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lambda2_mkindexp - the Local Aligner for Massive Biological DatA

lambda2 mkindexp [OPTIONS] -d DATABASE.fasta [-i INDEX.lambda]

Lambda is a local aligner optimized for many query sequences and searches in protein space. It is compatible to BLAST, but much faster than BLAST and many other comparable tools.

Detailed information is available in the wiki: <>

This is the indexer_binary for creating lambda-compatible databases.

Display the help message.
Display the help message with advanced options.
Display version information.
Display long copyright information.
Display more/less diagnostic output during operation: 0 [only errors]; 1 [default]; 2 [+run-time, options and statistics]. In range [0..2]. Default: 1.

Database sequences. Valid filetypes are: .sam[.*], .raw[.*], .gbk[.*], .frn[.*], .fq[.*], .fna[.*], .ffn[.*], .fastq[.*], .fasta[.*], .faa[.*], .fa[.*], .embl[.*], and .bam, where * is any of the following extensions: gz, bz2, and bgzf for transparent (de)compression.
An NCBI or UniProt accession-to-taxid mapping file. Download from or . Valid filetypes are: .dat[.*] and .accession2taxid[.*], where * is any of the following extensions: gz, bz2, and bgzf for transparent (de)compression.
A directory that contains nodes.dmp and names.dmp; unzipped from

The output directory for the index files (defaults to "DATABASE.lambda"). Valid filetype is: .lambda.
Suffix array or full-text minute space. One of fm and bifm. Default: fm.
Truncate IDs at first whitespace. This saves a lot of space and is irrelevant for all LAMBDA output formats other than BLAST Pairwise (.m0). One of 1, ON, TRUE, T, YES, 0, OFF, FALSE, F, and NO. Default: on.

Alphabet of the database sequences (specify to override auto-detection); if input is Dna, it will be translated. One of auto, dna5, and aminoacid. Default: auto.
The translation table to use if input is Dna. See for ids (default is generic). Default: 1.
Alphabet Reduction for seeding phase. One of none and murphy10. Default: murphy10.

Algorithm for SA construction (also used for FM; see Memory Requirements below!). One of mergesort, quicksortbuckets, quicksort, radixsort, and skew7ext. Default: radixsort.
number of threads to run concurrently. Default: autodetected.
temporary directory used by skew, defaults to working directory.

Please see the wiki (<>) for more information on which indexes to chose and which algorithms to pick.

Note that the indexes created are binary and not compatible between different CPU endiannesses. Also the on-disk format is still subject to change between Lambda versions.

lambda2 mkindexp Copyright: 2013-2019 Hannes Hauswedell, released under the GNU AGPL v3 (or later); 2016-2019 Knut Reinert and Freie Universität Berlin, released under the 3-clause-BSDL
SeqAn Copyright: 2006-2015 Knut Reinert, FU-Berlin; released under the 3-clause BSDL.
In your academic works please cite: Hauswedell et al (2014); doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btu439
For full copyright and/or warranty information see --copyright.

Jun 8 2019 lambda2 mkindexp 2.0.0