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ayatana-webmail-url(1) Ayatana Webmail ayatana-webmail-url(1)

ayatana-webmail-url - Webmail Integration into your Desktop (URL launcher)

[ Home|Compose|Inbox|Sent ]

Ayatana Webmail is an application that integrates your webmail into MATE, Xfce, LXDE and other environments. For further details see the ayatana-webmail(1) man page.

With ayatana-webmail-url you can launch certain functionalities (Home, Compose, Inbox, Sent) of ayatana-webmail from the command line.

The ayatana-webmail-url executable does not have any command line options.

ayatana-webmail(1), ayatana-webmail-clear(1), ayatana-webmail-reset(1), ayatana-webmail-settings(1)

This manual has been written for the Ayatana Indicators project by Mike Gabriel <>.

Feb 2021 Version 21.2.6