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kxc-cryptsetup - Cryptsetup helper to kxc

kxc-cryptsetup <NAME>

kxc(1) is a client for kxd, a key exchange daemon.

kxc-cryptsetup is a convenience wrapper for invoking kxc while taking the options from the files in /etc/kxc/.

It can be used as a cryptsetup keyscript, to automatically get keys to open encrypted devices with kxc.

Its only command-line argument is a descriptive name, which will be used to find the configuration files.

For a given NAME that is passed as the only command-line argument, the following files are needed:

Private key to use.
Certificate to use. Must match the given key.
Server certificate, used to validate the server.
Contains the URL to the key; usually in the form of kxd://server/name.

kxc(1), kxd(1), crypttab(5), cryptsetup(8).

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