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Alzabo::Runtime(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Alzabo::Runtime(3pm)

Alzabo::Runtime - Loads all Alzabo::Runtime::* classes

  use Alzabo::Runtime qw( schema_name );

Using this module loads Alzabo::Runtime::* modules.

These modules are what an end user of Alzabo uses to instantiate objects representing data in a given schema.

This method is called when you "use" this class. You can pass an array of strings to the module via the "use" function. These strings are assumed to be the names of schema objects that you want to load. This can be useful if you are running under a mod_perl (or similar) environment and has the potential to save some memory by preloading the objects before a fork, hopefully increasing shared memory.

This method explicitly ignores errors that may occur when trying to load a particular schema. This means that later attempts to retrieve that schema will probably also fail. This is done so that the application that wants a particular schema can explicitly handle the failure later on.

Dave Rolsky, <>

2015-05-24 perl v5.20.2