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Alzabo::Debug(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Alzabo::Debug(3pm)

Alzabo::Debug - Creates constants used to turn on debugging

  ... load and run code using Alzabo ...
  ... load and run code using Alzabo ...

This module creates constants used by other modules in order to determine what debugging output should be generated.

The interface is currently experimental.

Currently, the only way to turn on debugging is by setting the "ALZABO_DEBUG" environment variable. This variable can contain various flags, each separated by a pipe char (|). Each flag turns on different types of debugging output.

These flags must be set before Alzabo is loaded, as debugging is turned on or off through the use of constants.

The current flags are:

  • SQL

    Generated SQL and its associated bound variables.


    A stack trace will be generated any time SQL is generated.


    The "Alzabo::MethodMaker" module will generate verbose output describing the methods it is creating.


    The modules involved in reverse-engineering will generate output describing what it finds during reverse-engineering.

  • ALL

    Turn on all flags.

For now, all debugging output is sent to "STDERR".

2015-05-24 perl v5.20.2