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KARMA_HELPER(1) General Commands Manual KARMA_HELPER(1)

karma_helper - adjusts the state of the Rio Karma

karma_helper [options] files...

This manual page documents briefly the karma_helper command.

karma_helper is a program that sends USB commands to the Rio Karma to modify its state.

A summary of options is included below.

Bind driver to device.
Enter storage mode.
Show summary of options.
Retrieve device information string.
Leave storage mode.
Reset device (leave "Finished" screen).
Update time.
Unbind driver from device.

karma_helper requires root priveliges to directly access the USB layer and send most of the available commands.


karma_helper was written by Frank Zschockelt <>.

This manual page was written by Joe Nahmias <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

June 27, 2008