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Alzabo::ForeignKey(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Alzabo::ForeignKey(3pm)

Alzabo::ForeignKey - Foreign key (relation) objects

  use Alzabo::ForeignKey;
  foreach my $fk ($table->foreign_keys)
      print $fk->cardinality;

A foreign key is an object defined by several properties. It represents a relationship from a column or columns in one table to a column or columns in another table.

This relationship is defined by its cardinality (one to one, one to many, or many to one) and its dependencies (whether or not table X is dependent on table Y, and vice versa).

Many to many relationships are not allowed. However, you may indicate such a relationship when using the Alzabo::Create::Schema->add_relation method method, and it will create the necessary intermediate linking table for you.

Returns the relevant "Alzabo::Table" object.

Returns the relevant "Alzabo::Column" object(s) for the property as an array.

Returns an array of array references. The references are to two column array of "Alzabo::Column" objects. These two columns correspond in the tables being linked together.

Returns a two element array containing the two portions of the cardinality of the relationship. Each portion will be either '1' or 'n'.

Returns a boolean value indicating whether there is a dependency from one table to the other.

Returns a boolean value indicating what kind of relationship the object represents.

Given a foreign key object, this returns true if the two objects represent the same relationship. However, the two objects may represent the same relationship from different table's points of view.

Returns a string uniquely identifying the foreign key.

Returns the comment associated with the foreign key object, if any.

Dave Rolsky, <>

2015-05-24 perl v5.20.2