copyright © 2008-2015 Juan-Pablo Caceres, Chris Chafe. SoundWIRE group at CCRMA, Stanford University

October 2017 JackTrip VERSION: 1.1