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LXC-DEVICE(1) General Commands Manual LXC-DEVICE(1)
" "LAVA"

lxc-device - mock lxc-device command used by LAVA

Mocks lxc-device command used by Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA). LXC is Linux Containers userspace tools. lxc-device does not use LXC. It is part of lava-lxc-mocker, which mocks some of the LXC commands used by LAVA. lxc-device does not do anything except for printing "True" and exiting with 0 (zero).


The commands provided by lava-lxc-mocker are simple shell scripts that use the same command names mocking some LXC commands and does not use LXC. lava-lxc-mocker commands still need to be executed in the same sequence as a typical LXC operation. In particular, once a container has been created, that container needs to be destroyed to clean up the symlinks and other artifacts.

lava-lxc-mocker(7), lxc-attach(1), lxc-create(1), lxc-destroy(1), lxc-info(1), lxc-start(1), lxc-stop(1)

Released under the MIT License:

Senthil Kumaran S <>

2010-2019, Linaro Limited

March 31, 2019 2019.01