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lambda2 - Lambda, the Local Aligner for Massive Biological DataA


Lambda is a local aligner optimized for many query sequences and searches in protein space. It is compatible to BLAST, but much faster than BLAST and many other comparable tools.

Detailed information is available in the wiki: <>

The sub-program to execute. See below. One of searchp, searchn, mkindexp, and mkindexn.

Display the help message.
Turn this option off to disable version update notifications of the application. One of 1, ON, TRUE, T, YES, 0, OFF, FALSE, F, and NO. Default: 1.
Display version information.
Display long copyright information.

searchp – Perform a protein search (BLASTP, BLASTX, TBLASTN, TBLASTX).

searchn – Perform a nucleotide search (BLASTN, MEGABLAST).

mkindexp – Create an index for protein searches.

mkindexn – Create an index for nucleotide searches.

To view the help page for a specific command, simply run 'lambda command --help'.

lambda2 Copyright: 2013-2019 Hannes Hauswedell, released under the GNU AGPL v3 (or later); 2016-2019 Knut Reinert and Freie Universität Berlin, released under the 3-clause-BSDL
SeqAn Copyright: 2006-2015 Knut Reinert, FU-Berlin; released under the 3-clause BSDL.
In your academic works please cite: Hauswedell et al (2014); doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btu439
For full copyright and/or warranty information see --copyright.

Jun 8 2019 lambda2 2.0.0