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KXC(1) KXC(1)

kxc - Key exchange client

kxc --client_cert=<file> --client_key=<file> --server_cert=<file> <URL>

kxc is a client for kxd, a key exchange daemon.

It will take a client key and certificate, the expected server certificate, and a URL to the server (like kxd://server/host1/key1), and it will print on standard output the returned key (the contents of the corresponding key file on the server).

There are scripts to tie this with cryptsetup's infrastructure to make the opening of encrypted devices automatic; see kxc-cryptsetup(1) for the details.

File containing the client private key (in PAM format).
File containing the client certificate that corresponds to the given key (in PAM format).
File containing valid server certificate(s).

kxc-cryptsetup(1), kxd(1).

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